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Prophetic Warning Concerning Weather Systems & Patterns — 19 Comments

  1. There is indeed a globalist plan of destruction through the dangerous “vaccines” and through the unnecessary economic harm being inflicted and being planned, which would, typically, shorten people’s lives indirectly by pushing them into poverty.

    I have felt that praying against the practice of abortion is key to praying this wider globalist destruction.  That is to say, how can we pray against the destruction of the born, if we do not first pray against the destruction of the unborn?

  2. the bible talks about gates on Earth that act as entry/exit points between realms – ie spirit and natural. Dr Tom Horn and others like Steve Quayle, L A Marzulli, Chief Joseph Riverwind talk about it in depth in the True Legends films (on vimeo or can get dvds) and also I think in the Hollow Earth Chronicles movie

  3. Many prophets are saying a Tsunami is going to hit the east coast of the United States
    And now all eyes are on La Palma just curious what to think of this
    I’ve been praying because my daughter lives in Florida

  4. Big tech’ may try to stop what God is saying but it is foolishness on their part to think because they try to silence Him they will interfere or stop His plans or purposes!!

  5. Thank you for sharing Veronika! It’s an incredible revelation. I’m glad you will be finding another platform that doesn’t censor you. You may try Gab Social as another social media platform. Andrew Torba, the creator, is a Christian and he strongly fights for free speech.

  6. Agreed!  Now that the globalists have duped many into believing their scamdemic about covid – although many others, thankfully, are now waking up – the same people are now returning to their original but previously less effective scam about “climate change”.  Today’s news shows the UK Queen has been brought on board, while her son and heir is already known to have swallowed wholesale the religion of environmentalism.  There are those who are deceived into worshiping “mother earth”, thinking that this idol should have dominion over humankind, while there are others who cynically perceive that duping the masses in this way will play into their own hands by giving them global power.

    Christians should wake up and realise that their national governments have been captured, and that they should instead appeal instead to the supreme Government of Heaven, and also to play their part!

  7. This prophesy reminds me of what the Lord has shown me recently about how I am to stand firm. Noah heard from God and did all the Father had told him to do. Whilst safely in the Ark with his family, animals, insects and all living creatures God shut the window and kept them safe. So whilst the raging storms, winds and all were going on outside the Ark ( our place of safety) we are to keep busy (he and his family were guardians) feeding,cleaning, working hard and going about God’s business, knowing our Fathers word to us. While being pushed and shoved, rocked and swayed and darkness, seeing none of it whilst in the belly of the ship. Only Trust, Faith and the Love of God and His promise kept them standing. The Seedtime and preparedness was done and the Harvest was coming and all those in the Ark knew it was coming. The Almighty God promised and he is always Absolutely Good.

  8. The word given by Veronika West will come to pass as the Creator moves across the earth the way He will. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  We trust in the Creator for who He is, His thoughts and His ways which according to Isaiah are higher than ours and not understood with human thinking but by faith.

  9. Abba Father, thank You for this Word of warning through Your Beloved daughter.
    I take heed Lord, and as a Coheir with Christ, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, from the lowest earthly regions to above the Heavens I claim the United States of America and The United Kingdom for Jesus Christ in agreement with the Word of God that says that the Whole World is Yours and all that dwell therein belong to You, and also stated is the Power of the Truth Lord, that You Who descended to the lowest earthly regions also ascended above the Heavens and have filled the Universe with Yourself, this is a result of the Power of the Resurrection Life through the Completed Work of the Cross. I surrender the atmosphere to the Ultimate Standard raised up in the form of the Cross against the enemy of climate change in the Name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ my Lord, and embrace instead the Fullness and the Abundance of the Life You purchased with Your Body, Blood and Living Water given for our Freedom by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
    With a heart Overflowing with Gratitude Abba Father, Amen

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