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  1. Please let me share this what came now to my mind after reflecting this day: My female boss has definitely allowed me to pray at work if someone asks for prayer. So today an old lady asked me 2 times for prayer. She was so in despair, facing her near death (as it is relative normal in senior homes) but I could not hurry her away from the dining room to pray alone with her. I crouched down beside her wheel chair and told her with a quiet voice, that Jesus has promised, He has many mansions in heaven and He awaits His people, and He hears prayers, and He sees tears, He wipes away tears and He said, in this world we have fears, and particularly if someone asks Him in fears, He SURELY would honour and hear this prayer. Among 15-20 others I prayed THE LORD`S PRAYER with her. We held hands, and she said “Thank you” afterwards. She did not let go of my hands. I will never forget her eyes, how she looked at me, so thankful, so straight into my eyes, not turning away. This has been a very BLESSED Resurrection Day.

  2. My dear sister, I write this after a hard work day at Resurrection Sunday. I sang spontaneously old hymns when no one expected it. They did not know how to handle an Easter afternoon coffee hour. But thank God – no one mocked me or said ” What is she doing ?” Sweat ran over my face, I was bold, but nervous, too. The old people very listening, some obviously scattered, some silently enjoying. A work mate from an Arabic country later asked me which church I go. Somehow all were touched. I share this because I want you to know, that my suffering in the past and even today, broken sticks and stones across my ways – yes, this world waits in eager expectation to see Christ’s people revealed. It costs a high prize. But I am not ashamed of my LORD.
    Please, brothers and sisters, go to a dying world and show that you are a CHRIST-ian !

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