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Rise Up and Advance into Purpose! — 2 Comments

  1. My goodness.  This describes me for the past 17 years.  I never knew why I was running in circles with delays, dead ends, and disappointments but this totally explains it!  I know that I am being set free and am set free now from all the chains that have bound me!  I am ready to advance into my promised land and into a new life that is filled with abundance!  Thank you for posting this, Veronika.  It explains everything and has opened up my understanding.

  2. Good morning Veronkia

    Thank you for the gift of prophecy that you share to the body of Christ. I am grateful for this word today, It describes my life of a single parent for over 23years now. The exhaustion, the going around in circles but most of all never really being able to shake the memories of an abusive past no matter how many times I have forgiven, Through the years I have asked God that I wished He could erase my memories like a hard drive on a computer so that I could move on and enjoy this thing called the abundant life something I have no clue off, So the word that you give this morning two things speak to me personally in my heart “You are now progression by FORGETTING” and I AM even restoring and resetting mindsets from remembering the former things of the old season.  Thank you and blessings I am looking forward to a new life. Sue

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