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  1. Order the book called He and I by Gabrielle Bossis…you can obtain it from: amazon.com…. This….will change you completely…she wrote down what was in her heart from 1936 to 1950…WOW! What love and mercy and kindness and invitaiton from Jesus to be our All! It is like nothing..NOTHING! you have ever read or will probably read, again! I wish the whole world would read this book! What peace and joy they would find in realizing how much Jesus loves them! And wants a return of their love!
    It is so simple really.  One moment at a time live, not the moment before or to come He says.  Just now.. Love Him…This is a sample.. Jesus: Don’t wait to be pleased with yourself, just as you are throw yourself into my arms!  I know all about human nature as I know every wave of the sea – never be afraid, never doubt Me.  I am the Soul of your soul.  Can you be separated from your heart beat or breathing or the essence of your soul? No!  then how can you be separated from Me?  I came to heal and restore.  Talk to Me!  There is no sweeter sound.  Listen to Me speak to you.  I am there.  Believe.  It seems so like your own voice, but are we not One?  Can you act like you believe?  What I say?  Therefore you can hear My thoughts. My speaking in you.  Why, would I not speak in your soul and heart?  Never doubt Me…oh, do not doubt Me!  Even before you speak I have My ear to your lips…I know what you will say.  In all you think, say and do, let it reflect You love Me..have chosen Me.  I can read the depths of what takes place in your heart..trust Me.  I know. Talk to Me….Talk!

  2. Mary, there are many books available on hearing the voice of God for yourself. Everyone “hears” in many ways, sometimes we don’t recognize the ways. I would encourage you to get one of the books on “Hearing God”, that’s one of the sources that helped me.  Blessings! Bev

  3. Dear sisters and Brothers in Christ,

    I thank you all for those wonderfull prophecies.

    I need help: who can reveal to me the secret to hear Father (God)’s voice or to see His face or to be taken to heaven by Him. I need direct instructions from PAPA, ABBA, Father God. May be I am beeing impatient but I need / want / long for to Hearing His voice so that I can receive His instructions and live. Help! I read expressions like: “come up here” or “go deeper”; HOW? I must confess that I don’t understand! Blessings! Sister Mary.

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