The Father Says Today – February 2015

28 February 2015:   The Father says today that your deficit will become a surplus when you bring it to Me.  If I fed thousands with a little boy’s lunch know this that what you place in My hand I will multiply back to you in great measure.  I will multiply your seed sown and cause your acts of obedience and sacrifice to become seed, fruit, and harvest in one moment of time.  There is no need to wonder how to make ends meet or to make that which is insufficient applicable to your burden of debt.  I am a debt cancelling God and in your hands the widow’s mite will become the transfer of the wealth.

Money moves by the Spirit says the Father!  My resources will find you and fund you as you relinquish your plans and follow My heart.  The blessing will come upon you.  It will overtake you.  It will find you.  It will fund you.  You will be funded from My treasury and not the treasury of man.  Are you ready for the transfer of the wealth?  When something leaves your hand into My kingdom then the fullness of My treasuries are loosed and released to vector in upon your life and bring total and complete transformation says the Father!

27 February 2015:   The Father says today be interruptible.  The orchestration of the angelic in your day will interfere with your planning but the outcome will be refreshing and uplifting.  Be lifted up.  Be lifted up says the Father for you are much closer to center of my will than you would ever imagine.  Those things that seem so far away are about to become manifest in answered prayer and miracles yes even unexpected signs and wonders.

People who have held you at a distance are going to seek you out and want to get close to you.  My favor will draw them so be prepared to receive them and to resolve longstanding estrangements.  Let love even My love couple with faith to reshape your life into a spiritual landscape of blessing and renewal.  It’s who I am and what I do and the shift begins now says the Father.

26 February 2015:   The Father says today I will not ambush you with disappointment.  My sudden glory is the glory that provides, delivers and transforms your life in unexpected and wonderful ways.  Transformation is available.  Transformation is possible.  The outlook is not bleak.  The future is not uncertain.  As I have been faithful in times past so I will be found faithful in your current distress and in every challenge forthcoming in your life.  I know your days says the Father.  This day once again place yourself in My hands with new and living expectation.

Cry out says the Father. Make your voice heard on high.  Your prayers dispose you to receive the benefit and the breakthrough you have been hoping for.  I know all that you are facing.  Your prayers do not inform Me for I am omniscient.  It is not possible for Me to be informed for there is nothing I do not know!  Yet Beloved when you pray and verbalize your need the doing of it disposes you to the answer I have already positioned as your answer.  So I say cry aloud!  Bring Me into remembrance.  All of heaven’s resources are poised to arrive and manifest in the very hour of your greatest need.  You will not be disappointed!

25 February 2015:   The Father says today that I have no higher priority than My kingdom come, My will be done in your life.  I AM your ADVOCATE.  You are qualified in Me and empowered in Me.  The adversary has no standing to accuse you because I have enveloped you in the cleansing of the shed blood of Calvary.  You are not disqualified says the Father.  I am not looking at your past I am looking at the cross.  There the price was paid for every intervening situation, or choice or character flaw in your life that would impede My hand of blessing to show you favor and do you good.  I am not searching through the depths of your heart to find a reason NOT to do what I said.  It is My purpose THIS DAY to show Myself mighty in your defense and in your behalf.

So what voice are you going to listen to says the Father?  Will you listen to the voice of the accuser or the voice that is ever interceding over your life?  All your days are numbered in My book and not one of them is earmarked for tragedy or sorrow or failure.  My heart understands your heart says the Father.  Yield to My mind and My purpose this day.  There is nothing in your make up that I will not transform and bring you out of the disfigurement of sin and into My image.  My image is set to ECLIPSE the man of sin and cause you to manifest who I am in the earth.  Heaven come to earth is the template I am working with in your life.  I will not be denied says the Father so take your refuge in Me this day and know My faithfulness as the baseline provision for the rest that I call you into that you might know My power and My faithfulness.

24 February 2015:   The Father says today that I am with you and I will never leave you or forsake you.  There is no forsaking in Me.  I turned My face from My son on the cross that I might NEVER turn away from you or leave you in any way.  He was rejected that you might be accepted.  On the cross He was marred by the sin that was inherent in you at birth.  My patience and loving-kindness extend so far beyond any measurement of man.  When men throw up their hands in disgust I have not even faintly tapped the depths of My kindness toward you.  Receive My kindness says the Father.  I am not an austere being on a distant throne hurling judgment and wrath upon you.

