The Father Says Today – May 2014


May 31, 2014   The Father says today you are not an accident of nature. The purpose I supply you with in life is your highest destiny. There are no trivial roles in My kingdom says the Father. There are no menial tasks. I am stationing you at the core of My purposes and I am not willing to move forward without you. It is the time and season to ENGAGE with My purposes and to ALIGN yourself with Me.

Alignment with mere men only results in dissipation and loss unless you are first walking in step with Me. Are you ready to go it alone? You said you wanted to be on the cutting edge. You said you wanted to blaze the trail. Trail blazers and those with the breaker anointing often lead solitary campaigns against insurmountable odds.

No guts no glory says the Father. You know Me. I say again YOU KNOW ME! Now go forth and do the exploits I have pre-ordained you to accomplish. The greatest heartbreak is the heartbreak of the careful failure who looks back on what “could have been” had they only dared. Be daring says the Father. Go out and do something dangerous to the domain of darkness. Make the adversary set his alarm clock an hour early because YOU HAVE AT LAST taken up the MANTLE of DESTINY that portends the end of the tyranny of the mundane in your life!

May 30, 2014   Who is the Prophet in Your Life? Those things that are a challenge to you are as nothing to Me.  Do you realize that I am highly motivated to make a difference in your life?  I have no reluctance or reticence to act in your behalf.  When you pray about provision or deliverance or the salvation of your loved one My ear is attentive to your cries.  You don’t have to overcome My reluctance to answer your prayer because I don’t have any.

I am not a wizened old man with a white beard sitting on a distant throne.  I don’t look upon your suffering and nod My head knowingly as though I took some perverse pleasure in the pain in your life.  I know that erroneous image is how I’ve been portrayed says the Father by those who ought to know better.  When you wonder what My heart is toward you don’t look at seemingly unanswered prayers and conclude I have turned My face from you.  Look to the cross.  The cross is My living answer to every cry of your heart.  The blood of the cross is My provision for every need.  The crown of thorns is My response to every mind binding fear and torment that grips you.  The stripes on My back are My answer to every physical condition short of perfect health.

Lean INTO Me this day says the Father.  Ease your cares over on Me and know that I am working in your behalf.  Listen for My voice and act upon those things I instruct you to do and say.  This is the season that I am coming along side you to will and to do My good pleasure.  My good pleasure says the Father is to give you the Kingdom and cause My kingdom to stamp it’s image of righteousness joy and peace on every aspect of your existence.

May 29, 2014     The Father says today “we play till you win …”  I am bringing  your adversaries into the woodshed of God.  Who I love I chasten says the Father.  Your adversaries counted Me out of the situation but I counted Myself in.  Your eyes will see and your ears will hear and I will restore back to you that which man has stolen in a new way and in an unexpected manner.  I am vacating the enemy position in your life and establishing you in a sure place. I  will give you favor and cause even your enemies to be at peace with you.   It’s a new day says the Father and I say to you – well done!  You have stood your ground and it was My plan that you do so.

May 28, 2014    The Father says today do not be daunted or discouraged by what you see with your eyes or hear with your ears.  There are times to wait for a fair wind and times to step out and walk on the water.  This is water-walking time for you.  The is the time to vault over the rail and see just how audacious and daring your obedience really is!

Do not despise small beginnings.  I’m going to bring new opportunities to you and others will walk up and spray paint “problem!” on the side of your opportunity and I see you laugh and plunge right in.  I’m going to show you how to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear – so listen to My voice and not the voice of man.  I am keeping you and growing you and bringing you into the time that the ploughman over takes the reaper.

May 27, 2014    The Father says today don’t look just at the snap shot of what is going on in your life right now.  Don’t look at the snap shot but look at the entire roll of film. He says even that hasn’t been developed yet. There are choices available to you that if you listened to others they would say that is not an option. The Father says you get to choose. I can deal with anything but a refusal to make a decision. I don’t write in stone in your life says the Father I write in sand and this is a time that I am stooping down and writing in the sand. Place your hand over mine. Place your hand over mine and feel the hope and excitement and the love with which I run with My blessing into your life to establish your hopes and establish your dreams and give you that which others would not consider a part of your potential.

