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The Bull & Matador; President Donald Trump & the Democratic Party — 22 Comments

  1. The LGBTQ and all occultic powers and Satanists are really coming hard against President Trump. But I am certain of this one thing,the Lord who put him there will definitely frustrate the conspiracy of the Lord’s servant in Jesus Christ name.
    The Great America is for Christ

  2. I stand firm in the promises of God and I pray for strength and courage for President Trump and his administration as they are going through a most evil demonic spiritual battle.  God is still God and Satan will be defeated.  Thank you Veronica for your prophecies and may the Lord continue to use you mightally.

    • Amen Amen I Stand With My Brother’s and Sister’s With
      Christ Our Lord.
      Thank You Father For Your Will Alone Will Be Done.
      I Thank You For Sending Your Angel’s To Protect Your Chosen leaders here on Earth

  3. As I pray for our country and president and VP and their family’s each day I continue to get from the Holy Spirit to be strong and courageous for the times seem so evil.  There is a battle going on and it’s good against evil.  Our part is to keep praying and to stand for the truth.  God is on His throne and the battle is His.  He will use us to hold up the hands of our great president and keep him surrounded in our prayers to keep him safe and protected. No weapon formed against him will prosper, in Jesus precious name I pray.  Amen.

  4. I had already posted this article on my facebook:

    What would the ‘church’ in the interfaith movement do with the Hindu golden calf? You can purchase replicas on ebay.

    [HKP : Redacted as links not working]

  5. I’ll pray for president Trump from the Netherlands, if he falls, all of humanity will fall with him. Even the stupid terrorist rioters that want to kill him.

    • Freija, you are so correct on all points.  We hold him up in prayer every day and throughout the day.  He is God’s man for the hour and pray for God’s will to be accomplished through President Trump’s efforts.  Even with all the things the evil one is throwing at Trump and our nation, we are becoming stronger in God.  Bible sales are way up. God is on the move in all our nations.

  6. Father in the name of Jesus, please put a hedge around Donald Trump and continue to use him to Your glory!  In the mighty name of Jesus I claim no weapon formed against President Trump will prosper.  Forgive us of our sins as we forgive others.  Thy Kingdom come thy will be done.  Thank you Father that we may come boldly before your throne of grace and beg for mercy.  Let the government be on your shoulders, as President Trump declared, quoting Isaiah 9:6 on Dec 25, 2017!

  7. Yes, Amen to that.We are on the wall and continuing in prayer. Lord turn it around in Jesus mighty name.

  8. Lord, please flip it so that the matador represents Trump, the Picadors represent his administration, and the bull represents the destructive forces attacking United States. Amen.

    • Yes, Amen to that.We are on the wall and continuing in prayer. Lord turn it around in Jesus mighty name.

      • Father dear have mercy and saved United States of America for YOU alone hold the destiny of the nations. A Victory for President Trump is a victory for President Nana Addo Akuffour Dankwa in Jesus MIGHTY name I asked. amen!!!

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