The Father Says Today – June 2014


30 June 2014:   The Father says today this day is your invitation to Heaven’s extravagance.   This day I have posted to the inbox of your human spirit the RSVP to come up higher into My environment and domain.  There were no budget overruns when I built the heavens My beloved and money was no object.  Set your standards higher – your life is bankrolled by the Economy of My Kingdom not the economy of man.  What money cannot buy and natural wealth acquire I will pour out into your life with unrestrained benevolence.

I am not looking for a reason NOT to bless you.  You don’t have to overcome My reluctant to act in your behalf because the cross is My eternal yes to every dream and every need and every provision.  If I did not withhold heaven’s highest price to pay your sin-debt what lesser amount would I be reluctant to pay.  I declare this day that I am at war with the poverty mentality of those who claim to know Me best but in fact understand Me least.  Raise your expectations.  Believe for BIG things and BETTER things than you have dreamed or thought of.  I am standing and waiting in the rarified atmosphere beyond your highest hearts desire.  Come to Me expecting for you will not be disappointed.

29 June 2014:   The Father says today I am not on a budget therefore you are not on a budget.  Put your attention today upon My supply and not your lack.  Your lack is fading away THIS DAY and being replaced by My FULL PROVISION for your life, your dreams and your vision.   Let there be no hesitation to write the vision, commit to the vision and expect it to come to pass because that is WHO I AM and WHAT I DO.  I am your DREAM FULFILLER and I am activating within you a radical, kingdom-seeker spirit.

Go ahead says the Father I DARE YOU to bankrupt heaven.  I dare you to believe for that which others have said I would not do.  They don’t have a clue of how much I love you and how much I actually have laid in store for you in the heavenlies.  Draw on that inventory today.  Make a demand on that storehouse of wealth earmarked for your earthly journey.  You will not run out and you will not fail to find that full and fresh assignment from heaven that activates you in your destiny as you seek, and pursue and lay hold this day on My kingdom in your life.

28 June 2014:    The Father says today FEAR NOT!  Fear is mental pornography – a disgusting suggestion that I am not at hand or available to preserve, protect and defend you.  Reject fear says the Father for it is beneath your dignity in My kingdom.  Fear has no place in your mind or imagination.  See – I have given you the city!  See – you are a Mighty One in the earth, endorsed by Heaven’s hand and all the resources of the Kingdom.  See – and know My fullness and greatness as your base state.  Luxury, opulence and provision constitute the default environment that I have surrounded you with.

Defeat is not an option.  Failure is not your portion.  I am with you.  What is there to fear?  I am upholding says the Father.  You are not dependent upon mere human resolve or resourcefulness.  It matters not the circumstances of your birth, your station in life or what others do.  I am your defense and your protector.  I am your promotion and the greatness of this day’s blessing is drawn directly from My divine substance.  Fear not!  Rejoice!  Recline yourself emotionally and mentally today at the table of My rest for the day of your visitation is at hand and nothing shall by any means hurt you!

27 June 2014:   The Father says today that defeat is not possible from your position in Christ.  This truth is demonstrable and measurable in your life.  Have I EVER failed you?  Have I EVER let you down?  Am I not EVER interceding in your behalf – stating your case before the throne?  I am lobbying for HIGHEST HEART’S DESIRE and GREATEST DREAM FULFILLED … this is the ONLY assignment I have undertaken since ascending on high leading captivity captive.  There can be NO OTHER OUTCOME for you.

So REJECT the rationalizations of unbelief and religious thinking.  I haven’t called you to be religious.  Spiritual reality and religious pretense cannot exist in the same environment.  Which do you choose My beloved?  I have ordained you to be a FIRST PARTAKER and a BREAKER-PARTNER in your own deliverance and blessing.  So gather up your dreams, thoughts, concerns and plans and move over from the unreality of religious triviality into the substance and truth of who I AM and what I AM doing in the earth.  It is a new day.  The provision is made – the next step you take is a step into the bona-fide fullness of My promise!