May 26, 2014   The Father says dream a bigger dream.  You’re one of those people like Jabez in the Scriptures who found his life limited in certain ways and he cried out to Me and asked Me to enlarge his coast.  I am speaking enlargement over your life says the Father.  Don’t look at the natural.  Don’t go by what common sense says can or could be accomplished.  Listen to My voice and concentrate on the vision that I am painting in your heart.  In some ways your life has seemed bounded and limited but I am not limited you says the Father.  I am not limited you but I am enlarging you.  I’m expanding boundaries and borders of your life and I’m giving you the warrior spirit to go slay the Giants and overcome the obstacles that would prevent you from coming to your destined purpose says the Father.

May 25, 2014    The Father says today I am your banner.  I am your Jehovah-Nissi.  I will cause the enemy to know that your life is My territory.  When a banner is raised all the forces converge on that location in obedience to the king.  You are going to see many signs of the supernatural in your life from now on.  You will hear, see, feel and at times even taste the evidence of angel activity.  The angel over your life says “I am come for your words .”

So give me something to work with says the Father.  The angels that have stood around in your life with their arms folded are going to stand and rise up to new commissioning. Expect says the Father.  Anticipate.  One of them has a stack of bills with a bank wrapper. Another has a stethoscope and is listening to your heart.  He shakes his head and signals another group of angels who then position themselves before you like blockers in the football game. Its time to run says the Father.  Run well – don’t look back.  You commissioning time is now.

May 24, 2014   The Father says today you are not an outer court Christian.  That is not your call and that is not your territory.  You have done your time in outer court religion but now I am calling you not just into the holy place but into the holy of holies were my Shekinah presence is the only illumination.  I dwell in thick darkness and I am calling you to walk where others are hesitant to go.  I am giving you the treasure in secret places.  You will know and you will walk in the thick darkness of hidden places where I alone dwell and come out with a blank checkbook of My blessing in your life.

You are going to have to ask Me says the Father and I dare you to ask for that which I am willing to supply.  Change.  I am writing the word change over your life.  Change isn’t harmful, change is beneficial.  Allow me to define shift, transition and commissioning in your life.  I am commissioning you says the Father, your blessing time has come but every blessing comes gift wrapped in kingdom responsibility.  Be willing to say “here I am Lord send Me …”  and I will take you by the hand and walk you off your map into a whole new geography of blessing and fulfillment in My purposes.

May 23, 2014   The Father says today what you have seen others do you will be authorized to do likewise.  I am training you and gifting you and activating you.  You will know My voice and see with a clarity that will astonish even those most skeptical against the things of God.   The gifts of the spirit are beginning to move fluently in your life.  It is a new season and a new challenge.  Before you feel like you are ready you will not only be taught but you will teach others.  Many are called says the Father but few are chosen.  Many are invited to the feast but only a few are willing to be inconvenienced.

Beloved I am reconfiguring your life for My service says the Father.  I will cause you to stoop low in humility and spiritually wash the feet of many.  This is deep calling to deep time says the Father and as you respond to My call so I will fulfill those things in your life that were promised and not one word will fall to the ground that I have sown in to your life.

May 22, 2014   The Father says today that I speak to you as the king of old said to Esther: “to the half of my kingdom!”  The scepter is being lowered toward you and I bringing the king’s over your life.  Get ready, get ready, get ready for it is a new day and I am leading you in a new and living way.  The days of principle and precept are coming to a close and the days of leaping and rejoicing and are at hand.  Fear looks says the Father – let your FAITH LEAP this day!

The wind of My spirit is beginning to blow and there is a new direction and a new course.  The Father says loose the anchor and let go.  Allow Me to bring you into My deep purposes that were ordained for you from the foundation of the world.  I am moving you in a new direction that will bless your life and cause you to be a blessing to many.  To the half of My kingdom says the Father – you will not be denied!

