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Surviving the Bite of Python — 3 Comments

  1. hallelujah!  Just early this week, I had a dream. I was walking across a yard/lawn outside.  Every step I took had snakes, and as I continued walking across the yard, not one snake attacked me, or bit me.  While in intercession for some time now, I was declaring and decreeing Gods righteousness over me and the body of Christ.  I got my wooden swords as Io was praying and was swinging left and right, cutting of the heads of snakes and dragons. 
    Thank you for this prophetic word, it brought confirmation to my dream.
    Also explained all the false accusations coming from a five-fold ministry leader.  Yet I knew my standing, and my walk with my Lord and did not move to hearken to the voice of the enemy, he recently got exposed for his behavior. 
    God he is my God, the lifter of my head.

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