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Prophetic Warning: Prepare for Famine — 3 Comments

  1. since you can’t post as much as I need here the main point is we are in a spiritual Famine now and already are fulfilling that point of Revelations.

  2. While I don’t deny the literal interpretation of Famine of Revelations, but as in the Lord’s prayer of giving us our daily bread, isn’t talking about food it’s talking about spiritual food. WE now in the USA live in famine. Truth is at a high famine here now in 2021. While we have teachers all over the net and TV, not one, and not very many teach real truth. Most of the Churches have succumbed to the devil’s lies either by choice or ignorance. They mainly teach garbage!
    One such Garbage is Romans 13 it never said to submit to man or man’s GOvt it said to submit to the higher liberty. How I know this is because the word used in Romans 13 for power didn’t mean GOvt it meant liberty. Romans 14 is also a good and one of the main points I live by or try to. Adventists live as if Saturday is holy while the rest live as if Sunday is holy and both war with each other over scripture that tells each of what is true or not, but it’s all lost in GOds truth.
    Others will judge others on how they live and or do but forget we are to not judge for its god that does this not us. We will judge by what we see and not the heart of the one being judged. We need to stop this now! We aren’t supposed to wear masks just because of the Devil our govt tells us to. We don’t take the vaccine just because the devil’s MSM mainstream media says to we don’t close just because the devil the Govt has said to. masks if you look closely make us look like grasshoppers and or demons.

  3. Hi Elizabeth Marie,
    The Lord has giving me instruction to collect as much fruit and vegetable seed as possible and to buy fruit trees. It is a real urgency in my spirit. Bless you for being obedient to the warnings the Father is giving you to alert the people.

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