I take no pleasure in loss or pain says the Father.  Neither do I extract any purpose through suffering or lack or loss.  I place no premium upon suffering says the Father.  I am come that you might have life and life more abundantly.  I am the author of life and there is no death in Me.  You will look for Me and you will find Me for I am always moving toward you in love.  That isn’t what those who lay claim to deeper knowledge have taught you.  Purpose to be Father pleaser this day and accept that I love you because I love you because I love you and I will never stop loving you and demonstrating that love at every turn in your life.

23 February 2015:   The Father says today that I am scribing Myself in you – you are My living epistle.  The power I placed in My word is the power I have scribed within your own human heart.  I have taken up residence within you – My throne cannot be overthrown therefore you will not be overthrown.  As I am in the heavens so are you in the earth.  As I am in the word so are you in the earth.  As I am says the Father so I have provided an abiding place of victory and grace and power not just when you exit to eternity – but now.  Can you take NOW for an answer?  Refuse to live below your privileges.  Refuse the theology of unbelief that gives the enemy the right to encroach upon your health and well-being.

I came that you might have life and life more abundantly.  My life within you is an irreducible life.  Draw upon the bank of heaven.  Rise up to your privilege and the authority inherent in the shed blood of Calvary.  Shower your benevolence upon those that are needy, destitute and desperate for something more.  Let heaven come to earth over them as it manifests in your own life.  Heaven come to earth is my template for your well-being.  Such as I have given you so go out and impart blessing to others.  You have the breaker anointing.  You are an agent of change.  This day the line is drawn and a new season of blessing commences.

22 February 2015:   The Father says today not everyone is going to be happy about all I do in your life.  Purpose now to lavish your love upon the unappreciative and those who leave troubled waters in their wake.  Your assignment is to abide in the vine not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  There will be those who come to you with contaminated fruit.  They speak from a sense knowledge perspective but I have called you to see through the lens of the shed blood of Calvary.  Even when facing those who consider themselves your enemies make it your determination to “see the Lamb” and respond to them NOT according to their PROBLEM but according to their NEED.

Ascend says the Father.  Make it your purpose this day to ascend into the Law of Love that you might become a LORD of the HARVEST.  When you walk according to the higher law of love the grave cannot hold you.  When you walk according to the law of love you become a master of the law of sowing and reaping.  You can call for a failed harvest of unkind words and selfish actions.  You can command a seed to produce before it hits the ground.  You can walk through walls of prejudice and hatred to set the captives free who are held bound by their own flawed religious thinking.  Love never fails says the Father.  Why would you ever step out of love?  A step out of love is a step into failure.  I say to you COME UP HIGHER.  I have not called you to failure but to ascend by the ladder of love into the throne on high that I have prepare for you even this day.

21 February 2015:    The Father says today live out of your sonship this day.  Your new birth is the point of your point of departure from the norm.  It was never intended that your life would be lived out in sorrow and denial and destitution.  You are the beloved.  Say that to yourself over and over: “I am the beloved”.  I have set My love upon you and drawn you from the fractured realm of the domain of darkness and established you by My intent as My dearly beloved child.  I am yours.  You are mine.  We are one.  There is no death in Me therefore death cannot rule you.  There is no lack in Me therefore lack cannot define you.  There is no rejection, sorrow, denial, sickness in Me therefore come out from among THEM and BE SEPARATE.

When you accepted My son as your savior and your Lord you entered into My unbending intention to glorify Myself in the earth.  In blessing I will glorify Myself.  In power I will glorify Myself.  I honor will I glorify Myself and all of this glory I will get for Myself is IN YOU!  You are the receptacle, the canvas, the vessel within which I will display My undying love and majesty in the earth.  You see I am coming IN you before I come FOR you.  I will be magnified and glorified IN YOU and every eye will see and know and acknowledge that I have set My love upon you even this day for My glory and your good says the Father!

20 February 2015:   The Father says today that I am bringing many sons to glory and the glory is in you . In YOU I am manifesting WHO I AM.  The scepter of My rule is within you and upon you bringing the earth into a new and conspicuous accountability to My throne.  Open your mouth wide.  Let your prayers no longer be the weak, anemic prayers of times past.  Pray those BIG, and AUDACIOUS prayers that you have only dared to think about praying.  Shout from the rooftops that which only you dared to whisper.  I am that I am says the Father and My greatness is pouring out upon you in a fresh rain of My Spirit.