May 21, 2014   The Father says today that My kindness is about to pay its dividends in your life.  My kindness is about to visit you and address every deficit you have experienced both naturally, in relationships and spiritually.  You have been dry and thirsty and others have said “can’t you just be satisfied…”  There was even an accusation that your lack of contentment was a deficiency of spiritual maturity.  On the contrary the Father says that eagles don’t thrive in hen houses.  I am bringing you out of hen house religion and into the company of eagles.  It doesn’t matter if others don’t understand or “get” you for so they didn’t understand me.  I am cleansing you from the past and I am wrapping you up in Myself says the Father and bringing you to place of rest.  In that rest will come the outpouring of good things you have believed for and hoped and wished for says the Father for that is My NOW purpose in your life.

May 20, 2014   The Father says today you have the Father’s heart.  You have the Father’s heart and at times that has been costly to you emotionally.  Your heart breaks with the burdens that break the My heart and you move in a mercy motivation.  Where others have only judgment and accusation you quite naturally pursue themes of redemption and restoration.  You are called to be the restorer of paths to dwell in even as the scripture says.   You are going to go to those that the church has kicked to the curb and your message will be LOVE NEVER FAILS!

As you walk in this ministry you are going to step completely out of areas of failure in your life.  I will attach wings like paper airplane wings to your shoulders and you will fly where you once crawled and once faltered.  There is writing ability on the inside of you that even you have not recognized – begin to write and allow Me to breathe upon that gift of communication in you and you will become as king Saul of old “another man”.  Many will find strength and hope and grace for going on through your ministry portion in the kingdom says the Father.

May 19, 2014   The Father says today come up higher.  Come up higher says the Father and give me the mantle that I laid upon your shoulders as a young person.  This is CHANGE OF ASSIGNMENT TIME says the Father. I am turning you, turning you and turning you.  I am going to open your eyes to some things that have gone on in the past and you are going to see with new eyes and know by the Spirit what was really going on in a time of confusion.  I will then turn your eyes to the present and you will see into the spirit like a forward observer in a war zone does and you will call down the artillery bombardments of heaven upon the ranks of the enemy that oppose my purposes.  I will cause you to see into the future like reading tomorrows headlines and you won’t need the news or to pickup the telephone for I will cause you to know what is on the morrow says the Father for this day I release a new and fresh SEER anointing upon your life.

May 18, 2014   The Father says today you are a worshipper.  You are one that opens your mouth and this opens the heavens.  You are one that gives of yourself in praise and worship and angels are bending low to hear the assignments the Father whispers in the melodies and music that you surround yourself with.  You have the calling of the intercessor upon you says the Father and I want you to make yourself available to Me in this ministry.  As you make yourself available to Me even so I will make Myself available to you in a new and unforeseen way.  Your response time to Me day by day will exactly determine My response time to you. Let your heart say of your soul – “go ahead and seek the kingdom”.  As you “go ahead and seek the kingdom…”  I will redefine your life and the environment around you for blessing and breakthrough where there has been impediment, restriction and yes at times even disappointment.

May 17, 2014   The Father says today be lifted up! Be lifted up you EVERLASTING GATE for the KING OF GLORY is coming in – I am the king of the glory on the inside of you says the Father and it is My intent to put your foot in the neck of your enemy.  You have been lied to and you have been betrayed. Y ou have been set at naught and overlooked.  You have been criticized and you have been marginalized. I am about to bring you to center stage in a powerful move of My spirit that will redefine for those around you what GLORY and POWER in the things of God.  Open your mouth wide and I will fill it! I will make you My battle axe and My weapon of war.  I will send you into the fray and into the battle and you will come back with the spoil and bring captivity captive.  You will dismantle illegitimate authority and release the captives says the Father for that is your mandate and your assignment and I will be so disposed as to back you up.  Your whole life will be transformed by your obedience to the task that I set before you this day.

May 16, 2014    The Father says to you that the geography of your life is about to change from solid ground to a rushing river.  You are going to take off your hiking boots and take the tiller of a quick transition in this season.  It will seem at times that security and stability are far off but underneath says the Father are My ever lasting arms.  There are changes that must come even though they will be a little breathtaking at times.   I have to do things that will bewilder your mind in order to satisfy your heart and fulfill your spirit.  So listen to My call says the Father for I am turning up the amplitude of My voice in your life.  Do what you see the Father do, have no opinion about the winds and the waves you encounter as you make your way to where you know me to be.  Relinquish the outcome and I will bring you to a SUDDENLY-AT-LAND experience.

