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  1. Dear Russ and Kitty..
    Thank you soo much for your consistent faithfulness to speak each day, the profound and honoring messages the Father gives you. Always speak with your holy boldness and dunamius power he alines in your heart. I have been directed empowered and enabled by your pipeline of anointing and it runs over in abundance! In love thank you and please send me a link to sow in your ministry!
    Gage Difrancesco

  2. I praise The Lord for ministries that work to deliver His word of comfort and peace to his peaceful. That allow the gentle shepherd, Our Lord and King to speak and allow themselves to be small in His mighty presence so the Lord’s people can increase in them and pour out His word to fully, bless His people as He intends to bless them . For none of us have the power to save but Our Lord King Jesus! And so I Thank you for being less and humbling yourselves so we that have stumbled in this dark world to Hear and recieve The Light of Christ can hear His loving beautiful the word of through this ministry. I give praise to my King for blessing His people, healing his people and restoring His people. I pray for the Lord’s protection over your ministry, over your hearts and mind’s and over all that your ministry uses to bless people like me, who struggled to hear the Lord’s sweet voice in the loud noisy day to day of this world. May The Lord continue to bless you!! Praise Jesus!!!

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