26 June 2014:   The Father says today you are destined to be a part of something larger than yourself.  There is going to be a Great Awakening again in the earth.  I never leave My pastures at the mercies of the wolves and the predators who spare not My flock.  I am superintending the affairs of men even though at times that hasn’t been the focus or the message of those who claim to represent My interests.  You have a portion says the Father and you have a place in those things I am about to do and to bring over the earth.  As I passed over Egypt and called out My sons and daughters I am passing over you this day and marking you for My purposes.

So pray into My purposes and pray into My holy pursuits for they are the framework of your future.  Eye has not seen and ear has not heard the full glory of that which I am doing.  Even now I bring to the birth My purposes and I am calling upon you to have the spirit of a Mid-wife to attend the birthing of this new season of renewal and outpouring.  As a wise steward I am bringing forth things new and old.  I will marry the generations and cause a new sound to be heard in the earth.  Are you ready?  Prepare yourself for I have chosen you for this hour and day that is now at hand.

25 June 2014:   The Father says today be encouraged and be emboldened!  Be encouraged for I have activated the Holy Ghost Shock Troops to descend upon your position to support, defend and assist you in the fray.  Be emboldened for the enemy is cut off from his supply lines and has no hope of prevailing against you.  Let your heart be reinvigorated with joy and with the audacity of one who already knows the outcome.  I am here says the Father!  I am standing in your outcome and as you emerge from the confusion of the fight.  You were never exposed or vulnerable, you will see that I had you covered the whole time!

Do not let the enemy take your enthusiasm or energy or he will think he has won.  No weapon formed against you will prosper.  Prosperity and success do not belong to the adversary.  Prosperity and success are Mine to bestow!  Know this that yours is the spoil and yours is the victor’s crown.  On the field of battle you will walk away with the trophy for the outcome was secured in your behalf 2000 years ago!

24 June 2014:  The Father says today that I am your peace, your peace comes from My presence in your life.  I am bringing you to rest says the Father, even the rest of one whose warfare has been done away with.  The hectic pace will subside.  The hue and cry, the noise and confusion is now being replaced with the stillness of My Spirit both within and around you.  Your inner peace will become your outward circumstance, even the peace that I am in your life.  I am your peace says the Father and I am pushing down every wall erected against you.

You will not need to negotiate with the rabble-rousers or troublemakers.  The peace I bring has nothing to do with compromise solutions.  You will not give up one iota of victory.  Yours will be the entire spoil of blessing and provision and release.  The enemy will be left empty handed.  They threatened and roared and intimidated but the threats wherewith they threatened will come down on their own head and your eye will see it and know that I have worked behind the scene to assure the outcome beyond any expectation or hope.  It’s who I am says the Father and what I do for you are My beloved and I have set My favor upon you!

23 June 2014:   The Father says today that My sovereignty and majesty are overwhelming your adversary today.  Your life is under My jurisdiction and not the enemy.  It is My rule that puts down all other rule in your life.  You are not subject to man, demon, angel or random chance or circumstance.  My plan is inexorably unfolding in your life and nothing takes Me by surprise.  In your day today, the supremacy of My GOODNESS will be seen in a striking and unmistakable way.  My dominion over you is what enforces My favor and My unconditional love and will not be denied.

My love is “no strings attached” says the Father.  When I see the blood I will pass over you.  I never look past the shed blood to determine your qualification for blessing.  The profile of authority I exercise over your life is different from those who have not accepted Me.  I have slated you today for “yoke easy and burden light”.  My invitation is “come unto Me and I will give you rest!”  So this day says the Father find your way into My lap and lay your head on My shoulder as I safely and surely navigate you through the challenges ahead and deposit you safe and sound and blessed at the terminus of the current circumstance and situation.  This is My love for you and this is the promise I have kept every day of your walking and will continue every day forward.

