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  1. Amen! Praise God! I agree, having been guilty of not always sharing, but sincerely understanding that being full of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, is key to being empowered, resisting the lust of the flesh, the distractions and the love of money.

    The Church and Body of Jesus Christ, are not showing or grooming those in the faith if Christ, of how to properly be a light bearer and witness for Jesus Christ, effectively. I had to learn the trial and error, being reprimanded, criticized for witnessing incorrectly – but no one had taken the time to show, but God the Father, in Jesus Christ, in the Holy Ghost, who taught me how to effectively spread the Gospel of Christ – in His True Love, with effective empowerment, in the Holy Spirit.

    This a great post, message and Word. Personally – I rarely see posts showing new babes in Christ or those who detached from traditional teaching, but being thoroughly taught on how to be a great witness for Christ, having the right, yet bold approach, the fundamentals and applying the right godly principles, allowing the Holy Spirit to build.

    • Amen brother! Thank you for sharing! I truly want to minister only out of the Truth of the Holy Spirit and what He puts in me. I am led through deep waters that stir me to share with an explosiveness at times. As we yield to Him, we see those that are ready for the word within us and we are led to those lost sheep and the Word hits them in the heart at the divine moment it needs to.

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