Step into a Deeper Encounter!


Here’s a beautiful Word Papa gave me a while back.  His love is always pursuing us!

Time to move from the door, step into a deeper encounter!

I see many sons and daughters sitting on the doorstep of the Father’s house.  Many have become weary!

Many have lost their hope and confidence!

Many have become disillusioned and disappointed!

Many doubts, fears and failures scream out!

Many have seen their faith dwindle and they have become so weak.

Their mouths are dry and they are hungry and thirsty longing for a new and fresh encounter with hope and victory.  Faith, trust and hope seems to have lost its flight!

I hear papa say,  “Come My beloved child!  It is time to move from the doorstep into a deeper encounter with My Power and Presence.

Now come close.  Draw nearer.  Do not be afraid.  Enter into My presence with boldness and confidence.

I have torn the veil that once separated.  The way is clear.  Look, taste and see.  I have set a table for you, a table filled with My grace and My goodness and endless supply.

My child, now be still, for I AM worthy of your fullest confidence and trust.

Do not lean on your own endeavors or your own understanding.  It is time to shake off the grave clothes, for I have new and fresh garments of joy and freedom waiting here for you.

I have shoes for your weary feet and a robe of honor and dignity to cover your shame.

Let your heart not be moved or troubled, but rather cast your cares on me, for My yolk is easy and My burden is light!

My child listen!  Incline your ear, as I draw you in with My gentle whispers to come close you.  Here in this place will become a partaker of My Glory, Power and Strength.

Come in and receive all that I have prepared, purposed and promised you, in this moment if you will open your heart and let me in, you will receive a fresh touch of my transforming power.

Even now I AM releasing to you new life, new beginnings and new vision.  My beloved, do not sit afar off, but come!”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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