Refuse to be distracted or distraught.  In the midst of the waves crashing and the storm howling keep your attention on Me and just KEEP WALKING on the WATERS of ADVERSITY for it is My hand that beckons you.  Listen to My voice and not the empty threats of the enemy.  Put on the Christ mentality and expect Me to endorse your faith as I have in times past.  I am no respecter of persons but I am a respecter of faith.  When you do with your faith what others have done with their faith YOU WILL SEE the SAME RESULTS.  I am the SAME yesterday, today and forever and in your life you will see My sameness and My glory and My power for that I My determinate counseling in your behalf and it will not be overthrown.

19 February 2015:   The Father says today I didn’t leave anything undone on the cross.  Why are you waiting for something to happen?  There is no more need for waiting! Have I not said said IT IS FINISHED?  Is there any thing yet to happen before you move forward in obedience and breakthrough?  There shall be delay no longer.  This is your season.  Your blessing time has come!  I have left nothing undone.  IT IS FINISHED.  Look inside yourself at that part of you that is waiting for something and make this declaration:


No longer allow yourself to think like a time bound creature.  Move from a time bound mentality to a KINGDOM centered mentality.  In so doing you will move up and down the scale of time and bring eternity online in your NOW.  Then the thing you have been waiting for will be manifest as substance TODAY because you FINALLY UNDERSTAND – nothing has been left undone.  This is the finishing anointing says the Father and it is available and accessible for your breakthrough.  This is what the breaker anointing is and what it does.  It brings time and eternity together and manifests My finished work in your life!

18 February 2014:   The Father says today your feet are crossing over.  This day you are ascending the escarpment of My favor – you will see the thorny place no more.  The geography of disappointment is no longer ahead of you.  The waste howling wilderness is no more.  Can you receive this saying?  Some say “that is not for me…” But I say to you “let him that can receive it – receive it…”  Your portion is ruling and reigning from this time forward.  You have forded the Jordan.  You have crossed the brook Jabbok.  Your inheritance is before you.  The price has been paid.  The path is there for you to walk and I say to you MOVE FORWARD!

Move forward says the Father for you are now moving into the native habitation of those who will not be denied and will not be delayed.  There shall be delay no longer.  The ambiguity of the promise is at an end and new clarity is coming. The past is the past. Forgive.  Release.  Bless.  RELINQUISH and MOVE ON.  You can. You may.  You WILL for this is your portion.  I have portioned you your portion with the mighty and the spoil of heaven is at your feet.  The price is paid and victory says your God is assured.

17 February 2015:   The Father says today write the vision and make it plain that YOU may run when you read ti!   When I said “write the vision make it plain…”  I wasn’t referring to just ANY vision.  I said write THE vision . Write the vision I have painted in your heart and in your mind.  Write the vision in pigments of hope and expectation.  This is the image and picture I have embedded in your being that reflects My plan and My purpose and My blueprint for all your tomorrows.  Write THAT vision says the Father for that vision will not fail it will surely come to pass and be fruitful in the thing whereunto I sent it.

Say to your heart “be compliant to the voice of thy God”.  Say to your mind “THINK THE THOUGHTS of thy God”.  Say to your eyes “SEE” and to your ears “HEAR”.  Now are you ready to go deeper?  Say to your feet: “FEET! Walk in the path that the Father has revealed!”  Will I not be with you in the way?  Even in the way that I set forth with clarity and surety within you this day.  I say to you Beloved – WRITE, and SEE, and WALK in that vision that I have manifested within you afresh and anew today.

16 February 2015:   The Father says you when you give into the kingdom you are giving into the power of an indestructible life.  You are sowing into My indestructible life.  When you sow into an indestructible life you will reap from an indestructible resource.  How much of My Spirit, My abundance, My irreducible nature do you want?  Do you want ALL or just a portion?  I say unto you says the Father sell yourself into My indestructible life and I will bring My abundance over every aspect of your being.  As I have given all and you thus respond with all and not just a portion I will make Myself known to you in a level of blessing you have not known in times past.

