The big “Why ME?” question


Life can be funny, exciting and adventurous sometimes.  You remember the ship cruise, the movies you attended with friends?  Or the teetotaler’s corner you went with friends for some ice cream and Chapman?

Sometimes is so unfair and hurting….  This life can be so uncertain and the things that happens in it.  Many people love to climb the mountain, thinking that is the only place they can see God, but seldom know that we can encounter God in the Valley below also.

You doubt this?  Why not ask the prophet Ezekiel?  Most times when God wants to give you a balanced perspective of life, He takes you to the VALLEY LOW to show you what goes on there!

No man can adequately address the valley people experience than he who has been there!

No man can heal the emotionally abused and broken life than someone who has been there!

No man can present the gospel to a sinner than someone who has been there!

No man can restore a backslider than someone who has been there!

For Jesus to be our perfect high priest, He had to taste humanity so He can perfectly represent us before the throne.

Life is a school and we learn everyday.  The only man who can teach you about success is a man who has tasted both failure and success!  A balanced life is a combination of drinking from both the bitter and sweet waters of life.

There are times when it seems God ain’t fair!  Yes, it seems you don’t deserve what you are getting.  Just imagine Joseph.  Born to lead and shown his future, so exciting, so colourful and then all of a sudden a catastrophic event to thwart that colourful destiny!

Look at Job, a man said to be perfect and was leading a peaceful life when all of a sudden a catastrophic situation came to him!  Oh, sometimes, I have heard you say, “God ain’t fair!”

There are people in the body of Christ who God has subjected to things they have been through and still do not know why.  The question in their heart is, “Why me?”  “I don’t deserve this!”  “I deserve a better life.”

I understand this pain.  I have been there!  I cried for many years asking the same question… at a point I became suicidal.  My life was so appreciating on the mountain top but there was something I needed to pick up from the VALLEY LOW!

Till this year I asked the Lord, “Why me?”  Now I don’t anymore, because He told me, “It was necessary for you to go through this path because of the people I will send your way so you know how to treat them when they come.”

I wept much!  It wasn’t easy accepting it but I learnt to love and appreciate the path set for me.

Can I tell you something?

Don’t hurt when people do not wanna identify with you, because they think you are so dirty and imperfect according to their standards!

Don’t worry when your best friends leave you!

Do not worry when colleagues no longer wanna associate with you and several many others avoid you!

Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good LifeThey have not seen the path God has set for you.  Nick Vujicic must have met many ladies for marriage and the families refused because of his challenge, don’t blame them.  Its just that they are so blind not seeing that glorious future they would have shared with you!

Today, my “Why me?” question has narrowly changed from a “Why me?” to a “Why not me?”

You know why?  He told me, “I allowed you go through this not just for you but as many who will pass through this same road whom I shall send to you”

Oh my!  Now I know the answer to my reluctant why me question I have asked God to a why not me question to those asking me, “Mark, why you?”


~  by Mark Cyril

Pastor Mark Cyril Author, teacher, motivational and conference speaker, Pastor Mark Cyril is the international President of CYRIL MARK WORLD EVANGELISM – an independent ministry taking the message of the cross across the Nations turning many in their numbers to salvation through Jesus Christ. He is also the Senior Pastor of Revelation Apostolic Community; an apostolic and Prophetic Word based ministry in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria – West Africa.


The big “Why ME?” question — 1 Comment

  1. I cried as I read this….
    The last 6 and a half years have been some of the most difficult years of my life…
    As dark as it got I couldn’t let go of our God as I love him too much…
    Now I TOTALLY understand….
    Thank you so much for sharing Love and abundant blessings to you and your family ☺️
    Love always Donna