The Father Says Today – February 2018

Daily prophecy for February 2018, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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February 28, 2018.   The Father says today, the seeds you have sown will not fail.  You have planted, and you have sown, says God, and that which you have sown will not fail to produce.  Have the faith to know that seed-time and harvest constitutes a law that was set in motion at the beginning of man and is working still, even in your behalf.  Be faithful to sow.  Be expectant to reap your harvest.  There have been those who claim it is wrong to give in expectancy of a reciprocal blessing.  They are the congregation of the uninformed.  Reject their false wisdom.  The counsels of man will never lead to blessing but as you have sown be assured you will also reap by My hand.  You will not come to failure and that which you have planted in faith will come about in radical measure I say to you, even a hundred-fold.

So, fear not – BELIEVE ONLY.  The earth you have sown in will surely yield to you her increase.  I AM your God and I will bless you beyond all your expectancy.  As you have honored Me with your substance, so I will reward you with increase.  I will fill every capacity of your life with plenty and cause your presses to burst forth with the new vintage of My favor that will put you over in life in extreme measure.  Prepare your work and sow in the fields that I have designated.  Follow the leading of My Spirit and be faithful to seek out the treasuries that I am looking into waiting on your gift.  As you obey with joyful abandon, so I will cause the plowman to overtake the reaper and the seeds of faith that you sow, they will surely, I say to you SURELY produce a harvest even before they hit the ground.

February 27, 2018.    The Father says today, I will bless your seed.  The longing of your heart regarding your children will not be withheld or denied, says God, for I have heard you in a time appointed and will heal and save and deliver your children.  Where there is weakness, I will bring strength.  Where they have fainted, I will hold them up.  Where they lost their way, I will seek them out and recover them from the pit and from the snare that the enemy has laid for them.  I will restore, says God, estranged relationships.  Though the waiting has been long, know this – I AM the God of the second chance.  I will turn the hearts of the children to their parents and the hearts of the parents to their children.  I will lift the curse of broken families from the land, says God.

This is THAT time, says God. This is the time and the season that I AM drawing broken families back together that they might be united and in fellowship once again.  Look for and expect this to happen.  Realize that it is not necessary to go over and over past things – let all that go and just be prepared to receive them in love and move on from here.  As I have given to you the measure of faith for your own soul, even so I have given you faith, sufficient faith for household salvation, for the deliverance and redemption of every single situation and family member connected with your life, says God.  This is that time and My declaration is that you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

February 26, 2018.   The Father says today, that I AM delivering you from worry.  Fear is an intoxicant, says the Father, and this poison will no longer contaminate your life.  I will so fill you with Myself and so bless you by My hand that worry and fear will be an implausible laughability.  The specter of fear and torment that haunts others will no longer daunt you, says the Father.  My very nature, says the Father, is expressed in faithfulness.  In your life I AM faithful to deliver.  In your life, says the Father, I AM faithful to heal and faithful to provide.  Be of good courage, says the Father.  My faithfulness so envelopes you that I will answer before you call.

Get ready for blessing today.  Even this day, I will answer as the MORE-THAN- YOU-CAN-ASK-OR-THINK GOD.  My very name in your life, says the Father, is MORE-THAN-ENOUGH!  I don’t answer prayers with illusory maybes or faint probabilities.  You are going to see My hand up front and center in your life.  So be of good courage, says the Father.  Don’t look to the right or the left.  Regard not the rising tide of false expectations.  I will not allow the enemy to gain advantage over you.  I will empower and shield and protect you by My hand, and you will give testimony before all the world around you, that I AM the God who answers by fire, and delivers you from every snare.

February 25, 2018.   The Father says today, My love is the single prime mover in your life.  Regardless of the people around you, the circumstances of your birth – you have to know that My love determines your future more than any other thing.  This isn’t about earning anything or being good enough.  My love for you is unconditional and in fact was fully poured out in your behalf before the foundation of the world was laid.  Before you had any opportunity to disqualify yourself or to attempt to measure up to any expectation you think I have – before all of this – love gave all for you and to you in the interests of your existence, being an absolute reflection of the depth and height of the everlasting love wherewith I love you.