The natural mind will object and say “that is not sustainable…”  I say to you that only those who have seen My immeasurable substance can receive this saying.  My abundance is available.  I am making the resource of Myself available to eliminate lack, to destroy lack, to remove poverty and debt.  Come unto Me says the Father and you will leave with My weighty portion as your portion and you will be blessed and your substance will be blessed and never again will you be debtor to man or restrained in any way in your substance.

15 February 2015:   The Father says today receive My happy heart.  There is joy in My kingdom and I release that joy to you this day.  Laughter is My creation.  The enemy has coopted the JOY of My Spirit and perverted it for his purposes.  Know this that HE THAT SITS IN THE HEAVENS SHALL LAUGH!  Do not allow your spirit before Me to be characterized by somber mirthlessness.  My joy is an unspeakable joy.  My joy comes without shame and without apology.  My joy flows to you and brings release and blessing and peace beyond understanding.

So be joyful says the Father.  Laugh freely.  Be lighthearted in My presence.  There is a smile that comes from heaven and will brighten you and enlighten you and set you free.  If you are not accustomed to smiling and laughter you will not be comfortable in eternity.  Heaven is a place that will ring with laughter and be full of smiling and rejoicing.  Stop taking yourself so seriously.  Stop allowing the enemy and those influenced by him to make you a creature of sorrow for I took all sorrow upon the cross that you might receive and drink deeply of My joy and to truly have a happy heart.

14 February 2015:   The Father says today I am cultivating Myself in you.  I have cast Myself like seed into your heart that I might spring up within you in all that I AM.  You are this day ordained as a builder and an artificer to make room within yourself for My throne and My authority.  My giftedness is your portion – you will not be made to navigate through life without My favor and the gifts that I have made available in the earth.  So reach out to My wisdom.  Allow My wisdom to stay your hand from your purpose and your limited thinking. I will cause you to act and decide based on knowing the end from the beginning and seeing through the strategies of the enemy to obtain the prize that I have set aside for you.

This day choose not only to LIVE in My Spirit but to WALK – to progress in My Spirit.  There is a skill and adeptness to walking in My Spirit says the Father.  Let this be your drive and your holy ambition this day.  I say that you are called to be both a BUILDING and an OBEYER.  I will lay out the blueprints of your tomorrows and we will walk out your potential together.  You WILL NOT miss out on all that I have in store for  I call you participator and partaker – yes even a first partaker of My end time purposes says the Father.

13 February 2015:   The Father says today that ruling and reigning is not a far off thing. Ruling and reigning begins now.  You are a king and a priest now and your authority and jurisdiction is a present reality.  I placed you in your life says the Father even as I placed Adam and Eve in the garden.  You are a tender and a keeper of your own dominion and I have empowered you to subdue the enemy.  You are an entitled son and you are more than a conqueror.  As you yield to My Spirit and adopt My mind you will move from AUTHORITY to AUTHORIZATION and begin to see the shift and change that that adjusts your life to the template of heaven come to earth.

You are the connecting point where heaven and earth come together.  My kingdom does not break out into your life through some covert or ambiguous process.  Open your heart and open your mind to the thoughts of heaven and let your obedience be prompt and entire.  Are you ready for change?  Are you ready for the days of heaven on earth?  Are you ready to be as one that dreams for the showers of blessing and rivers of My Spirit that will flow through your land?  I am that refreshing and as you through open the gates of praise and expectation you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

12 February 2015:   The Father says today that fear is not your portion.  I have not given you a spirit of fear.  I have given you soundness and confidence and assurance.  Receive and drink deeply of My assurance in your life says the Father for I am with you and will never leave you or forsake you in any way.  Things changes, people change and circumstances change but I am the CHANGELESS ONE and your life and health and well-being are anchored in Me.  There is no turbulence or upheaval or assault of the enemy that can shake the foundation you are secured on by My mighty arm.

Your name is graven upon the palm of My hand this day says the Father.  I have set you as the apple – the pupil of My eye.  I wouldn’t let the enemy poke his finger in My eye and neither will I let him invade your space or come near you.  Stand up and refuse to cower to the enemy.  Refuse to hang your head and divert your eye as though the enemy won’t notice you.  Wear the banner of My kingdom boldly and confidently for I will put the terror of the Lord in the hearts of all those who oppose.  At the end of the day says the Father you will be in secure possession of the victor’s spoil for I will allow no other outcome!

