Racing Toward The Finish Line — 3 Comments

  1. Blessings to Deborah W.Fry and to Robear and to all who are walking by faith. While I type this, it starts to snow… Thanks be to our beautiful Master of heaven and earth!

  2. Awesome, beautiful Words, Speaking to me Father God, like honey. I love you, so dearly, it is so good for me to be in your presence, to hear your every words. I delight mightily in you. I know that I know that I have already won the Race.
    I know Victory, is mine indeed so, my eyes, are steadfast always upon you. I breathe you in. I eat the body of Christ, and drink the blood of Jesus, for you are within me, my All in All. I have that perfect peace, that the world knows not of. I’m an Overcomer in all things. I abide in you, you in me. Yes, my Daddy, you are Running with me, and together we are a success, for we win, win, win, every time. Hallelujah !!! I love you so much. I love to hear you talk to me through Deborah Fry. I hear you so clearly, you are so awesome so wonderful to me. I have such joy, joy, joy, peace, peace, peace, love, love, love in you. What an Awesome Daddy, you been to me, every day of my life.

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