22 June 2014:   The Father says today when you stand in judgment you stand on the side of the adversary.  I came 2000 years ago as an advocate and I bled and died as an advocate.  I stand today ever interceding and advocating for you before My Father.  There are many souls in the docket of heaven’s justice besides yours My beloved, including those who have accused and misrepresented you and said all manner of evil against you.  These defendants are adjudicated on the same basis that I move every single day in your own behalf.  Forgive says the Father.  Release.  Bless!  This brings the gavel of heaven down in your favor and brings the release of glory from mere potentiality to substance and blessing and breakthrough.

Do not judge neither allow yourself to be judged in the court of popular opinion.  You are not “of the people” you are “of the kingdom” and as such your accountability is to My voice and not another.  You will know the assertions of misguided humanity when you hear them.  Yield not to illegitimate authority.  Did I not say “My sheep hear My voice”?  When man cajoled, threatened or manipulated you was it My voice coming across or the voice of another?  Forgive, release, bless and move on in the assignment I have set before you without hesitation.  Heaven’s resources are remediating every shortcoming and every necessary correction will come in the nurture and love that I have for you as a Father.  Your blessing time has come and from this point forward as you listen and respond to My leading you will be exonerated, validated and established!

21 June 2014:   The Father says today the sky isn’t falling the kingdom is coming!  The talking heads point to the problem and insist that their’s is the superior intellect.  I say to you that you cannot solve the problem on the level of the problem.  You must ascend to that high and lofty place that I inhabit with the one who is of a humble and contrite spirit.  In humility and contrition I will evacuate all unbelief, and excuse mongering from your mind and cause My thoughts to gain preeminence in all your thinking and calculating and planning.  I will cause My plan and purpose for your life to become a matter of effortless rejoicing and not an endless drudgery of unbelief and struggle.

Goodness is My base nature says the Father.  I am good and the author of all goodness in your life and community and nation.  It’s very simple says the Father – if it isn’t GOOD, it ISN’T GOD.  All opinions, doctrines or suggestions to the contrary arise from the uninformed viewpoints of the self-appointed.   They honestly don’t know Me.  They assert their authority and prove when they open their mouth that they’ve GOT ME ALL WRONG.  You see says the Father I place no value on any condition produced by the fall.  I am a good God and My default answer to every promise you stand on is YES. I never say NO to My promise.  I never say “NOT NOW” to My promise!  Today is the day of salvation and THIS day is the day that everything changes and the path of life for you begins EVEN NOW to trend upward in MY goodness and out of the valley of shame and lack and sickness and broken-heartedness.

20 June 2014:   The Father says today that when you pray you are convincing yourself, not Me.  I don’t need convincing says the Father!  I’ve already made up My mind about your future, and your blessing and your destiny.  There is no impediment or obstacle that needs the slightest attention from the Throne to bring your highest heart’s desire to fulfillment.  The only thing needed for total shift, transition and breakthrough My beloved is the OCCAISION OF YOUR FAITH expressed and released into the heavens.  It is your NOW time for My NOW blessing to manifest and blossom and flourish in your behalf.

I have placed eternity in your heart and the irreducible fullness of all that heaven affords on the inside of you.  Your prayer – your HEARTFELT prayer, without pretense or struggle will RELEASE that FULLNESS!  The fullness of blessing, peace and victory by every definition conceivable is yours as you pray out your desires and pray INTO My supply.  This is your HOUR and your TIME so do not let another moment go by in useless worry or fretfulness.  This is your coming out party.  Put on your dancing shoes – I know the steps says the Father just follow My lead and the joy is all yours!

19 June 2014:    The Father says today pack your bags I’m pulling you into the place where victory is assured.  I didn’t leave the children of Israel in Egypt neither will I leave you where you are.  You are COMING OUT says the Father and you aren’t coming out empty.  It has been said “where God guides God provides…”  but I say to you that I will provide for you even if you make a misstep or a wrong turn.  When your children make mistakes do you stop feeding them?  How much more will I continue to care and bless and love you in the midst of your mistakes?