May 15, 2014.    The Father says I am bringing a course correction to your life.  You have been one that has endured without complaining, persevered without looking back and maintained an expectant faith without wavering.  Now says the Father your season of reaping that which was sown is coming to pass.  Fear not says the Father for I saw you in the secret place and I heard the prayers that have never been shared with others and I am coming into your life to address and transform every item on that well worn prayer list.  This is your day and this is your hour and this is your season says the Father.

May 14, 2014    The Father says you have traveled a very level plane in life for quite some time.  I have kept your foot from stumbling but the landscape hasn’t changed very much.   You have wondered “Father when are the things you promised and put in my heart going to come to pass?”  You are not only a person of ambition but also with a great passion.  Some have suggested that your vision does not reflect proper humility as though to suggest you are walking in pride.  But the Father says my Beloved DREAM a bigger dream.  Let your expectations become the orbital vehicle that launch you into a higher place.  You will be promoted in health and promoted in favor and promoted in influence.  I will open your mouth and my wisdom will come out.  Others will hear and heed and will call upon you to serve in important places to bring about vital kingdom projects.

You see the Father says delay is not denial – get ready, get ready, get ready for I am bringing the angels of My goodness over your life and they will pass-over you in blessing and in fullness.  I will do the thing you have petitioned me for and cause a new season and new day to dawn for you personally.  This is Matthew 6:33 time says the Father – even as you have sought My face surely you will see My hand and there will be DELAY no longer.

May 13, 2014    The Father says today that unto you it is given to know the mysteries.  The apostles came and asked “why do you speak to THEM in parables?”  What is the difference between the 12 and the 5000?  The 12 were willing to question and willing to ask.  Much skewed thinking and deceptive teaching arises not only because they were coming up with the wrong reasons but because they weren’t asking the right questions.  Learn to ask the right questions says the Father.  Learn to take comfort in the questions that bring the light of My glory.  Reject the answers that satisfy the intellect and the reasoning of men.

I am the God who never planted anything in a row.  Men have approached My inscrutable mind and been pushed away by the offended spirit of a natural mind.  I created man’s mind says the Father and I have generated within you an intellect capable of learning great things.  It is your responsibility to hold your reasoning subject to the mind of My Spirit that rests not in your soul but in your spirit.  My mind and thoughts are resonant within you and they will teach and instruct and cause you to step right through the obstacle the natural man can’t see past and THEN you will experience the breakthrough you have cried out for.

May 12, 2014   The Father says today allow self-consciousness in your life to be eclipsed by God-consciousness.  The first couple did not know they were naked until self-consciousness came alive through sin. Sin is self-focus and self-deception and self-referral. Cast aside the illusory distractions of self and the dictates and demands of self-centered appetites and requirements.  There is ONE requirement says the Father: that you draw yourself away with Me and allow self-focus to slip away and become swallowed up of the life that I am on the inside of you.

Self is limitation, lack, sorrow and pain. Make the turn away from yourself and be poured out to My purpose and My plan for your life.  Give yourself away with abandon knowing that I am the river filling and flooding with so much of My Spirit that you cannot be diminished in any way.  Be a vessel poured out says the Father.  You are not pouring out of a finite supply of time and patience and this world’s goods.  You are a conduit of heaven’s best and you will never run dry of that which you give out of yourself in My name.

May 11, 2014   The Father says today that you have looked to Me for things that are already at your disposal.  When I ascended up on high I gave gifts unto Men and I gave gifts to you.  Those gifts were laid up in store awaiting the occasion of your birth that you might access the full faith and confidence of My kingdom poured out in your behalf.  I want you to know the things that are yours says the Father.  I want you to know and take full jurisdiction of the gifts and graces that are at your disposal.

Take advantage of My gifts.  Receive what I have for you and claim it as your own.  It is not necessary to ask for what I have already given.  Rise up in faith and take hold! I have given you healing and health.  I have given prosperity and life.  Open your mouth and exercise the authority I have bestowed upon you.  Take – seize and lay hold on My promise and you will never falter or fail to receive that which I have afforded you says the Father.