So, luxuriate in My love today.  Regardless of what you may be facing, know that My love originates from a motivation in My heart more resolute than the deepest hatred that the enemy has to destroy you.  All of the opposition coming against you from man or circumstance is effortlessly swept away by the torrent of love that I pour out to you as renewed mercy each and every day.  I challenge you to exhaust My love, for it is inexhaustible.  I dare you to find out the fullest extent of My love today.  Run today the course before you with a full and complete expectation that the love that I woke you with this morning will be the favor that will attend you as you lay your head to rest in the confidence that My promises hold you safe and assure you outcome in life beyond your most extreme hopes.

February 24, 2018.   The Father says today, you are not guilty.  You are utterly and totally forgiven and found acceptable in My sight.  Guilt has no place in your mind.  There is no guilt in My character, therefore I do not want you carrying around guilt in your heart for anything.  You are forgiven.  Even as the apostle Paul, having delivered Christians to their death, refused to wallow in guilt.  He boldly declared to the church “receive me, I’ve wronged no man, I’ve defrauded no man…”  There are those around you who want to capitalize on making you miserable because of your past.  Remember the words of David when he said “against thee and against thee only have I sinned oh, Lord…”  If I have forgiven you then any burden of condemnation originating from others is illegitimate.  I have forgiven you.  Accept it and move on.  Make restitution when possible, be willing to humble yourself toward those you have offended, but when you lay your head down at night do so knowing that what I have cleansed no man can call unclean.

Today I pronounce you utterly and fully exonerated and cleansed.  You are clean, says the Father, by the word that I have spoken to you.  You are not defiled.  You are not contaminated.  You are not damaged goods.  You are not second rate or unacceptable.  If I have made you accepted in the beloved, then by what standard can you ever be rejected for any reason?  You are accepted in the beloved. I have included you, therefore it matters little if men exclude you from their company or their number.  You stand among the congregation of the redeemed.  You are holy and without blame this day and you have been so every day since before the foundation of the world.  Even when your darkest deeds were yet undone, I chose you in Myself that you might be found in Me in your right mind, cleansed and forgiven.  Drink this in.  Let this truth wash over you and change you.  Let the past be the past and move forward into this day with My heart and My character determining every action that you take and every thought that you think.

February 23, 2018.    The Father says today, you are complete in Me.  You may feel as though you are lacking but that is not the deepest truth about who you are or who I AM on the inside of you.  There is nothing incomplete about you.  Because I AM in you (and I lack nothing) therefore you lack nothing.  Do you believe this?  Do you believe that I AM your truth, your life and your way forward?  Circumstances of life may be TRUE, but I AM your TRUTH.  Your truth is a person and His name is I AM.  Fill in the blanks, beloved!  I AM well therefore, sickness cannot touch you.  I AM provision, therefore money cometh!  I AM in the ascendancy; therefore, you are above only and not beneath.  Nothing can usurp the reality of who I AM on the inside of you.  Grasp this! Lay hold on the reality of who I AM on the inside of you and see every challenge fade to nothing!  This is the most basic truth of life in My kingdom and it is in My kingdom that you live and move and have your being.

Go out in your day today and live out of the reality of who I AM in your life.  Setbacks?  They will yield. Opposition?  It will turn back.  Contrary circumstances?  They will be reversed. Evil reports?  The Good News of My promise will usurp them.  This is the ground that I AM standing on, waiting on you to join with Me every day that you walk around on this earth.  For every downturn and disappointment know that I paid for it all on the cross.  There is no need to try to be something that you are not, or to bend life or difficult people to your will, for I have worked all that was necessary on the cross in your behalf.  Your part and your portion is to fall prostrate at the cross each day, receiving the fullness of your salvation and then rising up in the entitlement of the son of God that you are to see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.  This is the place I have prepared for you.  This is the assurance wherewith I have assured you not only an outcome in eternity but total victory in each day’s battle, bringing forth victory unto victory and triumph unto triumph.

February 22, 2018.   The Father says today, take no thought for tomorrow.  Tomorrow will take care of itself – as you focus today upon who I AM in your now situation.  Because I AM in you the shackles of sin will no longer hold you.  You may feel weak and prone to failure but that is not the truth of who I AM on the inside of you.  Take all the energy that you have put into worrying about tomorrow and concentrate on manifesting My nature and My character in your now circumstance.  Now is the only challenge that you truly face.  Everything else (past, future, someday, one day) is an illusion based on fear that the enemy wants to distract you with.  Whatever tomorrow holds, know this, that I AM standing in your future having fully provided for that day’s struggle just as I AM with you now, putting you over and causing you to come out on top of what you are up against right now.