So get ready for change and know that your hands will not be empty neither will you be operating on a marginal budget for My base state is one of prosperity and blessing.  I place no premium upon suffering and no value upon poverty.  I became poor so that you could be rich.  Rich in substance and rich in favor with those that you need to have favor with.  So relax and know that change isn’t harmful change is beneficial.  Don’t ask “how much is this going to cost me… “but rather “how much is this transition going to bless me….”  Because it is blessing ahead of you, lack is now behind you and My goodness will carry you all the way home.

18 June 2014:   The Father says today your miracle is within your reach.  Your miracle is right before you if you will only look to the Throne and not to the struggle.  Shift your focus says the Father and watch the change that spontaneously manifests as a result.  Why be perturbed about the enemy when you can look at the majesty of the throne?  In all of life you must understand that you ARE where your ATTENTION TAKES YOU.  Set your affections upon the Throne where I sit as King over every challenge of your life . I have given you heaven’s best.  I have left nothing out that would be advantageous or beneficial to you in the hour of need.  Lift up your head beloved and see the resources of heaven flowing to you from under the door of the temple WHICH YOU ARE.

I am not a far off God.  I am not an aloof, celestial magistrate looking for any pretext to deny your plea.  That is how I have been represented by those who claim to know Me best BUT THEY’VE GOT ME ALL WRONG.  I am your loving Father willing to move heaven and earth, to bring time and eternity to a stand still if necessary to reach down and draw you out of the mundane limitations of earthly things.  This is the accepted time.  This is the hour of your salvation.  I have no other calendar other than NOW to work from.  Receive your entitlement beloved and know it as the portion I paid the highest price for on your behalf.

17 June 2014:   The Father says today that there is no power in heaven and earth that can set you outside My plan for your life.  Your days are not strung together in some random meaningless order.  The events of your life and the things of tomorrow are written in My book and will come to pass exactly as I have planned.  The only deviation from My perfect order is determined by your own level of trust and confidence in who I have represented Myself to be in your regard.  So WHO DO YOU SAY that I AM says the Father?  What YOU THINK determines your tomorrows far more than the choices of others, or circumstance or the happenstance of your birth.

Let this day be a point of turning to DEEP TRUST says the Father.  Let this day be the day that you acknowledge with all that is within you that MY AGENDA is to bring HEAVEN TO EARTH in your life and your experience.  You will not be left out.  You will not go unblessed.  You will receive the inheritance and the full redemption of the purchased possession that Calvary afforded you 2000 years ago.  FEAR NOT!  Fret not, neither be concerned about the things and situations and circumstances that seem to contradict what I have said.  Circumstances change.  Situations change.  My promise abides forever and YOU WILL NOT BE DENIED!

16 June 2014:    The Father says today that your portion is to know repeated and frequent breakthrough experiences punctuated by My sovereign process of raising you up to sonship and kingdom privilege.  There is a difference says the Father between EXPERIENCE and PROCESS.  Experience changes your life.  Process changes you.  My agenda and the agenda of My kingdom is to do both.  I am changing your life.  I am causing your life to be a little bit of heaven to go to heaven in.  I am also changing you.  As you cooperate and align with My character and My leading and My words revealed in your heart I will change you into one who reflects My character and walks in a level of authority and power that you have only fantasized about.

So come unto My says the Father and experience YOKE EASY and BURDEN LIGHT.  The yoke is taken off of your life in the sudden experiences of shift and transition that become the bright spots in your personal history.  The burden light is the joyful training process by which you take My hand and allow Me to lead you off your map and into the coordinates of My great promise for your life.  Do you trust Me says the Father?  Then here we go …

15 June 2014:   The Father says today make a covenant with your eyes that you will not look upon those things which cause you to stumble.  They will cloud your vision and if you are going to see for Me you must turn away from what the world wants you to see and look only upon that visage that I set before you.  Say to your eyes BE CLOSED to the things of earth and OPEN to the things of heaven.  Say to your eyes SEE and to your ears HEAR and to your heart RESPOND to what the Lord is saying and showing you.

