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The Eye of the Storm — A New Prophetic Window Is Opening — 1 Comment

  1. Yes-Full moon. Witches very active against us.
    Best thing to do is to pray for them.
    I spent many years warring against them — = hard work!!
    God taught me to just pray for them as you would for a friend.
    The powers/demonic that they use fall flat and flee when you start to pray FOR them. No use praying against them as they have a will that is set on cursing you. Just pray FOR them. They hate that! The demons connected with them reel in pain and so do the witches. They will come to see that they need you and they need Jesus…show them love…show them light…show them forgiveness…declare those things to them and you will be like your Father in heaven. They want you to holler and yell, do loud tongues etc…it is a waste of time I tell you…Just relax and begin to take all those in agreement against you before His loving presence…Take their hand and bring them into His presence and loose the light of Jesus loving smile into them. Then watch it all their attack disappear!

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