Every named thing has no choice but to bow to who I AM on the inside of you.  I AM all powerful, all knowing and everywhere present on the inside of you.  There is nothing being done in a corner somewhere out of your sight that I will not make you aware of when it is necessary for you to know.  Your mind is finite, but My mind is infinite.  Put on My mind.  Thoughts of peace.  Thoughts of harmony.  Put on as your base state a total mentality of peace, tranquility and composure (even when those all around you are losing theirs).  This is what resurrection life looks like.  If death itself cannot hold you because it could not hold Me, then what cause is there for alarm?  I AM moving.  I AM making Myself known in your path.  You are coming through.  You will not falter or fail. Victory is yours.  Testimony is yours.  This is My promise and My assurance as we walk these things out together and come out on the other side with the narrative of My goodness being unbroken and seamlessly consistent in every situation you are facing.

February 21, 2018.   The Father says today, I pronounce you free this day.  I say to you that you are free from the law of sin and death.  You are free from sickness.  You are free from poverty.  You are free from heartbreak.  The only law that lays upon your life in a compulsory manner is the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ.  Therefore, you need not fear.  There is no fear and no need to fear, says God.  You are now born to the realm I established called the kingdom of Heaven.  There is no calamity in My Kingdom.  There is no inhumanity in My Kingdom.  There is no sickness, no cruelty, no pain and no wounding.  Those are the misapprehensions of the domain of darkness that would lay hold on you, but I show you this day a better way.  Are you going to attenuate yourself on what the enemy would suggest or on what I have assuredly promised you?

You are a child of promise, says God.  You are born of the promise and sustained by the promise.  All that I promised in Abraham and ratified on Calvary are yours to lay hold on.  It is your expectations one way or the other that will ensconce you either in death or in life.  This is your liberty.  You have liberty to choose this day what tree you will partake of.  Will you partake of the tree of life or the tree of calamity?  Where are you putting your expectations?  On things getting better or do you have a “grow worse” mentality?  Know this day that it is My will and My good pleasure for you to be well.  It is My will that you be blessed in all you put your hand to.  I have no other desire for you other than that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.  How does your soul prosper?  By keeping your eyes on Me, says God, and refusing to give yourself or your expectations over to the lie of the enemy.

February 20, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM here – talk to Me.  Stop casting about in your mind looking for the panic button!  Roll all your cares upon Me for I AM superintending all the circumstances of your life.  Some have said that you shouldn’t pray for certain things but that is not true.  I AM concerned about every big and every small matter in your life.  Indeed, the very hairs of your head are numbered, and when one of them is altered, the tally books of heaven are changed to reflect that happenstance.  That is just how involved I AM in your life.  I AM ALL IN, says the Father, where your needs and desires are concerned.  I AM not neglecting you nor am I ignoring you.  Every breath that you take is sanctioned and gifted to you by a determinate decision on My part to keep you walking around on the earth.  You are not just some biological set of processes I have spun off into existence without taking minute care and oversight of every single moment of your day.

Know then, that the situation at hand didn’t take me by surprise.  I AM not pacing before the throne wringing My hands wondering what I AM going to do next about this fine fix you have found yourself in.  Neither does it matter whose fault it is, even if you brought things upon yourself.  There are those who have suggested I will not bail you out of the trouble you created yourself.  I submit to you that where men’s matters are concerned, there is no other kind!  Learn to politely ignore the congregation of the uninformed who think they speak for Me, but they get Me all wrong every time.  I AM a Lover, says God, and I love you with an everlasting love.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  Run to Me.  Trust Me.  Go ahead and dream the bigger dream.  Broaden your horizons and believe for alternatives to where you’re at now.  I AM walking in your midst and I AM working by My hand.  You will not be disappointed as you let go of your way of doing things and relinquish all to My sovereign governance.

