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Teach Thyself, Heal Thyself — 11 Comments

  1. Stephen, you are absolutely right. Thank you for this article. Deep ponderings and truth! God bless you.

  2. I may be going off track, but “famous actors who have been charged with domestic abuse include Mel Gibson, Josh Brolin, Mickey Rourke, Steven Seagal, James Brown, and Sean Penn.” Yes, self-control.

    • All people who make a living pretending to be someone else!
      As a result, is it no wonder that they have been unable to deal with who they really are, and come to terms with that, as they submit, I’d aver, of the god of this world, trying to achieve a better self image?

      • Dear Jamak, Yes, using a script to accomplish deception in relationship. People can “Teach Thyself, Heal Thyself” by applying it to the interfaith religion! The false prophet promises harmony amongst religions and nations, but at the cost of compromising the blood of Jesus. The Lord showed me TV Batman, but this character had the heart of the Joker. People are teaching themselves how to teach inter-religious dialogue. Interfaith religion is in their imagination. I am not joking.

  3. There is an error sign. “The Lord loves ypu.” Sorry, but it was unintentional. Love was corrupted!!! Domestic violence is a sign of corrupted love.

  4. Love can be corrupted. This is why the Lord gave us a new commandment. That we love each other in the same way that the Lord loves us. John 13:34-35 The Lord loves ypu.

    Perhaps the message the Holy Spirit wants me to share is this. We should preach what we practice because there can be a lag between when we preach and what we practice. 1 Corinthians 13:5 However, we should never love ourselves more than we love others.

    • Peter, I’m not sure why you feel that you need to have so many replies. Let’s please stick to the subject at hand, and “apply” the words and teaching here that I believe ALL can learn from.


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