11 February 2015:   The Father says today what part of My wrath was not poured out upon My Son on the cross?  Did I reserve part of My wrath to punish you or inflict harshness upon you?   Where there transgressions you have committed that My Son was not chastised for?  Where there sins in your life that He was not wounded in consequence of?  Was not the price paid on Calvary a FULL price?  Then RECEIVE of My fullness says the Father!  Allow Me to wash and allow Me to cleanse and allow Me to apply the FULL BENEFIT of Calvary to every area of your life till the hand of the enemy is completely broken in your behalf!

Purpose in your heart today to see the FULL DIVIDEND of the cross paid into your life according to My promise.  Sin is an enemy.  Death is My enemy.  Sickness and poverty and heartbreak are anathema to Me says the Father for I paid in full that these things might be excised and lifted from your life.  Come unto Me beloved.  Come unto Me and I will give you rest.  Come unto Me for My yoke is easy and My burden is light.  I know that is not always what you have heard from those who claim to represent Me but you be a Father pleaser and set your expectations on My goodness for My goodness is your portion this day!

10 February 2015:   The Father says today look for and expect angelic activity in your life. Know that there are angels assigned to your life.  Your angels always behold My face says the Father awaiting the command of My heart where you are concerned.  Your faith requisitions My blessing.  The angels are called and commissioned to implement My blessing in your behalf.  They are ministers for you good and for your benefit.  They orchestrate and control events, timing and circumstances around you.  Often they are unseen but there are times that they are allowed to make themselves known.  This is one of those seasons that you will see their working in your behalf.

The angels are working in your behalf but remember the words of the angel to Joshua. They are on My side and not man’s.  They are not biased and they don’t understand excuses or complaints.  The words of your mouth affect what angels will and won’t do.  Say not before the angel says the Father that you were in error lest they destroy the work of your hand.  They are there for your blessing but their fidelity is to My glory and not any lesser purpose.  They serve and minister and bless you because they see My glory in you.  Do not allow anything or word or action to diminish My glory within you says the Father and you will shine with My splendor and attract the angel warriors to war and to minister and to bring the answers released from My throne to manifestation in your life.

9 February 2015:   The Father says today give Me your plan and I will give you My glory.  I said in My word you would go out with joy and be led forth with peace.  What other plan do you need?  I am not in love with a plan says the Father.  I am in love with you.  I did not send My son to die for a plan I sent My son to die in your behalf.  Let your call for clarity be in this that you now know and recognize that I will bless what you put your hand to and reward the heart of one who seeks Me with all that is within them.  Yes says the Father I will cause you to live under the open haven of My purposes by virtue of your intimacy with Me not your clandestine knowledge of some religious mystery.

Reason and intellect are not My dwelling place says the Father.  Knowledge puffs up and brings pride but yieldedness and a tender heart will usher you into the very center of My will.  Set aside the dry religious formulas and lifeless doctrines that are not born of My passion.  Come away My beloved.  Come away beyond the lattice where your intimacy with Me will produce far more and deeper breakthrough.  This is the season that I desire to bring you deeper into communion with Me that you might think My thoughts and know the very beating of My heart.  Out of that place of purity you will come forth terrible as an army with banners and see the spoil of your prayers brought forth in great victory.

8 February 2015:     The Father says today we begin anew to restore, rebuild and reconstitute your hopes.  Just because things didn’t turn out according to your expectations doesn’t mean that highest heart’s desire is not possible, even probable in your life.  When a man’s ways are pleasing in My sight I will make even that man’s enemies to be at peace with him.  So know this says the Father that My favor is available to you as you yield and surrender in full to My heart and My purposes.  There is no mountain of impediment or obstacle of circumstance that will prevent your destiny as you maintain a position of self-effacement before Me.

My voice is the voice that speaks in the quietness between your own thoughts.  Quiet yourself says the Father.  Turn aside from the insistence of others that you think like them, act like them and speak like them.  You are unique says the Father and I have not called you to be a carbon copy or duplicate of another person’s vision or design.  I am unveiling and unfolding and unfurling My banner of benediction and kindness over you this day.  In yieldedness and relinquishing of your expectations you will find that My blueprint for your life is much bigger, much better than you could ever dream.  Your blessing time has come says the Father and as you walk with yielded step so will you fulfill every purpose of My heart.

