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Should We Really Decree This? — 2 Comments

  1. Job 22:28 says; we can decree a thing and it will be established. This of ‘course is according to God’s Word. Every decree aligned w/the Word is the will of God. The decree consistent w/the Word of God will not return void, because the Bible says, His Word is forever settled in heaven Psalm 119:89. So, decrees in the authority and power of the Spirit of God, released and received by faith Heb. 11:1, according to the faith of those that hear, in the “inner man” (spiritually) would not be pretentious but profitable, to those who believe. Matt. 9:27-29

  2. Thank you. I was just meditating on this very issue the other day.  I know people who use this term “I decree” frequently and I sensed a spirit of haughtiness/ pride. It made me uncomfortable. Your word helped me sort out what I felt.

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