Birthing Season in the United Kingdom!


A Word for the Body of Christ in the United Kingdom.

I Prophesy: The season of birth is at hand in the United Kingdom.

I Declare: It is imminent.

I hear a new sound rising up from the earth it is the sound of a marching army who are arising and advancing across this land adorned with the Light and the Power of His Glory and Majesty.

While in worship a couple of weeks ago Papa gave me a vision of the Body Christ in the United Kingdom.  I felt to share it now.

In this vision I saw a woman in the last stages of labour, but I saw that at some stage in her labour she had been given an epidural.  Now for those of you women who have had this procedure done during child birth, you will know that an epidural is given in the spine to numb or cut off the sensation of the painful contractions.

It causes a temporary paralyses where the expectant mother becomes totally de-sensitised to the contractions of her womb and the movements of her baby as it travels down the birth canal, and without the sensations of these contractions the labouring mother is unable to know when to bear down and “push” without the help and instruction of a qualified doctor.

Now in the Vision, Father showed me that this is a prophetic picture of where the body of Christ is in the UK.  I believe Prophetically that God is birthing something so great in the midst of the nations of the earth in this hour that eyes have never seen it, ears have never heard it and minds have never conceived it.

However, there must be a Spiritual Realignment and a Readjustment in the Body of Christ and the TIME IS NOW.

I saw that the enemy has caused a deep paralyses in many areas in the Body of Christ.  He has cut off many from the source of true power and authority, many are connected to an unrighteous root and a counterfeit gospel, satan has used (fear, deception, false religion, false teaching, tradition, disunity, competition, comparison, envy, jealousy, strife, unforgiveness, bitterness, back biting and carnal mindsets) against the Body of Christ in this Nation.

His goal and agenda has been to weaken, weary, and to de-sensitised the Body of Christ to the movements and contractions of Gods spirit.  Satan’s ultimate plan has been to steal the birth right and destiny of this Nation.

Many have become so discouraged, disillusioned, distracted, passive, complacent, powerless and ineffective, many have quickly lost their passion, vision, wisdom, strength and even the ability to discern the right time to bear down and “PUSH”.

BUT!  Father shows me that IF the Body of Christ in the United Kingdom would RETURN to their first Love and be REALIGNED with His Promises, purposes and plans for this Nation, He will Re-sensitise, Re-calibrate, Re-Awaken and Re-activate our spiritual senses.

He will re-ignite an even greater fire in the 5 Fold Ministries.  He will come quickly to heal, restore and revive the heart of the Church.

There will be a greater Unity and Liberty across the whole Body of Christ, and there will be an outpouring of His Grace and Glory, there will be an extraordinary release of His Anointing for greater exploits.

Many will begin to see an unprecedented move of Signs, Wonders and Miracles even greater than what Moses did, there will be a new level of honour and submission for one another.

Apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists will begin to walk together in an uncommon an unconditional Love, Grace and Unity, shield to shield and shoulder to shoulder.  They will stand together on the front lines, with one Vision and in one accord they will see the Kingdom of Heaven manifest on earth and their eyes will see the hand of God move upon the Harvest fields that are ripe and ready, and their vats and barns will be filled to overflowing.

I see that the Father in His great Love and Mercy has protected, preserved and even prevented a premature birthing in this Nation.  He has protected our Issac, because He has promised to bring us as a United Kingdom to full term, so that there would a glorious revealing of the mature Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom who will reflect and represent His True Image in the Nations of the earth in this hour.

I believe and see that the Father has already begun this deeper work in the heart of His Body across this Nation.  He is already orchestrating a divine move of His Spirit over the land.

His skillful hand is at work even in this very hour healing, restoring, reviving and renewing the broken heart of this Nation.  His Spirit is at work realigning and rebuilding the Body causing every area that has been de-sensitised and deactivated to suddenly become awakened and activated to the movements and vibrations (contractions) of His Spirit that is moving over this Nation.

I hear the Spirit say,Great, mighty and powerful is that which I have brought to full term.

For I AM birthing a new thing and a greater thing in the midst of this nation in this hour.  Fear not for I AM with you, watch as my hand moves upon the hard and undivided heart.

Watch as a new spirit I will put within them, for I AM removing from them the heart of stone and giving to them a heart of flesh,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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