That Ye May Be Able To Bear It


We need to talk about something together.  It’s this idea, this teaching, that God would never put more on us than we can bear.  We were told that; and it was always re-enforced by our peers; by so many others down through the years; the people we trusted.  And then, along came this thing called life, and our burden, became too heavy to carry.  I truly feel, that it is going to take a great deal of honesty, to make it in these last days.  No faces, no walls, no put-on and no denial.

We didn’t learn some things; things that would perhaps have saved us from a lot of confusion and feelings of being forsaken.  We did not quote some verses, as they were actually written.  Let us talk a bit about one in particular.  God “will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able.”  But we left it there. It’s the next few words, that changes everything; that makes all the difference in the world: Without He “make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”  We didn’t fully grasp, that there was a way out.

Let’s visit poor dear Bro. Job for a bit.  Now, none of us could say, that this man didn’t have more than he could handle.  If we think that sitting at the gate scratching your sores with a pottery shard is not more than we could take; it’s because we haven’t been there.  We love to quote about how he never cursed God; but we are very uneasy about all of the real deal.  He cursed the very day he was born; wishing his mother had never delivered him and brought him into this world.  I tell you where some of us are; we are in the very middle of some of the worse trials and oppression, we’ve ever had.

“I Go to the Rock.”  Oh, how we yet love to sing that song.  But I find myself wondering, whether we truly slowed down and listened to the words that made up this great rendition.  Listen to this: Where do I go, when there’s nobody else to turn to?   Who do I turn to, when nobody wants to listen?  Who do I lean on, when there’s no foundation stable?  Dear God, help us to hear this.  Where do I hide?  Who do I run t?  Is there a refuge, in the time of tribulation?

This is not just a nice rhyme.  Dottie was in trouble; and way over her head.

I heard someone say today, “I can’t take it anymore.”  And I felt the same way; it’s too hard, it’s too heavy, it’s too much at one time and I can’t carry this load, by myself.  We need a way out of this.  Who can we talk to; nobody even wants to listen.  I have to escape; I can’t stay like this.  Hey God, I’m going under; my enemies are all around me; they’re laughing at me; they are constantly on my trail.  David, had more than he could bear; and He told God so.  And so can we.

If it wasn’t too much for us, we wouldn’t need Him.  We are going to have to run to Him; escape to Him.  The Holy Spirit, is actually going to have to reach down and literally lift some of us up and carry us the rest of the way.  Do we lack faith?  Well, others did.

I don’t have the strength to dance.  I don’t even want to run around all over the church.  I want to fall down at His feet, grab ahold with every thing I have, and not let go.  I’m looking for that rock; that cleft, we once sang about; till the storm passes by.  One of our most powerful apostle/evangelist’s prayed a prayer once.  “God, deliver me from people, and deliver me to You.”

No trial, no test, no tribulation; then, no need for an escape.  He wants us to totally depend on Him, to call out to Him, to reach for Him, to love Him, to follow His Spirit, and to have an ear for Him.  That, is the way out.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. PRAISE GOD FOR this truth. So many of us repeat what we’ve heard without researching/STUDYING for ourselves, to show ourselves approved. I thank God for this word of truth. God bless you INDEED.