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Come Alive — That Resurrection Power is Still Within Us! — 6 Comments

  1. Joyce, yes! Jesus is Resurrecting me and you, as we die to self and come alive in Him! I love the song. I can’t recall ever hearing it before! I keep feeling like HE has been unwrapping all the grave clothes off of me from the many attacks in TN!!! Thanks for sharing, my fried. You are a true seasoned warrior!!! the best! Love you!! xoxo Sandi

    • Yes me too Sandi with the unwrapping also.
      So many attacks but I found this song for first time as I shared here.
      I loved where song said, “let dead things come alive, let dry bones come to life”!

      Hey, yes we are running out of the grave, Sandi!! All glory belongs to the Lord as we are taking new ground!
      Love you my precious sister and friend!!

  2. Thank you Angela, MWilliams and fortified for coming by and commenting.
    May the blessings of Jesus Christ rest upon you all!

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