Strangers in this World


It seems that there is a need to talk about we human beings.  The Word says, that before we knew Him, we were creatures of wrath.

We often talk about the fruit of the Spirit; and we should.  The truth is, we seldom converse about the works of the flesh.  It is these works that often defines what we’re really up to; what’s behind so much of what we see around us today.  We can blame the devil all we want to.  Envy, spite, bitterness, greed, loving money and showing respect of persons, comes from our flesh.

Yes, it is true, that there can be demonic spirits with these very same attributes.  These, you can cast out in the name of Jesus Christ, and they must leave.  But the works of the flesh cannot be cast out of a person.

You can bind them in His name and hinder their activity; but, people have choices, God gave them to us.  We find in the scriptures that we are to lay aside this trouble-making fruit ourselves.  Don’t feed it, don’t nurture it and turn away from it.

God can intervene in many situations; if those folk are doing things that hinder a work He wants to do.  And whether we accept or like it or not, He has been doing a lot of that lately.

One way you can tell that you have grown in some ways, is that your heart is much more tender than it once was.  How you respond when others begin to reap what they’ve sown, is very telling.  You hurt; it seems to come naturally to you now.  You feel pity, sorrow and loss.  You actually can feel heartbroken for them; you have mercy.  It’s your brother.

We were not born into this walk in the Spirit.  And just because we have been born-again, does not forever mean that our flesh and our own works, won’t raise its ugly head again.

Perhaps we did not pay enough attention to what Apostle Paul said, that he had to die daily.  He said he actually had to bring his thoughts, his own flesh, under subjection.

I feel led to stop and say, that self-righteousness, is not righteousness at all.  It’s the opposite of it.  Those writing in the New Testament spoke many, many times, about how we are supposed to act.

It should not be strange that saints in this hour are turning back to their callings.  Why would it be strange, that the truly anointed and appointed vessels, have begun to rise up?

It is what they were meant to do, and it always was about God’s timing.  The real and authentic move of the Holy Ghost, should be a common thing among us.  There is an entire generation today, who has seen the real Power of God.  It was manifested among them, their family and their friends.  They’re not strangers, to how the Supernatural works.

It is possible to become estranged from the Spirit.  When we stop following Him and His lead, we begin moving away from Him.

The strange thing about deception, is that we may not know it is there.  And we won’t recognize, we are substituting something else, for the real thing.  In the true sense, we are supposed to be strangers in this world.  We are only passing through to a wonderful place.  We are laying up our treasures in that world above.

Let others scoff, scorn, ridicule and hinder.  The Holy Ghost, will bring intervention.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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