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Talents Have Been Given — 2 Comments

  1. I feel so much like you. The vision, assignment and destiny looks sooo big and I’m like God this has to be yours cause I can’t do it without you! And then in his still small voice he reminds me I have never done anything WITHOUT him- it will all come together just as he has it planned.

  2. (what I see) The five fold ministry is given so the gospel is spread throughout the earth, when someone hears the gospel and is converted they also have be filled with the love of God and want everyone to receive what they did so the five fold ministry or 5 talents is in them which is the increase the parable speaks of. When the time of the gentiles ends and preaching of the gospel goes to the Jews there is 2 olive branches prophets rev 11 or zech 4 who have a priesthood of 144000 priests who preach the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven which is the 2 talents. The one who knew the gospel himself yet would not share it or finance it through someone else who was sharing it, instead spent all the life that God gave him in pursuit of what they wanted, this man is cast into out darkness which sounds terrible but the thought here is the millennium where you spend 1000 years in the earth securing eternal life, after seeing Heaven to be back in the earth ya there will be weeping and wailing notice revelation 19 vs 7 8 9 speaks of the bride of Christ and the marriage supper how envious the invitation is. Then notice the word army on white horses being led out of Heaven rev 19 14 to the battle of Armageddon to begin the millennium where the 12 apostles are going to rule with a rod of iron (the gospel will be accurate) and there will be others who rule over areas however the marriage supper in Heaven is where you want to be

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