February 19, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM an all or nothing God in your life.  I AM meeting not just some, but all of your needs.  I AM addressing the entire inventory of concerns that are in your heart.  Even those things and those people that are unreachable to you are securely at my disposal and I AM working to bring about miraculous results.  I AM not a God of half measures.  I AM a go-all-the-way kind of savior in your life!  Those things, those issues and those people may be outside your reach, but they represent no challenge to Me at all.  So, ask largely and ask boldly.  Ask for the impossible and I will bring the mountain low and the valley high and pour out upon you highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  Let your mouth pray, says the Father, for I will be petitioned of your hand.  Ask and keep on asking. Knock and keep on knocking.  If the unjust judge answered the widow for her continual crying, how much more will I answer you – for I hold you in My esteem as the very pupil of My eye.

You have looked, and you have expected Me to move in a certain way in times past, but I would that you understand that you’re a part of the process.  I call you this day into a new understanding of partnering with Me in the process, says God.  My name is Helper and that means you must come alongside Me as I come alongside you.  You must put your hand and your word to that which is entirely beyond your grasp and just trust Me to make up the difference.  You will not be dismayed, and you will not be embarrassed.  For every prayer you pray there is a corresponding action of faith that is the pre-requisite of obtaining an answer.  Failing to understand this in times past has left you confused and empty handed, but now you are ready to mature into a place of governance and dominion in your life that causes you to work WITH Me in all those things you are expecting and yes, those things that I have surely promised, says the Father.

February 18, 2018.   The Father say today, the time is now.  Now is all I have to give you My beloved.  The vision that I have planted in your heart and encoded deep within you will bear fruit.  Your dreams will not die on the vine or wither away to nothing.  Others may look at your vision and not see what you see, but know this – where I put a window, a vision, I also put a door.  Know this as well – that everyone who says they are with you will not be there when I bring My promise to pass in your life.  Be willing to go it alone when necessary.  This is the eye of the needle all those must go through if they want to step out of imagined outcomes that never materialize, into broader vision that becomes concrete substance and answered prayer.  Be willing as Abraham did, to leave “Lot” behind in order to further realize My promise in your situation.

Do not swerve or look behind you in the path.  This is that important time that you must put your hand to the plow and not look back.  Don’t look back to the things that are behind you for they are cyclical and repetitive.  It is time to strike out into the place where you say, “that will be enough of that…”  Refuse to carry the guilt of other’s failure to move on in My Kingdom.  Forgive, release and move on – leaving all in My capable hands, for I will answer in due time.  Promotion time is not at an end for you.  What you see as a daunting load of care or responsibility know this, the Father says, this too will pass.  There is a higher call – a higher profile and visibility that I AM moving you into and I wants you now to begin to pray into that and press into greater understanding of what that looks like, for it will surely come, says the Father.

February 17, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM illuminating the road before you.  I know the path that you take.  Every step of the way in circumstance and situation in your life is not random at all.  Every one of your days is written in My book and if you ask Me I will show you things to come, even great and mighty things that you know not.  Stop saying you don’t know what to do.  You are not without guidance.  The Holy Spirit on the inside of you communes continually with your spirit to clear up the confusion and cause your foot to take just the direction that will bring out highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  You are not a rat in a maze.  Others may not know what to do or where to turn but that is not your portion, for I AM with you and will never leave you or forsake you in anyway.

Let your mouth pray. Unexpressed prayer, unverbalized prayer has more in common with wishful thinking that any pulling down of the strongholds of resistance you are facing.  Know this – that greater is the positive pressure of My presence on the inside of you flowing out than the negative pressure of the circumstances or the people determined that you will not pass or prosper.  I will hold them in derision, says the Father, for their plans for you will come to nothing.  Listen to My voice.  I AM speaking in the night seasons.  You are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices.  Take up the lantern of My word and hold it out before you as a guide for what you will do next.  It may not always seem practical to obey My word, but I haven’t called you to be practical.  I have called you to be spiritual and to be obedient, says God.

February 16, 2018.   The Father says today, there is a higher law than that of sin and death, beloved.  The loss, downturn and devastation you have experienced in life are not the end of the matter.  Your extreme trials and deepest sufferings are but the footnotes of My greater faithfulness being written into this current chapter of your life.  As Moses lifted up the serpent and delivered the people, so I say to you “look and live”.  What are you looking at?  What is prompting your ongoing emotional state and outlook on your future?   This is not the time to gaze into the abysmal prospects of tomorrow’s circumstance or situation.  Look to Me.  Look and see what I have paid for in your behalf on the cross.  The stroke and the blow in life that menaces you even now fell upon Me 2000 years ago.  I took your pain and loss that you might receive the life and life more abundantly that My kingdom is all about.  Change your expectations this day.  Know that what I have said and what I AM saying over you now triumphs over and supersedes every threat you are facing.

