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  1. Yes, the ‘lights’ are for knowledge abot times and seasons.
    The moon can not give natural light on earth, not even when it is ‘full’ so the meaning of the (first and foremost) moon is to give understanding about the times.

    Some years ago I had a dream from God about the endtime and in the last part of the dream the moon flew away and out from the orbit. At that time I had no understanding about the moon in the Bible nor that it is like an hourglass.
    God says that the time in the end shall be shortened, the last sand that runs from the hourglass also runs very fast. In the dream the moon flew away like a canon ball.
    Some times after that dream I read in a scientific article that the moon is leaving earth!
    God always confirms His word and revelations with evidences which can not be denied.

    “Let luminaries be in the expanse of the heavens, to make a separation between the day and the night, then they have been for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years
    and they have been for luminaries in the expanse of the heavens to give light (knowledge about the time) upon the earth
    Genesis 1:14-15

    The moon does not show seasons as winter, spring etc. it shows what time we are in!

    “He made the moon for seasons Ps.104:19

    “As the moon it is established (as a hourglass), to the age, And the witness in the sky is stedfast.Ps.89:37

    There will be a time when the moon no longer is visible, its work as a hourglass is completed. Therefore God showed me that it – just as scientific confirms -will dissapear. And it has begun!

    “the messenger did swear that time (moon/hourglass) shall be no longer Rev.10:5-6

    God says that He is from everlasting to everlasting(quantum physic also confirms that there in reality exists no time) This means that between everlasting and everlasting there are times.
    This is the last time of all times in this circle.

    This last time is the kingdom of Hades. The spirit of death which rules this present time.
    If anyone doubt this just take notice of all those who expresses grief and great distress over all terror and violence.
    In the next moment the same people return to their thrillers and horror movies and criminal novells. The spirit inside people needs death for satisfaction!
    The (unconcious) worshiping of the spirit of death is along with other signs a great confirmation of this final hour!
    In other words, we are in the ‘fourth part’ of all times the time when we also shall return to the Father!

    “and I saw, and lo, a pale horse, and he who is sitting upon him his name is Death, and Hades doth follow with him and there was given to them authority to kill, (over the fourth part of the land) Rev.6:8

    “and the fourth generation doth turn back hither, for the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet complete Gen.15:16

    (I also have revelations about sun eclipses but not this specific one and I must guard my mouth from speculations) but indeed there are many great signs now, both in the spiritual realm and in the ‘natural realm’.

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