7 February 2015:   The Father says today that I have called you to be a participator not an observer.  No more pressing your nose against the glass of other people’s blessings.  You will have that which is your own.  You will see the sure and certain promises personalized for your life before the foundation of the world was laid.  In the day when the sons of God sang for joy when the foundations of the earth were laid I certified My promise and My blessing upon you says the Father.  Struggle is not your portion says the Father.  As David encouraged himself in the Lord even so say in your heart  “I will not be denied… My blessing will not be delayed….”

Can you take now for an answer says the Father?  Now is all I have to give you.  I am not waiting for some mysterious date in the future before I bless you.  I am looking at the past to disqualify you in some way.  Receive the cleansing of My son and the cleansing of My Spirit for My river is flowing through your life this day.  So lean not to your own understanding.  Refuse to look to man and his solutions for I am bringing the more-than-you-can-ask-or-think breakthrough to your life that will leave you owing no man anything but to love him.  Receive of My kindness.  Receive My unconditional love and My unrestrained favor for this is My day of moving in your life in a miraculous way.

6 February, 2015:   The Father says today that I am not just coming upon you I am within you.  Surely says the Father I will return in power and glory and majesty but know this beloved I am coming IN you before I come FOR you.  Go out this day and face your enemy with expectation and jubilation for I will beautified in you and magnified in you only by the victories that I bring over your life on a daily basis. I am here. I  am not afar off.  Step forward.  Step forward and in so doing step into who I am in your tomorrow just as I am with you in your today.  Let My boldness come upon you today.  Do not be moved or intimidated in any way.

Let the challenge on your lips not be whether or not I will answer rather let the challenge be to the enemy who laughably thinks he is standing in the way of what I have already purposed to do.  Be encouraged beloved.  Be lifted up.  Be renewed in your confidence for I am already thundering from on high – the sound just hasn’t reached you yet.  Listen for My sound in your life and you will see the terror in the enemy as he realizes that not only is he defeated – he is completely DONE for!  This is the hour.  This is your hour.  This is your time – your blessing time.  Beloved!  Your blessing time has come!

5 February, 2015:   The Father says today that you are now from this day on your own recognizance in the kingdom.  What you have depended upon others for you are will now extract from My presence the raw resources of My power and My knowledge.  Your daily routine is shifting says the Father toward greater dependence on My inward voice that you might align yourself with My mind and manifest your spirit daily.  Manifesting your spirit is the act of confronting the enemy with My supremacy on the inside of you.  You can never allow the external circumstances to trigger unbelief.  Rather go deep down inside and call upon the inner resources of My mind and My grace and My power to manifest against every contrary circumstance.

The outcome is assured says the Father.  You are going to the other side.  You are going to penetrate the pressures of circumstance and break out into My entitlement.  Everything you say and do is becoming this day as though I said it and did it.  You will not be able to look at the circumstance to determine the outcome.  The circumstance points to failure when I am giving you overwhelming success.  So do what you see Me do and choose to have no opinion about what happens next.  Relinquish the outcome and anchor yourself and your courage on My love and do NOT be swayed by any contrary experience for ultimately I determine your success and not man.

4 February 2015:   The Father says today that I am bringing you to rest at the threshing floor.  The nations struggle and reel against one another in vain struggle but know this says the Father that I am your rest and I am your trust.  Say in your heart that the sky is not falling the kingdom is coming.  The kingdoms of the earth are becoming the kingdoms of your God and His Christ.  There is no challenge in the earth or in your life says the Father that I do not ride as king over.  I am not wringing My hands over the upheavals among men for My kingdom rules over all and MY KINGDOM IS IN YOU.  You are a principality and a power in the earth and as I looked out at the world in darkness without form and void and I spoke order and light even so OPEN YOUR MOUTH and speak the release of My kingdom.  Speak the release of My kingdom in your own life and over the affairs of men that you seem to only be a spectator to.

You are not merely a spectator says the Father.  You are a participator and your words in the earth are precursors of My manifest purposes.  I will heal the waters and still the tempest.  I will bring armies to heel and swords will be beaten into plowshares. I am the God who is able says the Father and My ability rests within you as a deposit of glory to bring heaven to earth and My kingdom to your life in My suddenness and My power.  Do you trust Me?  Let Me take it from here for I will not be denied therefore you will not be denied on a single score as you align your heart with My heart!

