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Prophetic Warning to The Bride of Christ — The Door Will Shut Soon! — 1 Comment

  1. I appreciate what you have shared with the interpretation. It is a very crucial message which must be heard by many. I pray that I be ready. Right now, I’m totally enamored with Holy Trinity. Yet, I’ve seen myself go from hot to cold over a period of years. I’m back on fire thanks to Holy Spirit and this community of followers in Christ Jesus which I’ve been with for a few months. Compared to them, For years, I didn’t read the scriptures due to depression. Any book which I picked up to read including the Bible would put me to sleep. I recall the Lord attempting to wake me up years ago and I was so depressed and tired that I just couldn’t wake up. I forget what the Lord or perhaps it was Holy Spirit said to me, yet, it was along the lines of your dream. I was told to wake up out of my slumber. Try as I may, I simply could not wake up and knew exactly what the meaning of the words meant. We are to pray for one another and for loved ones who aren’t saved and anyone who isn’t serving the Lord. We are to witness as eternity is forever and no one wants to go to hell. The sad thing is that so many don’t even believe that there is a Heaven and Hell. It’s as though there is a great delusion over the people. Lord, have mercy! This is the second message which I’ve heard in the past 24 hours that has me reflecting not only on myself but on the people of the world in a big way.

    I thank you for sounding the alarm.

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