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The Dawn’s Early Light — 3 Comments

  1. Sis Gabrielle Fuehrer
    Thank you for sharing with me,
    Yes, just focus on the Father, the Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit and what He has given me, then sing and play to Him

  2. Amen!
    Oh can you see LORD,
    In the dawn’s early light …

    …Oh awaken the land
    Awaken my spirit
    Rejoice all Creation!
    The dawn’s early light has come!

    Oh…I Love this song!And i just remember Awekeing this song.

    And Chinese song Awekeing is my favorite one.


    first light,
    Breaking through the sky, the dawn awakens all sleeping beings, the light has come, the darkness is gone, all things are awakened, and freedom spreads all over the world
    The resurrected Savior is coming, the power of the blood cleanses the dusty heart.
    The power of light drives away the shadows,
    new mind renew
    Life is opened. Wake up! People of God, Almighty God has given you my great mission
    Rise up! People of God, break through the power of darkness and step towards the light of the cross .

    • Dear Wong E Zin,

      Wow what beautiful songs you linked! I love the second sung in Chinese. Love the duet and the bright music. I rarely listen to worship music because early on The Holy Spirit nudged me not to listen and just focus on what He was giving me and to sing and play it to an instrument back to Him I am astounded because you just confirmed through your posting a psalm He just gave me this morning! How wonderful! Thank you for sharing! The LORD bless you richly!

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