May 10, 2014   The Father says today that I am God in the midst of you.  You are tabernacling within Me in your earthly sojourn. You are walking with Me in the heavens and I am walking within you upon the earth.  I am making you known in the heavenlies are you are commissioned to make Me known upon the earth.  I am your only power says the Father.  You will not fear what man can do to you for you are not a mere man – you are new creation in Christ – created for rule and jurisdiction and the full authority of My kingdom.

So do not fear man says the Father.  Do not fear mortal conditions and circumstances or situations.  Look not at visible things and tremble – look and the invisible things of My Spirit and Kingdom and rejoice knowing that your victory is assured.  This is the knowing of the truth that makes you free.  Would you be free says the Father?  Would you be independent of situations and limiting conditions of life?  Then set your focus and your attenuation upon Me and I will cause you to ascend into your portion and placement in My kingdom.

May 9, 2014   The Father says today that I am your God AND your good.  I am the health of your countenance.  I am your safety and your security.  I am your high tower, I am your rock, I am your foundation.  I am your abiding place, says the Father.  This day I am drawing you into the depths of My spirit that you might live and move and have your being in the secret place of the most High, where I will cause you to be hidden from the world.  Your body, your “earth-suit” may be seen, but not the hidden man of the heart – your spirit man where I empower and enable you to face every challenge.

You see says the Father I am teaching and causing you to live this day in a renewed inner awareness of My presence within.  Your outer man may be out there walking and working in the world, but I have hidden you in My pavilion.  I am fellowshipping with you in the temple that is within you, the temple that is my dwelling place on the inside of your person. In any and every place or situation in life, remember that I am invisible within you, you are hidden in the holy place of My presence.  Remember that underneath are the Everlasting Arms.  I am your all in all that all you have is of Me for I am your God and your source.  If called upon for extra work, you can do it without feeling that you are using up your strength because My strength is your strength.  You need not fear the passing of years because “before Abraham was,” you existed in Me and that is where you exist.

May 8, 2014   The Father says today Fear not! Fear is a result of being misdirected by the enemy and his felonious suggestions of his falsified supremacy. Fear not! The adversary is not your equal! The enemy of your soul holds not entitlement to the BLOOD that was SHED in your behalf! The enemy of your soul does not have the My NAME that is bestowed upon you as a shield and staff! Fear NOT for the enemy has not My ineffable word which destroys every false burden and yoke.

If you walk through the fire, the flames will not kindle upon you; if you walk through the water, you will not drown. Fear not! Let go and be confident. In quietness and in confidence shall you realize your sonship. My peace, give I unto you. Do you not see that there is no need for you to struggle, no need to exert vain and futile effort, or to attempt to mold My will to yours? My peace, I give to you. That is My gift to you, a spiritual gift of spiritual peace. Only let go!

May 7, 2014   The Father says today that leisure and relaxation are not a sin. You are not falling behind when you draw yourself aside and allow rest and relaxation to restore you in your mind and body. Remember that I am within you doing the works that are necessary and needful to put you over in life. I never sleep and I never slumber and the blessing wherewith I have blessed you is a motive force holding vigil over your life even when your thoughts are elsewhere or when you are sleeping in the night.

You will awake in the day and know that My mercies are renewed says the Father. I am not limited therefore you will not be limited. I am not reticent to move in your life so fear not or be dismayed at the pressure and turbulence around you. I am with you. I am walking you through it all and you will see the end of the matter and testify of My faithfulness to deliver and to save.

 May 6, 2014   The Father says today that your heart is as the ark of My covenant.  You are the vessel that carries my presence, and with it signs and wonders follow.  Many will hear my voice through you.  I am bringing you from obscurity to notoriety.  Some will look and wonder, others will look and scoff. Know that My testimony – even the spirit of prophecy is arising within you and connecting to you.