There is no need for you to come up with some scheme, or convoluted process by which things might or might not get better.  It is vain to look outward for some person to step in and answer your need.  Cursed be he who trusts in man and makes the arm of flesh his strength.  I AM your deliverance.  I AM your Help.  I AM channeling resources to you even now that will reconfigure what tomorrow looks like and give you a hope and an expected end.  Cease pining for some instant fix or spontaneous transformation that requires no engagement on your part.  My Kingdom doesn’t come with mere observation.  Things are the way they are because of what you are doing, if you want something different YOU must DO something DIFFERENT.  The enemy wants you to see yourself as helpless, but you are not helpless.  It is time to break out.  It is time to take up what little strength you have, what few resources are at your disposal and move toward the enemy’s ramparts.  I AM with you.  I will bring you through.  When the smoke clears you will be left standing as you listen to My voice, act boldly, trusting deeply in My sovereign involvement in your situation.

February 15, 2018.   The Father Says today, do not waver in your faith, Beloved.  This is a time that you are set for the defense of your faith.  Refuse to give in to uncertainty.  What has been promised will surely come to pass.  My word is sure.  Every stand that you have taken on the provisions of My word is backed up by My YES and AMEN.  My promise is unfailing.  Heaven and earth would pass away before one assurance in My word where you are concerned will fall to the ground.  You are an entitled one in My kingdom.  The enemy would entice you to be moved by what you see and what you have heard. Cut off those lying reports.  Choose only to believe the GOOD REPORT.  You are on the increase.  Promotion is coming even now. Disappointment and sorrow are fleeing away.  The manifestation of all I have promised is your inheritance, says God, in this season and not some far off “someday, one day”.

Step out in your day this day with a made-up mind.  No more vacillating between the natural perspective and the challenge to believe.  It doesn’t matter what others say or do.  You are going to have to make up your mind that you will go it alone if necessary.  There are those that started out clapping you on the back and saying “we believe with you…” that have changed their mind and given in to sense knowledge discouragement.  You cannot hold fast to the fellowship of fear and the profession of your faith at the same time.  Refuse to be of two opinions.  Surround yourself with those that encourage and challenge your faith and watch how swiftly I bring you into your blessing place!

February 14, 2018.   The Father says today, come into My embrace.  Feel the kiss of heaven upon you right now.  Know that My touch never leaves your heart.  Just rest today in My favor and My affection toward you.  If others could only see the depth and the height of My love dispensed out upon you, they would love you just as I love you.  I have no other plan than the plan of out-poured love for your life.  I love you because I love you.  Love is why I came, and love is why I stay always by your side.  I fully intend to keep you in that place of love and intimacy every day of your life and every moment of your existence extending into eternity without end.  I created eternity as the necessary containment of My love for you that is endless, boundless and trackless.  You could go in any direction for a million years and never diminish or dim My love for you beloved, for I AM the embodiment of undistracted agape totally focused upon you this day.

Accept no substitutes then, says the Father.  Life conspires to offer you many cheap substitutes for what only I can afford you.  I AM the real deal, says the Father – every other love in its most pure form can only hint at the agape of God!  Revel in My love.  Luxuriate in My love this day.  Your calling is to be loved.  Your destiny is to walk out the consequences and implications of My love for you.  Yes, says God, yours is the journey of discovered love.  Now take that love wherewith I have loved you and go love the world back.  It isn’t difficult when you come to know the love that is yours from My heart.  A lesser love or failure to love even the most difficult person is not a horizontal challenge but rather a vertical deficit indicating you have yet to receive the full encapsulation of the love I demonstrated on the cross and ratified in the resurrection.  This beloved is the love wherewith you are loved this day.

February 13, 2018.   The Father says today, have faith in your faith!  You can always trust the gifts that I have placed at your disposal, and I have given to every man the measure of faith and that includes you!  Your faith is determining what happens next in your life.  Man is not in control.  Your faith is not a mere coping mechanism wrapped around a belief system.  Your faith is encoded in your spirit by My hand to put you over in life.  Your faith will move the mountain and crush the opposition.  Circumstance and downturn will surrender to the unyielding substance of things hoped for and the evidence of what you have not seen will become a reality.  This is the gift of heaven that I have placed in your heart.  It is that which, however small, will move the mountains in your life and bring you forth in victory and ascendency.