14 June 2014:   The Father says today that you are not under law but under grace.  You are not under the expectations of man but under the liberation of My Spirit.  Do not allow others to define what success looks like for you.  Work from the template that I have established in your life and not the unrelenting pressure of religious minds who will not lift those same burdens with one of their little fingers.  This is the breaking of illegitimate authority over you.

Shake off the uninspired statements and opinions even of so-called validated prophets who have spoken out from under the mantle I laid on their shoulders.  There are men and women with mantles upon their lives from Me who are laying down ultimatums that are not hearing from Me.  Yes I will not always strive with man but know this – My mercy and My grace is past finding out.  My love is fathomless.  My love will bring you to change and shift and breakthrough – release yourselves to My love and set aside the vain, shrill denunciation of backward looking minds.  Be free.  Be free from the word of man and liberated by the word I have spoken.

13 June 2014:   The Father says today you must refrain from moving in pity.  If you move in pity you will crush your own soul with the false burdens of man.  There is a different between pity and compassion.  Compassion empowers you by My love but human pity will quench your soul with heaviness.

My yoke is easy and My burden is light.  Do not yoke yourself with the expectations of man and what they want you to be.  Make it your determination to be a Father pleaser and to do what you see the Father do each and every day.  As you do this says the Father I will separate you from religious death and bring you to new life and new service and new joy!

12 June 2014:   The Father says today join Me in the place of prayer.  Each and every day you come to Me you will find Me praying.  It is even as I said in My word I am EVER INTERCEDING.  As you rise in the morning come alongside and join Me in the place of prayer.  Join Me and before you open your mouth – pause to hear the words coming from My heart and pray those prayers.  I am praying for you and I am praying for those around you.  I am praying for kings and nations and I am praying for the destitute and forgotten.  Pray specifically and pray determinately.  Pray for your rulers and those you are accountable to and for day by day.

Come alongside Me in intercession says the Father.  The bridal season has come and I will have a bride washed in prayer and cleansed in intercession because they hear My voice and join Me behind the lattice in the place of intimacy.  So come near says the Father.  Come near and seek My face before you seek the face of man.  You have asked for change and this is where it starts.  You must align yourself with My mind and my heart each and every day and that alignment with heaven will produce heaven’s characteristics in your life.

11 June 2014:    The Father says today that I am rising up in history and rising up in the earth and riding the crest of praise that has been lifted up to Me.  Your praises are the staging ground from which I work.  You have asked for miracles and you have asked for signs and they are available in fact they are all around you.  I am breaking into your life with new purpose and new fire.

Sweep away the ashes of past disappointments.  You have camped there long enough.

You are ready says the Father.  You are ready for change and change is at hand.  Empty your hands and let Me fill your heart with new joy and new meaning.  I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly.  Allow yourself to see My abundance breaking through in your life today.

10 June 2014:    The Father says today I’ve got you surrounded, you might as well give up!  You might as well surrender to My love because Love is who I am and Love never fails. Go ahead says the Father – give yourself up to My goodness.  Empty your hands of those paltry and meaningless things you have feared would become loss to you . Go ahead – count all but loss that your might gain the Christ anointing that is released to you this day.

Surrender says the Father. Surrender – I’ve got you surrounded!  You are surrounded by My love and you are surrounded by My goodness.  You are surrounded by My provision and captured by My sovereignty.  I am used to getting My way says the Father and if you trust Me – if you PUT your TRUST IN ME you will NOT be disappointed.

