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You Shall Escape Every Snare of the Enemy — 5 Comments

  1. John, I bless you and wish that you get the help you need.  We are all in need of Christ in our life.  He is God and will help us in all our needs.  Be blessed.

  2. 2 Chronicles 20:20

    20 Early the next morning the people went out to the wild country near Tekoa. As they were starting out, Jehoshaphat addressed them with these words: “People of Judah and Jerusalem! Put your trust in the Lord your God, and you will stand your ground. Believe what his prophets tell you, and you will succeed.”

  3. Hi sir I’m a born again Christian from southsudan ,I’m really in need of help in my life . Am being through difficult moment of my life , poverty, helpless,no job ,no support 4me to finish up my studies of my education all this time I’m being through challenges . when I was on FB n saw the scripture it’s touching me so I’m very interested n to follow Jesus Christ in his ways for the rest of my life . I need prayer over my life to change in everything I deserve it ,and last I need God to intervene in my wedding ceremony to fullfil my finances support to finish up the bill of my in-laws which should be implemented soon of September the date God will mention that for me please prophet I need help thanks be blessed n am waiting for your reply !

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