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Speak to the Bones and Expect Revival! — 5 Comments

  1. I woke up this morning with a question in my mind that has global significance. I believe that this question is from the Lord Jesus.
    How will the church survive the tribulation without the Lord’s eyes?
    1 Peter 3:12 (TPT)
    12 For the eyes of the Lord Yahweh[a] rest upon the godly,
    and his heart responds to their prayers.But he turns his back on those who practice evil.[b]
    [a]3:12 As translated from the Aramaic. The Greek is kurios (lord).
    [b]3:12 Or “He sets his face against evildoers.” See Ps. 34:12–16.

  2. Cont. I understand that some will say but it is these little fires that will lead to the big inferno I refer to as revolution. However history and experience is not on the side of that argument. It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result each time. I wish I had the formula to produce the result I desire to see but all I have is my prayer and voice. Perhaps there are many voices and prayers that are calling for the same overthrow of the wicked, I hope so. Jesus said He can do so much more than we can think or imagine. Well, let’s put it to the test!!! Let us start imagining a nation that puts the name of Jesus first in all things, Academia that teaches what the death and resurrection of Jesus accomplished for us, Media, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Retail, Grocery, Tech, Small Business, Big Business all bowing the knee to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. No excuses, no “yeah but”, Let us start expecting GOD to do what we all know can be done then let us be amazed at how much more GOD actually does. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. AMEN!!!

  3. Cont. Academia today is administered by these same eager young people, yet Academia is one of the most filthy and demonic strongholds in our nation (USA). So you see the source of my disappointment when I hear about revival. It just does not produce the result we need. We need to desire bigger and better things. Is it possible, will GOD do more than start little fires that peter out shortly after starting? I am sure He can and my heart is to see that happen. We need to think in terms of REVOLUTION, overthrowing wicked strongholds, kingdoms and government and replacing them with what GOD ordains. We need to think much bigger than a bunch of little camp fires that produce some heat but eventually go out. Cont. Again

  4. I apologize in advance for how some people will view this comment but I hope you see the bigger picture I am after here. When I hear about revival or hear people talking about revival it does not stir hope and joy in my spirit but rather disappointment. I struggled with why this is until I realized that what bothers me is what Mr. Bennett alludes to in that they always die out. And it is true, they ALWAYS die out. Why they die is up for debate but not up for debate is the fact that they do die out. Disappointing! I was part of the Jesus People movement in the early 70’s. We went on a college campus and had Bible studies with these eager young people. All hungry for the Word and Jesus. Yet today what effect did it have. Yes, some people were saved and that is not to be ignored but where was the nation changing effect. There was somewhere between none and little. Cont.

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