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The Enemy Has Clouded the Vision of Many — 2 Comments

  1. This happened to me its moment you ask Abba for prescribed way and pray in tongues and speak his purpose through us will be done. I was given hints that morning. I didn’t think it could happen chalk up as fear pray it away and praise right up to the set up. I used to be my Sister in Christ eye witness of falsehood from lying spirit in her family kin. I had Christ presence favor in all them that was involved as police were Men of God he hand picked them for favor in justice was going to be served. No fear he can use in surprising ways. All was throw out. I share to know his escape is a red seas moment as trust we going to walk on dry ground as he make a way.. I heard lies of enemy of false flag of lies of I got you. That moment got trust his ways keep his words ring in our ears all promises of living Prophet about 2023′ it was spoken it will happen.

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