Sound Doctrine vs Itching Ears


For the time will come.  They will not endure it.  They will not tolerate it and they won’t put up with it.

The Spirit speaks through one apostle to the man following in His footsteps.  The time did come, and in many cases, it came a long time ago now.  It’s all over this term “sound doctrine.”  I wonder if many of us even know what that kind of doctrine is supposed to be?

One thing is sure, it is not about rules and regulations or commandments of men, that they have turned into doctrine and enforced upon others.

Sound, can mean solid.  In this case, I believe it is talking about things that are backed up by real scripture.  Sound doctrine, is not about men’s private interpretation.  And if the only way to know if something is really genuine, is by discerning through the Spirit.  Then it is following what that same Spirit is teaching and directing.

Any doctrine or belief that does not follow the leading of the Holy Ghost is not of the Holy Ghost.  It’s of men.  Any doctrine that does not abide by the order of ministries God set in the church, is not sound.

You needn’t remind some of us who have been around a little while, just how many different teachings and rules so many of us have been exposed to.  It’s of no point to begin naming them; it will be enough to say, the list is long.

The truth that some of these seem to apply to some, and not to others, created confusion and a sense of feeling less than.  We’ve been quick to preach that nothing should be taken away from God’s word, or added either.  But some found a way to require things of others, that were not written there at all.

But time has gone by.  Something in the real order, has changed.  The pulpit could once rule and demand that those under them obey to the letter; and you did, if you wanted to remain in their good fellowship.

That has changed, and is changing more and more.  It is the pew that makes the demand. It’s always been difficult to define that term “itching ears.”  What does it mean today?  Now that the time Paul was speaking to Timothy about, has come. I’m honest, that I often wondered who would be like this; the platform, or the pew.  It’s been said, that it is really speaking what the people want to hear.

“But they refused to pay attention, and turned a stubborn shoulder and stopped their ears from hearing.”  Surely we can see, that this is not the first time that God’s people did not want to follow His voice and listen to what He has instructed His chosen vessels to say.

It is still so powerful to me, that the word of the Lord, came to these people; instruction, warning and admonition.  Always trying to find a way to spare; and not to bring judgment.  “They made their hearts, like flint and they stiffened themselves in resistance to that word.”

It’s sometime hard for me to understand, that in many ways of this “time,” you must say something pleasing that they want to hear, or you are out.  Many rush to point fingers at certain groups or those who are no longer in their fellowship, but some things, you can’t preach on.

Not if you want to maintain your crowd, and live nicely in the manner you have become used to.  One force among all, seems to be running everything; other ministries are antiquated and are not needed anymore.  But the tide, has been turning against that too.  More of the people, only want to hear something entertaining.

So many like this show atmosphere; not something challenging or convicting which puts everyone one on their faces in the floor, all repenting.  As it was written, the people’s hearts are hard; again, they have stopped their ears; truthfully, they really don’t even hear you.

They are past what you have to say.  People are so worried about fakes, that they have no desire to embrace the real thing.  If any should speak of how we were once more into the deeper things of the Spirit, the anointed and chosen ministries and all of the Gifts operating fully, there’s a new answer.

Oh, that was back then.  That was another time; things are different now.  The time, has arrived.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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