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Prophetic Message: Passover, Communion & Today — 9 Comments

  1. I suppose it depends on where and who you are. I have yet to wear any mask, I have not once been forced to wear or do anything. If you are weak mentally, physically and weak in spirit, eat the lies fed by MSM, then yes you will feel like you are oppressed and /or being judged suddenly. Fact is you have always been a slave to The Federal Reserve Cartel and CIA Media, IRS, Kangaroo Courts, Color of Law/ Color Of Authority de facto government regime U.S. Corporation, Vatican and City of London.
    Me, I feel like I am blessed to be alive and see it happening everyday, the demonic worshipping leftist lose another battle. Eg. Ed Buck 30 years, Disney under fire, critical race exposed, voter fraud exposed, Covid being snake venom, vaccines exposed, school boards shut down, Bio labs blown up by Putin, CNN, MSNBC and other fake news taking a dive, twitter losing millions, Hunter Biden laptop exposed, democrat politicians: indicted, many retiring, some dying, some choosing to not run for re-elecion, more talk about God in politics, orgies and cocaine exposed by Madison Cawthorn, Maybe you should change where you dine if you are not being fed the truth!
    Praise God YHVH and Jesus Christ that we are being freed from our oppressors and the Great Exodus is coming soon. I can feel it in the air as FED sinks to the pit of hell it came from and the current Babylonian System falls before my eyes!! All Glory, Praise and Honor be to YHVH The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit Amen and Amen!

    • Wow, in what planet do you live bro, can I come and live there?? Read your Bible, it isn’t going to be better the more we approach the end, is going to be worst regarding conditions of the world, and who will hold fast to the faith till the end, will be saved. Only when Christ will come again and establish His Kingdom it is going to be splendid, until then, hold tight, is gone be sloppy bumpy, unless you believe that you’ll be snatched away without going through tests (a big lie) than keep dreaming. As for Putin blowing labs, the only think I have seen him blowing is innocent lives and their homes, don’t cherish for him or you might be found guilty before God for supporting his atrocities. If you believe that Putin is the soldier of light fighting back the “darkness”, than you are just like the other Russians believing that nothing is happening in Ukraine and all is just a staged movie, there is no war. Being realistic it doesn’t mean one doesn’t have faith, it just helps you to hold your faith. Wake up, or sweet dreams bro.

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