9 June 2014:   The Father says today that there is no other name under heaven other than the name I have given you.  I have given you My name and ratified the power of My name with the blood of My own dear son.  Beloved if I have withheld not My son from you then what in your mind would I possibly deny you?  If I gave you heaven’s best how shall I not freely give you every other LESSER gift?

Break down the tyranny of what your mind says and what circumstance may assert contrary to My promise.  Know that I am the faithful one who will in no wise cause you to come up short in any area of your life.  My love is an everlasting love and it is undiminished by your humanity or shortcomings.  You need not earn what is freely given says the Father.  You need not prove your worth for I have established your worth in the blood of the Son.  Receive your answer today.  Receive your miracle.  It’s no great thing you have asked.  My answer is YES!

8 June 2014:   The Father says today that My love for you is a love that reaches and rescues you.  I am your refuge says the Father and I am your rescue from all the threats of the enemy.  I know your longing and your desires.  I know that which your eyes have longed to see and that hope for which your heart has been famished in waiting for.  Receive the witness of My Spirit today that says “all is well…”

All is well says the Father!  All is well for My love is undiminished.  All is well for My hand is unrestrained.  All is well for you are not forgotten and you are not set aside.  Find rest for your soul and allow forgiveness to come.  Allow wounding – every wound to be mended and made whole.  This is My love and My care for you oh My beloved.

7 June 2014:   The Father says today there is a thunder on the horizon of your life . The beneficial rains of My Spirit are vectoring in on your life today.  Close your eyes to the parched and the dry “here and now” and smell the fresh, moisture laden wind of My presence finding its way to your life.  I will moisten you and drench you and fill you with all the rivulets of My goodness and blessing.

Yes says the Father the dry season is over.  The cracked and dry earth of your hopes are breaking forth with the forgotten harvests of obedience past.  I said that I would not leave you nor forsake you.  I am come as the rain, even the former and latter rain upon your earth, even the earth of your own heart and life.  Let your song be the song of the plowman overtaking the reaper.  Let your song be the song of one whose warfare is past and whose blessing has come for that is your portion from My hand today.

6 June 2014:   The Father says today allow love to change you today.  As you yield to love you are yielding to Me for did I not say in My word that Love is who I AM?  Yes says the Father allow the I AM that I AM of My love to empower and invigorate you this day.  Allow the love that I AM to take you past the resentments and wounds that have held you in bondage to pain and the past.  Let go of the past says the Father.  Beloved LET GO OF THE PAST and step IN to the future that I have prepared for you – even the TABLE OF MY BOUNTY.

Beloved, no longer allow yourself to think in a “loved-less” manner.  Adopt this day a “loved-more” paradigm for that is the environment I have opened to you and invited you to be established in.  Take all fear of lack or loss and cast them into My fathomless love.  Every fear.  Every torment.  Every loss.  Cast them in to the ocean of My love and My fidelity and My promise over your life.  Watch every care disappear beneath the shimmering depths of My love for you.  See My love swallow up and dissolved every care My beloved for this is My care for you and My love for you and this is the day that I have determined that you know My Love and My I AM nature in fulness.

5 June 2014:   The Father says My love never fails beloved.  My love never fails and My love never changes.  There is no variation in My love so there is no time that I love you more and no time that I love you less.

I chose before the world’s founding to love you ceaselessly without boundary and without limit.  Know this day that you are loved.  Wrap yourself in the knowing and console yourself in the conviction that My love is your resource for every challenge and every difficulty.  You are the beloved and as My beloved there is nothing that can challenge My love or separate you from the fidelity with which I love you.

4 June 2014:   The Father says today you know My rain is about to fall when you hear My sound.  Some will say it thundered.  Some will be distracted by the angel activity that accompanies everything I do.  But if you focus on My heart you will hear My sound.  You can hear My sound in the media.  You can hear My sound in the idle conversation of those around you at work or at the restaurant.  My sound says the Father will always precede My rain.