So, HAVE FAITH IN YOUR FAITH, beloved!  Did I not give to every man this glorious capacity of credulity and confidence?  Why would you fail to trust that which originates in Me?  That isn’t what you have been taught by the congregation of the uninformed, but you be a Father-pleaser and stretch out the faith I have equipped you with and believe Me for those impossibilities that seem so far away.  Reject the ossified belief systems of the uninformed.  Embrace the dynamic, life changing power of the gift of God on the inside of you.  Fear not!  Believe only!  You will see the miracle your eyes have fainted for!  Know that I AM working with you.  I AM buttressing your faith with My promise.  I AM confirming every word.  You will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied!

February 12, 2018.   The Father says today I AM your healing!  Loss and pain are in your past.  The rejection you have suffered is at an end.  The work of Calvary reaches farther into your life that you have known.  I was rejected so that you could be accepted.  I was smitten of men that you might receive the embrace of heaven.  I took your pain and mitigated it in your life at the cost of My shed blood and battered body.  The deep disappointments of things past will not dictate what happens to you next.  Let go.  Release the burden and trust Me to put your life back together.  I will bring you into a good land and cause you to know and to enjoy a level of blessing and one-ness that you never would ever be possible again.

Trust Me with your tears says God.  Every moment of grief, loss and betrayal was a moment I was closer to you than hands and feet, closer than the breath of your nostrils.  Give yourself over to the fullness of My promise.  Trust that I AM mending and healing and bringing you back from death unto life.  Refuse to allow your happiness and your hope of better things to be tainted by the bitter dregs of past experience.  Realize that I AM working to bring about a better end. All that has been stolen will be recovered.  You will look back astonished at the depth of My kindness and My goodness.  Rest in that assurance for it is your sure promise says God.

February 11, 2018.   The Father says today, be strong and of a good courage.  There is not one thing in your life that isn’t subject to change by My hand.  Refuse to be daunted by the enemy.  Fear not, neither be afraid of the coercion of the enemy against your life or against your plans.  You are not in this by yourself.  You are not facing the onslaught of circumstance and situation alone.  I AM with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. If you find your bed in hell, from there I will deliver you, says God.

Realize this, says the Father, that I AM an ON TIME GOD!  When you cry out to Me in your trouble I will save you from all your distresses.  Refuse in your heart to be dismayed for I AM your God.  I AM strengthening you.  I AM upholding you with My right hand.  I AM bringing entitlement and blessing where there has been loss and discouragement.  Seek My Kingdom.  With all your power seek first My kingdom and see that ALL THINGS will be added in double measure into your life because you have pursued after Me and all that I have for you in life.

February 10, 2018.   The Father says today, that addiction will not have dominion over you.  Every chain is being broken and every bondage is lifted right now!  The tentacle of illegitimate dependence is being shattered over your life, says God.  I declare to you that you will live and not die.  The destroyer is being turned back, for I AM plucking your feet from the net of the enemy.  You are not alone.  You are not dealing with this by yourself.  I see your desolation and your affliction, says the Father.  I know your secret shame and I AM extending My mercy and lovingkindness this very moment.  I have heard your cry.  I AM lifting your shame and setting you free even this day, says God.

I AM here by your side.  Freedom is yours.  My Spirit and My presence are liberating you.  Know that My presence will unseat the walls of addiction that have hemmed you in.  Seek My presence.  Fill your days and your nights with songs of deliverance and glory.  Soak in the Shekinah heaviness of My Spirit.  Lay all night under the weightiness of My Kabod glory.  There is no chain that can hold you.  There are not gates that can bar Me from bursting into your life even this day and setting you free.

February 9, 2018.   The Father says today, put your trust in Me and not your woundedness.  Life has conspired to teach you some things, and disappointments from the past would compel you to say “I will never do THAT or trust this situation again…”  I say to you that when those thoughts and strongholds erect themselves in your mind, they are litigating against My very lordship in your life.  The lessons of wounding and past hurts will only take you so far, My beloved.  Set aside those fractured judgments and know that while it is true man is not trustworthy in all things, I AM ever with you, assuring you an outcome of peace and full blessing where only bitter regret was once lodged in your inner man and your personal history.

