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Restoring the Lost Years — 4 Comments

  1. Thank so much. Really need Prayer for my son in Orlando fl.also my New granddaughter. He needs help with storage also trying on getting a new place for him and baby.  Please, Prayer for them that his needs would be meet and financial blessing.Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for this word Father! I accept it as my own. I have stopped taking my addiction meds and I am struggling with cravings and I feel surrounded by all sides. The Lord has been leading me to fast and pray for deliverance from my smoking addiction as well. I just have been depressed for the last few days, feeling like a failure because my flesh is so weak. I just told the Lord a few days ago that I was so sorry for wasting so much time. He gave me so many gifts that I didn’t use for His purposes and I walked so long outside God’s will for me. I know that I am breaking so that He can build me back up. But, I have a lot of pain and emotional trauma that I haven’t fully dealt with because my medications numbed me and many remained hidden. One of these things being the death of my fiance that happened in 2014, while I was pregnant with our second child. I had started church while he was still alive and tried to get him to go with me. Before he passed of bacterial endocarditis (he was an addict for years and a diabetic, so his health was not good to begin with), one week before his 30 birthday, he got very ill and told me he gave everything over to the Lord. But, the guilt is very burdensome that I didn’t do all that I could because there is the unanswered question if he really did fully accept the Lord. I know that I will get through this because the Lord is with me and this is his will for me, that with him all things are possible.

  3. Yes.. YES… AMEN! Thank you Father, your are doing a mighty work of restoration in your children. God Bless You Dear Sister – His Heart and Wisdom is All over this word!

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