Prophetic Warning!  America…!


I See a Deadly Satanic Assignment Coming Against the ‘Children’ of Donald Trump!

Early hours of this morning, I was awoken from a deep sleep with an urgency to pray for Donald Trump’s children.

On waking, I heard these words, “Daughter be alert and be sober, for the devil is prowling like a lion in this hour.”

immediately I saw a deadly and satanic assignment coming against the ‘children’ of Donald Trump.

As I began to press in through prayer, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that this is an area of weakness and vulnerability in the life of Donald Trump and satan KNOWS IT!

So I began to pray earnestly for God’s immediate protection and divine preservation over each member of Donald Trump’s family.  Suddenly I heard the sound of many voices and I saw in the realms of the Spirit a large gathering of satanic worshipers.

I saw their covered faces and then I heard and felt the power of their satanic agreement for the death and destruction of Donald Trump and his Kingdom Destiny in this hour and season.

I heard the voices of satanic high priests, witches and warlocks.  I heard their powerful declarations of death over each member of the Trump family.  I heard them mention each family member by name.

As I listened, I felt the spiritual atmosphere change.  It became thick and heavy, then suddenly I saw the face of a fierce lion and I watched as the lion crouched down low as if he was getting ready at any moment to charge at the Trump family.

So I remained in prayer until I felt the spiritual atmosphere shift and the darkness lift.  However, I believe that there is more to be done in this area.

Would you stand with me in this crucial hour to Decree and Declare and to bind and loose the enemies plans of death and destruction?

Would you agree with me that every weapon that is formed against this family would be nullified and rendered impotent and powerless and that every demonic curse and Satanic agreement of death and destruction be broken and bound, in Jesus’ mighty name?


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Prophetic Warning!  America…! — 9 Comments

  1. Absolutely Veronika, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I decree and pray in agreement with you for the complete destruction of all evil plans against the Trump family, and also every word curse that has been spoken out of ignorance or pride against them to fall powerless to the ground! Lord I apply by faith the Blood of the Lamb over them and ask you to set guard a legion of your heavenly Angels round about them. In Jesus name

  2. Shalom, precious sister in the Lord.

    May I share this, please?
    I had a dream in which I saw many mobile phones, lots and lots of them. As I woke up, the Lord said to me: Devices. Devices. Devices.
    When I heard the word devices, three times, I knew I had to take note! I began thinking about the dream of mobile phones, I realised that the mobile phones are “devices!”
    When I realised this, the Lord said: not being ignorant of his [satan’s] devices! (2 Corinthians 2:11).
    Many, many devices are coming forth from the kingdom of darkness, and the Lord desires us not to be ignorant of them, and to be sober, alert, and vigilant more than ever before!

    Blessings, Paula

  3. YES!  AMEN! I totally agree, and in Jesus’ Name I send a myriad of Protecting Angels to surround each and every member of Donald Trump’s family, and the family as a whole!

  4. In the name of Jesus I pray for complete protection over Donald Trump & his family against the evil plans from Satan.
    I am in complete agreed with Veronica.

  5. Last night I felt the urgency to pray for Donald Trump’s life.  We have prayed for him almost daily, but this was a strong urgency.  So with your prophecy I know that this is God showing us and we all must pray. Thank you.

  6. In agreement. I plead the blood of Jesus over Donald Trump; his children Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron; his grandchildren; his ex-wives Ivana Trump and Marla Maples; his wife Melania; his extended family and people close to him.
    I Decree and Declare that the enemies plans of death and destruction are bound and useless regarding any one of these people. Heavenly Father, thank You for redeeming times and situations that gave ground or authority to the enemy in any way regarding Donald Trump, his family, or any one close or estranged from him. Thank You for miracles You are doing right now regarding these things.
    I loose life, liberty, and God’s love over Donald Trump, his family, or those close to him.
    Thank You, Jesus for the stripes You took for our healing. By virtue of Your stripes I loose healing in hidden places; in every area of pain in his children, extended family, or anyone soul-tied to Donald, whatever the reason.
    Thank you, Holy Spirit for binding up every broken place and weak area so they cannot be breached by the enemy.
    Father God, set a guard about them and protect them, each one.
    Thank You Father God that every weapon that is formed against this family is nullified and rendered impotent and powerless and that every demonic curse and Satanic agreement of death and destruction is broken and bound, in Jesus’ mighty name!! Hallelujah! AMEN!

  7. In the name of Jesus I pray for protection over Donald J Trump and his family. Place your heavenly Angels around all of them, so Satan can not harm them. I completely agree with Veronika. In Jesus name AmenZ39

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