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  1. I would say there is not going to be a rapture as most of the religious world has been taught. So, much of the church must unlearn a lot which man has taught without being led by the Spirit. Very few churches are really teaching the greatest mystery among most of the body of Christ today which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Most cannot fathom that God desires for us to become Christ. Not Jesus, but the Father desires for us to come into perfect unity with Him. This is how the knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

    • Whew! A “word” Tend to agree w/you on rapture. And when the glory manifests in us as we began to look like Christ, act like Christ, talk like Christ, do supernatural, and empowering things on the earth like Christ, The Church says; he/she thinks they’re God. WeLLL, we are made in His image and likeness…the Glory!!  Let’s go Church!

    • …”for us to become Christ” as you stated, literally means for us to become anointed. As we know, Christ is not Jesus’ last name. We’re bringing the glooorry to the earth Church!

  2. Thank you so much for this word. You put in words what is in my heard!Very encouraging! Christians in my surrounding often can’t understand what I am experiencing the last couple years. Sometimes even I don’t. Your words will help me so much to explain.
    Thanks to the Holy Gost for leading you.
    Angelika, from Germany

  3. Actually Bro. McGatlin, no reply necessary as requested in previous comment. Your post was clear, concise and confirming w/my thoughts of His Kingdom, and how the church is re-thinking universal teachings, as it relates to His Kingdom unfolding in the earth. Re-reading the post because the message is “weighty” but please continue sharing, the church is ready to hear what the Spirit of the Lord has said, about His Kingdom.

  4. Ron, WHAT LOVELY TRUTH you have taught us today. May it penetrate deeper and deeper as I read and re-read it for more edification and understanding. May God continue to flow through you with clarity and truth for these end times. There is so much misunderstanding of truth as deception floods the airways and byways we are traveling. SO many rely on ‘someone to give a “word” but never open the book of THE WORD and receive it straight from the Father’s heart’..this very thing has been a major concern of mine as a prophetic voice. May I not be a distraction or lead in the wrong direction or cause anyone to rely on anything other than the one who is LORD of all. I am grateful for your obedience and I cherish your wealth of knowledge of the Word as He flows through you. Blessings, Sandi Holman

  5. Stirred…! Also, the church understands Jesus came to redeem not ONLY mankind, but redemption INCLUDES creation! Col. 1:16. If we don’t like the ungodly “systems” whether in our schools, govt., healthcare, financial, wherever, who’s going to fix it? What do we think the parable of the minas and talents are about church? Many are called, but few are chosen. I declare the chosen are arising and every enemy will be scattered…in Jesus name! Let’s go church!

  6. Dear Mr McGatlin
    I’ve read many of your posts on HKP site and I’m always blessed by them, but this post so deeply has impacted me and a few friends I shared it with and wanted to thank God for the insight He’s giving you and for your faithfulness to write about it!
    My friends and I are experiencing some changes that you talked of here and your article really explains why and has given us hope & joy knowing that we are on the right path even though things seem different in our individual walks with God, your teaching has revealed why the changes have come and it’s for His Kingdom and Glory!  Thank you so very much and I pray you are blessed by the Lord to teach more on this as it is so vital to us all !

  7. Ron, I hope you will have more teaching on this article you have written. 
    This is very enlightening.  JRW

  8. Surley, words of an “Open Heaven”! You betta teach His Kingdom! Please share more..Today, I was going to maybe or maybe not read from platforms and then go on about the day w/out shared comments as I’ve done for many many years, howbeit God may cause it to be so. IF – (c)”The kingdoms of this world HAVE become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ,” how does the Rapture / Second Coming work into the Haggai 2:6,7 w/Rev. 11:15,18. Would not a Rapture of the elect and return be a 3rd coming? Prafully, consider reply, as the church takes a Deeper look at His Kingdom, in Spirit reality. Amen.

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