There are those that are calling for drought and denial of My blessing in the earth.  They deem that to be My judgement on the ungodly.  Is that all the cross taught them?  If I rejoiced in the destruction of the wicked I would have never sent My son to die.  My son in anguish on the cross is My response to the vilest offender.

Let My love saturate you today says the Father. When you are offended and angry at the actions of other listen for My whisper. Can you hear it repeating over and over again?

Forgive. Release. Bless.
Forgive. Release. Bless.

As you forgive, release and bless even those who don’t serve My purposes in your life I will then FORGIVE,RELEASE, and BLESS you in unexpected ways that you have been crying out to Me for.  I know you know this says the Father.  That’s why you hear My sound.  My rain is coming in advance response to the obedience I know you are going to walk in this day.

3 June 2014:    The Father says today “Never answer your critics.”  Those around you are having a hard time coping with your call.  They don’t see you they way I see you and that stumbles them where you are concerned.  Would you like Me to help you with that?  “LOVE THEM REGARDLESS!”

I have called you to walk in humility.  This doesn’t mean that you should bow to the pressure of men or demons.  Humility is a frame of reference in your walk with Me irregardless of what men think.  In that humility you will find the grace to walk in love.  I haven’t called you to stand in any man’s shadow or to bow to the opinions of men about who you are and what you are supposed to be doing.

The waters you are navigating in this season have shipwrecked many because they allowed the distractions of men to drive their lives to ground on the reefs of illegitimate authority.  The Father says this is no time to be a careful failure or to measure the opinion of the uninformed.  Strike the sails of your spirit and turn your rudder into My wind.  I am taking you to the uncharted waters of your divine destiny in Me.

2 June 2014:   The Father says today I’m going to get pushy in your life.  I’m going to push down the altars of the idols that have demanded your worship and I’m going to push out the enemy that has encroached upon your territory.  I say to you that you don’t have to keep asking Me about that anymore.  You’ve asked and you’ve pleaded, and you’ve begged and cajoled.  You are about to see the response of Heaven to your anguished cry!

I HAVE in FACT heard your cry says the Father.  I have heard your cry and I am going to display My glory in your life to such a degree that the clouds of darkness and confusion will be BURNED away by the brightness of My coming.

I am coming says the Father.  I am coming into the earth, yes but I am coming into your situation. I say to you I am coming to show My power and show My glory and manifest My substance!  The angel of My glory is stepping out into your situation and says “Enough!”  He is declaring My declaration says the Father “No More!”

Can you feel it?  Can you sense My hand descending on your life?  Get ready says the Father.  Get ready for the joy that usurps mourning that rejoicing that will redefine the hopes that you have hoped for in your life.

1 June 2014:    The Father says today I am loosing you from unexpressed disappointments.  You have experienced let downs and shattered dreams and I have collected every unshed tear.  I was despised and rejected and considered accursed from Heaven but I bore it all in loving silence in your behalf.  I bore the scars says the Father that you might go through life with an unmarred heart.  Receive the HEALING WORD today says the Father.

No longer pushing down the hurts and frustrations of unmet expectations.  No longer struggling with the inner dreariness of depression and sorrow.  I am the God that gives you joy and liberty and peace says the Father.  Receive My joy this day.  Exult in My peace and share it generously with others.

If you allow Me to guide you through this time I give you the Promise of Heaven that you won’t pass this way again.  Relinquish the demand that others accept and approve of you at every turn.  Allow Me to fill every precinct of your heart with the LOVE that I LOVE YOU WITH.  Rejoice in the success of others, even those who consider themselves your enemies.  Give freely even to those who would harm you if they could.  I am your Protector and Provisioner.  What can man do to you?  What angel or demon or mere man can pluck you from My bosom?

Relax and breathe says the Father.  Breathe in My peace and breathe out My joy and know the forgiveness and cleansing I am extending you this day.  Know it and share it willingly with others even all those that have fallen short of loving you with My love.


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