3 February, 2015:   The Father says today that I haven’t called you to be successful, I have called you to be obedient.  Being preoccupied with success is wasting energy wondering whether or not I am doing My job.  Your role is to be the Beloved and My job is to see that you are blessed and successful doing it.  Do not allow external circumstances to trigger a spirit of unbelief in your heart.  After so long a time walking it is now your moment to know in the midst of the storm that I have laid up resources you can call on to provision you for every challenge.

Your past experiences are no indicator or marker for understanding what I am doing in your life now says the Father.  There is a time to grow up and in fact to grow IN to the role that was ordained for you before the foundation of the world was laid.  So open your mouth and speak to the circumstances that you are waiting on Me to do something about.  The faith that only waits upon Me to act is LITTLE FAITH says the Father.  I want and I expect you to act with a presumption of your entitlement and My presumptive approval of what I have set before.  Your outcome is assured says the Father and today you have an invitation to move into the radical entitlement of beloved sons.  This is your time.  Your blessing is now.  There is no challenge before you that can allay your moment and that moment says the Father is NOW.

2 February, 2015:   The Father days today don’t settle for less than.  Do not give in to the despair or the defeat of small dreams and dismal hopes.  I AM the God of highest heart’s desire and greatest dreams fulfilled.  Let your dreams be that which challenge every norm and break down every barrier to see what I have promised come to pass in your life.  Do not allow anything or any one or any situation in your life to rule out what I am capable and willing and ready to do.  I AM an IN FACT GOD who is IN FACT working in your now to bring you up and out from the mundane, empty places into the FULL testimony of just what I AM capable of doing in the life of one who has relinquished all and surrendered all to My name.

So send up your prayers to Me today.  Release your prayers and let them be pregnant with hope and resonating with expectation because YOU KNOW that I am coming through for you and will lead you into the very heart of My plan and purpose for which you were birthed into the earth.  You are not an accident.  Your birth is not a mere biological happenstance says the Father.  I formed and fashioned you.  I crafted you on the drawing board of heaven before the foundation of the world was laid.  You are not unimportant or without significance.  I am not willing to do the things in the earth that I am going to do without your placement and participation.  So be encouraged says the Father.  In fact be emboldened. It’s a new day – it’s your day.  This is your season – there is no need to wait for another.  Rejoice in your now says the Father for in your now My faithfulness will be fully manifest this day.

1 February, 2015:   The Father says today no more regrets.  No more despondency over things that have gone on before.  My sovereignty is not bounded by your past.  Your past does not dictate your future says the Father.  The grave could not hold Me and your past will not restrain or hold you from highest heart’s desire or greatest dream fulfilled.  Seek My kingdom says the Father.  Always seek My kingdom for in My kingdom all things are added – things that pertain to life and things that pertain to godliness.

So no more sorrow and no more crying says the Father.  No more grieving over seeming defeat or the lie of irretrievable loss.  I am the God of restoration and will restore those things that the enemy has stolen by fraud and deception.  The thief is found out says the Father and will restore seven times.  This is your season of renewal and restitution.  Your eyes will feast on My faithfulness and you will sup at the table set before you in the presence of your enemies.


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The Father Says Today – February 2015 — 4 Comments

  1. I praise The Lord for ministries that work to deliver His word of comfort and peace to his peaceful. That allow the gentle shepherd, Our Lord and King to speak and allow themselves to be small in His mighty presence so the Lord’s people can increase in them and pour out His word to fully, bless His people as He intends to bless them . For none of us have the power to save but Our Lord King Jesus! And so I Thank you for being less and humbling yourselves so we that have stumbled in this dark world to Hear and recieve The Light of Christ can hear His loving beautiful the word of through this ministry. I give praise to my King for blessing His people, healing his people and restoring His people. I pray for the Lord’s protection over your ministry, over your hearts and mind’s and over all that your ministry uses to bless people like me, who struggled to hear the Lord’s sweet voice in the loud noisy day to day of this world. May The Lord continue to bless you!! Praise Jesus!!!

  2. Dear Russ and Kitty..
    Thank you soo much for your consistent faithfulness to speak each day, the profound and honoring messages the Father gives you. Always speak with your holy boldness and dunamius power he alines in your heart. I have been directed empowered and enabled by your pipeline of anointing and it runs over in abundance! In love thank you and please send me a link to sow in your ministry!
    Gage Difrancesco

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