This is what “beauty from ashes” is all about, dear one.  I take the dust and refuse of past things and so work in your life to exert My command and My grace over you to bring highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled on the very ground where you buried your hopes and extinguished your dreams.  Do you trust Me?  Then let Me take it from here.  Make a decision to go where I lead and accept that, even though challenges come, and it looks like you are going to get hurt once again, I will never leave you and never forsake you and I will NEVER RELENT until My perfect plan is brought about the full manifestation of life and life more abundantly in your situation.

February 8, 2018.   The Father says today, you are coming into your blessing place!  Under this sun you will experience My hand extracting you from the mire and imprisonment of bitter circumstance.  There is no need for panic or fear-stricken cries.  I have heard you in the time appointed and will not tolerate for one more moment the enemy making merchandise of your life.  Compose yourself as Daniel in the lion’s den.  Know that I have shut the mouths of those who would devour, and I will deliver you with a shout of victory from all the expectation of your enemies.  This day I AM giving you favor with those you need to have favor with, and I AM occupying elsewhere those preoccupied with your ruin.

Keep My word upon your lips.  I have honored My word above My name.  When you speak My word, you bring Me into the situation.  Lay hold this day on the promise of My word.  When you cling to My word and internalize it as your baseline anticipated outcome, you will not be disappointed.  My word is sure, and My word is unfailing.  I honor My word as your weapon of warfare.  I have placed My word as a sword in your hand and assurance in your heart.  Deliverance is yours. Shift is occurring even now.  Change is at hand.  Healing is coming forth.  Embrace it and stand expectantly for that which is raining down upon you even now.

February 7, 2018.   The Father says today, the power of the enemy is broken in your life!  You are delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the domain of My Kingdom.  The Kingdom of Heaven is your native environment and there I have commanded the blessing forevermore over your life.  Stand in that liberty and refuse to be drawn out or away from My peace by the contentions of men.  Having been liberated from the bondage of sin, do not allow men to bring you under the bondage of a religious mentality.  Purpose in your heart to be a man under authority who can receive instructions – but only those instructions that resonate with the affirmation and confirmation of the Inward Witness of My Spirit.

You will know the character of those around you, not by their protestations but by the character of that which is left in their wake.  Are they leaving a blessing behind them?   Where is the fruit, says the Father?  If you reach out for grapes and come back with thistles, then you know something is amiss.  Seek out those in leadership who speak to the higher call and the greater witness of My glory in your life.  No more carrot and stick routines that always end in disappointment.  Walk in deference and humility.  Be quick to hear and slow to speak – and judge everything by the inward witness.  Where that is lacking, put yourself in a posture of waiting until I make all things clear.

February 6, 2018.   The Father says today, death is swallowed up in victory!  As are your days, so shall be your strength!  Death, My beloved is the last enemy and WILL be put under My feet.  You need not fear death for there is no death where I AM.  The valley of death, the specter of loss is a fleeting vapor in the permanence of your time with Me.  Trust Me even for these outcomes for there will be a moment that death is finally and forever put under My feet.  Even in the presence of this dread happenstance you still have hope.  The hope you anchor in Me will sustain you and bring you through with your testimony intact and your rejoicing both real and substantial.

There is no need to bolster your courage or to deny the challenge of mortality.  It is your inheritance to see mortality swallowed up of immortality.  Body felt salvation is yours! Know that you are not running out of time.  When time seems short, I create time and pay it into your account. Is this not that which Hezekiah experienced?  When the prophet himself declared Hezekiah’s days were at an end, Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and cried out to Me.  I heard Hezekiah in his dark moment and beloved, My heart is inclined to hear your cry and to respond with an affirmative outcome in your behalf.

February 5, 2018.   The Father says today, learn to limit your counselors.  A multitude of counselors is of no use if they are not in your corner or not dispensing the wisdom from on high.  Just because someone offers you an opinion does not mean you need to accept or act upon it.  My name is Counselor.  If you seek Me first you will not have to sort through the myriad of unenlightened, uninformed viewpoints from others who do not have your best interest in mind.  Purpose to seek My face before you seek the face of man.  You are not incapable of looking into My word and inquiring of My Spirit and acting on what I tell you.