Ask says the Father.  Ask largely. Ask not merely for those things that represent coping and surviving.  Ask expansively – let your petition reflect your comprehension of the lengths I went to on the cross to make answered prayer a possibility.  I am your Comforter.  I am settling all your accounts.  Look not to the past.  Don’t look back.  Don’t look to the things that are behind you for they are not commentary nor prediction regarding what lies ahead.  What I’ve done for others I will do for you Know that I am making myself known as the God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more.  We ask that everything and everyone that is a drain on Russ and the business would be kept far from him.

May 5, 2014   The Father says today that thankfulness fuels answers to prayers yet in process of an answer.  Thanklessness surrounds the earth like a spirit of contamination but as you thank Me and as you praise your yet-to-be-answered prayers breakthrough the malaise of unbelief and pierce the heavens and reach My throne.  There is resistance says the Father – but it is defeated and brought down when you praise and honor and thank Me.  The prophets sent the praisers against the besieging army and I turned back a multitude surrounding My city.  Will I not do the same for you.  Praise is part of the process. Praise brings forth and releases the substance of your deliverance.

So let the high praises be in your mouth today.  Let them be verbal declarations of jubilation and not mere unspoken sentiments of lukewarm affirmation.  Be brazen in your praise.  Let your praise offend the unthankful and scornful.  Turn over the tables of the scornful and the mocker in your life and I will redraw the boundaries of your blessing and cause you YES to break out on the right hand and on the left!

May 4, 2014   The Father says today rise early and remind me of those things that are needful in your life.  It is true that I know and I am aware of all your concerns even before you ask – however PRAYER is a part of the process.  Know this says the Father that prayers not verbalized are vague wishes, but prayers enunciated in your mouth are powerful in their working and bring swift response from My hand.

You have asked Me for enough but I say to you and I am MORE-THAN-ENOUGH!  It is who I am and what I do.  I am the God who gives MORE and I say to you that MORE is on the way to you now.  I am giving you favor says the Father.  I am giving you favor in the city and favor with those you need to have favor with.  Be at peace and do not concern yourself with those who think otherwise for I am turning them toward your righteous cause.

I know the struggle says the Father and I know the isolation you have experienced at times. Know that I am on station meeting and moving and addressing your every need oh, My beloved!

May 3, 2014.    The Father says today that you are not intended to be a solitary creature. You are not destined for isolation.  I am opening doors for you to live for someone else and you will not be hurt or disappointed.  Let go of the bitter memories and know that what I have for you now will put the lie to all that the enemy has said to you in the past.  You are loved.  You will be loved.  You will be showered with affection and sweetness.  This is your portion says the Father.  You are the beloved and I will cause you to know this and experience in fullness in your earth and in your life.

My love is an everlasting love says the Father.  It is not good to be alone therefore you will not be alone.  You will not be alone in a crowd and you will not be a mere observer to the joy of others.  You will have joy and rejoicing and fulfillment for that I what I promised and I always make good on My word says your Father who loves and looks out for you in every area of life.

May 2, 2014   The Father says that fate does not control you – MY KINGDOM DETERMINES what lies ahead for you.  Superstition, loss, failure – the opinions of others, these things have no bearing and no power over you.  Your future is in My hand and there you will find the impregnable protection of My highest purposes securing your greatest happiness.

It has been taught that My purposes involve denial of joy and denial of happiness.  That is a lie says the Father.  My greatest purpose and your highest happiness are one and the same so REJOICE and know I am bringing you to highest heart’s desire!  This is My promise and this is the expression of My affection and fidelity toward you Oh My beloved!

May 1, 2014.    The Father says today that you are a timeless being not bounded by years or the passing of days.  I am not limited by time and you are in Me therefore you and not limited by time.  Time-bound awareness moves in calculation and limitation . You are not time-bound you are kingdom defined – so let the boundlessness of the kingdom determine the joy with which you face every passing day and week, month and year.

No more despair says the Father.  No more despairing of sands slipping through your fingers!  Because I have time says the Father so you have time.  Trust.  Rest . Rejoice.  I have an inexhaustible supply of days being poured into your life in an endless stream!  Your days will be long on the earth!  You will live and not die!  There is no expiration date on the dreams and visions that I have given you.  The purposes I have sown into your life will be accomplished and you will in no way be turned back or defeated!


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