Speaking, what the Holy Ghost Says to Speak

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Respect of Persons

Respect of Persons?  There is no such thing with God.  But why is it, that we have seen so much of it among us?

Even from our first early encounters with scripture and with the church, all of us knew what this meant.  We didn’t need any degree or great study of the ancient texts; it simply made sense.  Anytime we show partiality to some, and not give the same consideration and attention to others that are around, we cause strife and division.  Even in the church.

Now, if I am honest, I don’t know exactly why the Spirit would have me talk about this subject; it’s been written about before.  However, it seems that it’s supposed to be covered again.  Just ask yourself, how much harm and unease, has this action of men, caused in the years we’ve all been around.  The problem is, it’s still going on.  We all have favorites; no need in saying we don’t.  But when we start giving honor and praise, only to those we choose, we hurt people.

Let us revisit what Apostle Paul instructed Timothy about this; “But the wisdom that is from above . . . is without “partiality.”  We all should read the other things he mentioned in this verse; we can do all that, and yet miss the mark.  What have we accomplished.  Let’s also go to what Apostle James said about it too.  We’ll have to read above this to get the rest, but it is to this comment that we need to refer. “observe these things, without preferring one before another, doing nothing by “partiality.”  There is no misunderstanding here.

It might cost a lot, but I feel it’s needed to say, that church politics, has likely cause a lack of power, among the Body of Christ.  On the local level, and even more so, on the state and national level. It must be asked: How far could you get, without the approval and sanction, or your church party members.  Good saints, and also good ministers, were silenced and pushed out, if they dared to try and speak up about this.  Your ladder to success, got very short.

I know this attribute is very much man; but it can also be very evil.  Elevating people in a partial slant, can destroy people’s faith and trust.  And it’s allowed a certain segment, to exercise control and domination, over the flock of Jesus Christ; that they should not have, and don’t deserve to have.  It’s also a feeding ground, for all kinds of envy and jealousy.  We, did not start out this way.  And you wonder why, most of our prophets, were silenced. Promoting your own group and clique, is not Christ-like.  Jesus, did not allow it.

Speaking, what the Holy Ghost Says to Speak

The first and foremost requirement is, how much do you really want to follow the leading of the Spirit?  How important is it to you?

Another thing we need to face is, can we do it, where we are?  Is there freedom and liberty, to genuinely speak what the Holy Ghost wants to say?  Or, must it be channeled, through someone else’s approval?  Again, how hungry are you, for the Holy Spirit of God, to speak through you?

We’ve gone through a long period of time now, when the saints of God, have been hindered from allowing the Holy Ghost to truly use them.  A little bit tongues and interpretation, now and then, was not what Christ had in mind.  There was a fullness, that we all were to obtain; an accomplished sense, of rightly dividing the word of truth.  I think we need to ask, what kind of Holy Ghost operation and true manifestation of His ways, do we see among us today.  What kind of voice, does Jesus Christ’s believers, actually have in this hour.

One may never have thought, that we would have to go all the way back to the very basics, to hear the voice of the Spirit.  God is going to have to move, even to shake some people out of the way, in order for the Holy Ghost to operate freely.  Otherwise, it seems that the venue, has to totally change.  Where, can you truly hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church, without some restraining order or dealing with men’s control issues.  Who’s in charge here.

If there ever was a time, that the Holy Ghost wants to speak, it is now.  And why not.  These are different days, unusual days, the last days; and God’s people need to hear from the Spirit.  One thing is certain, it is going to have to first be, a one-on-one with the Spirit.  And it does not rely, on someone else’s experience or channel.  The Holy Ghost, does not need a director; He needs a follower.  Forcing people to quench the Spirit, is not in order; it never was.

The Saints of God, are supposed to be mighty, and strong in Him.  They should have the right, to walk in the Spirit, and to yield to what the Holy Spirit of God wants to do through them.  If they are not able to discern things of the Spirit, if they are not approved of God, it’s likely because they have not been given the proper diet.

It may be possible in some assemblies, but for the most part, it does appear, that speaking what the Holy Ghost wants you to say, is in a state of censorship.  The Spirit, wants to speak to people in this hour; richer and deep things.

How do we find, those who seek this?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. I think I may be one who is NOT APPROVED OF GOD !!!…I have No CHURCH HOME…no Church…even HAS the HOLY SPIRIT THERE !!!!…I WANT TO SAY THINGS…FOR EXAMPLE…I TEXT FOR 2 hours…my heart literally BURNING…I was about to hit send…my finger slipped and it was ALL GONE…GONE !!!
    At first I was so angry…then..what if the Lord..said. .NO…I had to give it to HIM…