The counsel of man is only valuable when it comes from one who is walking under a heavier anointing and greater favor than you are experiencing.  The person who counsels you can only reproduce what they are experiencing themselves.  Is that person walking in a place of promotion, promise and increase by My hand?  Would you be blessed if you experienced your version of your counselor’s breakthrough?  If not, then be courteous and kind but move on.  I will be the voice speaking always over your shoulder, saying “this is the way, walk ye in it…”  When you do what I instruct, things will always work out to bring you into your blessing place.

February 4, 2018.   The Father says today, you are not confused.  You are not confused because you have the mind of Christ.  I AM not confused, and I AM sure what to do in your life.  Because I AM not confused neither will you be confused.  Turn your mind from the misdirection of the enemy and accept what I have said about your life.  You may not know what your next move is, but you know because I AM in charge of your life that the end of the matter will be life and peace and abundance and increase.  Keep your mind stayed on Me.

As your trust is stayed on Me you will never be put to confusion.  When you are unsure, check immediately in your spirit to determine if you have erred or disobeyed.  If you find offense, then repent immediately and make the necessary course correction.  I will give you grace to clean up the mess and keep moving.  Owe no man nothing except to love him.  Your transgressions and offense are against Me alone and I AM willing, more than willing to walk you out of what you are facing into a bright day, says God.

February 3, 2018.   The Father says today, let your trust and faith keep you and bring you to your blessing place.  As you trust in Me above all else you will no longer be snared by lying lips or religious scams.  Choose to have patience knowing that the get-rich-quick confidence game that only robs you of what I would have already done in your life had you only looked to Me.  Know that the Word works.  My Word is working in your life.  My Word is bringing you to permanence and increase beyond all your expectation.  Rely on My Word.  Trust My Word.

As you speak My word, says the Father, you bring Me on the scene.  Shut out everything that is contrary to My word in your life.  Reject the tyranny of what circumstances say or what the situation insists.  I have blessed you.  You are blessed.  I have increased you.  You are increasing.  Promotion is set aside for you.  Step into it with bold confidence and expectation.  Be so confident in what I AM doing in your life that you rejoice when others get their blessing ahead of you, knowing that the last shall be first.  Trust I say in My Word and confidently expect the dividends of My promises to be promptly paid into your life.

February 2, 2018.   The Father says today, confess your faults to men and your sins to Me.  Not the other way around.  There are aspects of your walk with Me, says the Father, that are not for outside spectators.  Learn to come to the secret place.  If you come to the secret place I will show you My secrets that are not for outside consumption.  There are depths which I will take you to that others in your life are not invited to go.  Delight in sharing a place of intimacy with Me that is not for any purpose other than enjoying My presence and drinking deeply of My Spirit.

Joseph told his dreams and his brothers upon hearing, sold him into slavery.  Have you been enslaved by the scorn that others have heaped upon you because you have dared to dream?  My darling, learn to be a gatherer of information and not a dispenser of information.  Learn to answer questions with questions.  Be more interested in what the other person has to say and thereby the guard you have set on your heart will not forsake his post.  I have great and mighty things I want to do in the earth and in your life, but you must learn to draw yourself aside with Me, says God.

February 1, 2018.   The Father says today, you are not condemned.  It doesn’t matter what THEY say (who are THEY, anyway?) for I have rendered you in the eyes of My divine justice completely without guilt or culpability.  Refuse to waste time worrying about what others think.  When they point the finger of accusation know that only the Accuser brings such charges.  Why would you worry about what the losing team thinks about your track record? I say again, there is NO condemnation for any reason whatsoever in your life because I AM in you.

Learn to be a gatherer of information and not a dispenser of information.  There are those privy to your life and your past history that had no business forming opinions based upon matters not pertaining to them.  They say you are damaged goods and disqualified for My blessing.  They don’t know what they are talking about nor whereof they speak.  Listen to My voice and anchor yourself in My promise.  Believe the good report and ignore and discard any word contrary to what I have said about you.  You are clean.  You are CLEAN through the word that I have spoken to you.  All that is necessary is to BELIEVE the good report and rejoice!



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The Father Says Today – February 2018 — 1 Comment

  1. So very grateful for this encouragement. I can’t express in words. Thanks be to our Lord God. Bless you both in your faithfulness to God.