Releasing The Shout Of Victory!


Keep that fire of God within you stirred up at all times. 

The enemy will try to use people and situations to stomp out your fire.  That is his job to steal, kill and destroy!

Fleshly negative Christians will even try to extinguish your fire.  Talking to them is like crossing a battery, they give you a cross circuit.

All they see is the negative side of things, the obstacles just like the twelve spies.  Ten of them trying to put out the fire of the other two.

Don’t let anyone or anything stomp out your fire!

Right now, we come together in an atmosphere of victory.  No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

I pray the fire of God to destroy all spiritual cellophane that the devil may have tried to place around you.

Every chain, every cord of hindrance shall be incinerated!  I pray the wind of God to blow away every smoke screen against our prayers in Jesus mighty name!

Every cage, every prison room where the enemy has tried to keep your heart and emotions tied shall be loosed.

Every voice that shall rise against us in judgment shall be destroyed completely in Jesus mighty name!

We declare victory right now over the enemy in Jesus mighty name!

Victory in every area of our lives, victory for the prodigal children, victory for prodigal spouses, victory in your health, victory over the battle of addiction, victory in finances, victory over the pawns of the devil sent only to disguise themselves as friends when in reality they are foes.

We declare victory together right now over every need to come forth suddenly in Jesus mighty name!

So hear us loud and clear devil, do you hear that thundering sound!  Do you feel that quaking of the ground?

It is the sound of the advancing army of the LORD marching in victory and leaving your camp in ruins!

Releasing the shout of total VICTORY!


Dana Jarvis

Dana JarvisDana Jarvis has a calling upon her life and Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry came from a Word the LORD spoke to her.  His words resonated in her Spirit and is what Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry is all about ~ to Equip, Empower, Encourage, and Raise Up his Sons and Daughters for such a time as this!
A Prophetic Seer/ Intercessor, Minister, Author & Christian Coach/ Prophetic Mentor, Dana is blessed by Abba to be one of His Leading Ladies for such a time as this.  Feel free to contact Dana as she would love to hear from you!

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