The Father Says Today – May 2015


31 May 2015:   The Father says today that your emotions are not the vehicle of your spirituality.  Your emotions receive the dividends of My glory on the inside of you but it is your spirit that contains, expresses and channels My glory from the throne to your life in manifest substance and answers to prayer and fulfillment of your dreams and your vision.  Fallen man and natural thinking allow emotions to run the show and the result is frustration, anger, resentment and fear.  I do not want you to be emotion driven says the Father but neither do I wish for you to be an emotionless automaton without passion for My kingdom or zest for life.

Religion has painted a picture of spirituality that would deny and wall you off from the things of life I have given you richly to enjoy.  It is time in your life to set aside the vanities of dry and impotent religious experience.  This is the bridal season says the Father.  I AM not coming for a widow veiled in black without anything but a dead, sterile commitment to Me.  So have your emotions but bring them in check by bringing your spirit online as the arbiter and ruler of all the rest of your person including your passions.  Your spirit must rule inwardly because that is where My lordship dwells and is enthroned.  Your spirit is My personal throne room in your life and from there I release the glory to you, through you and in you that causes angels to cry HOLY, HOLY, HOLY.  Come into that inner chamber says the Father and I will transform your life beyond all expectation!

30 May 2015:   The Father says today do not react to the situation – respond to My Spirit.  I will lead you through the minefield the enemy has laid in your path.  You will avoid out of the presence of your detractors and the fiery darts and javelins they throw at you will not find their mark.  Do not fear or be fretful over the strife of tongues for I will hide you in My pavilion and preserve you from all the expectations and plans of the evil one.  You will not suffer even the loss of one hair on your head for I AM your protector.  I AM the strong tower that you will run into and be saved.  There may be thousands that have faltered and fallen but beloved – you are the one I AM working with both to will and to do My good pleasure.

I have set My seal upon your heart that you might be preserved from the bitter root judgments the enemy would contaminate you with.  Forgive says the Father.  Forgive even the unforgiveable.  Do it not in your own strength but in My grace.  I grace you now – I give you grace to relinquish the right to be vindicated.  I AM your vindication.  The truth always outlives the lie.  Restoration will be brought about by My hand and this present distress will only be a footnote to the testimony of victory and blessing that this season holds for you in your life.  Do you trust Me says the Father?  Then take YOUR hands off the circumstance and those things that you cannot change or fix or repair will be addressed by My capable hands!

29 May 2015:   The Father says today that it is in your power to compress time and bring your breakthrough.  The devil is not the one hindering.  His power was destroyed 2000 years ago and he has no power from the throne to stand and resist you.  The only power the enemy can draw on is the power you give him by responding to his suggestions. When you are dealing with the enemy you are dealing with a created thing with a finite ability to resist and make your life difficult.  I have connected you to the resources of the kingdom that formed the universe and spun planets off into space.  You are not limited but your enemy is limited.  The enemy’s power in your life is measured by the attention you give to what he is doing and what you think he is planning to do.  This is not necessary beloved for I have given you power to tread over all the power of the enemy whenever he raises his head out of the abyss to create difficulty for you.

So refuse to be distracted by the enemy and continue seeking the kingdom.  Do not listen to what the enemy says because what I AM saying TRUMPS anything Satan can come up with.  Disregard those through whom the enemy is speaking.  They are blind leaders of the blind who are in love with the sound of their own voice.  They delight to disparage and attack you only when they see they have reached into your core and distracted you from your focus upon My throne.  Set your attention upon Me and break through the pressure that abounds in your life – break through into My mind, My peace, My righteousness and My joy.  Have joy and count it all joy that you face mistreatment and lies and these types of difficulties because that means you have threatened the domain of darkness and become manifestly children of your Father in heaven.  I am standing right here says the Father.  Reach out and feel the sinews of My strong right arm that is bared RIGHT NOW in your defense.  Your victory is assured says the Father so allow your obedience and perseverance to pierce the assault of the enemy and establish you unmovable in My presence and My kingdom.

28 May 2015:   The Father says today make it your determination to not place yourself in a situation that I would not appreciate.  The fruit of the Spirit grows in your life as you expose yourself to the environment where My presence is honored and not grieved.  Just because others make allowances for themselves that give occasion to the flesh – doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences.  Others may – but you cannot.  You may look at others and think “look at what they are getting away with …”  But they haven’t received the high call.  They were called but they weren’t chosen.  They were chosen but they weren’t faithful so I gave them over to their choices until they make a determination that the things of the world are no substitute for what I am offering them.

So come into My joy today and set aside the lie of pining after the habits and activities of those who do not know Me and have not committed to Me that which you have committed to Me.  I am able to keep you.  I am bringing you to a deeper place of faith and fidelity.  You asked for more and more is available.  Open the inner territory of your life up to Me in a greater measure.  No longer compare yourself or your level of commitment to that of those around you.  I haven’t called you to be normal or average.  I have called you to be RELENTLESSLY MINE.  So come up higher says the Father.  Don’t give thought or yield to the temptation of the husks and hog troughs of worldly and unproductive things.  I AM here.  I AM your reward.  The high place awaits as you abandon yourself to Me in a radical way as never before.

27 May 2015:    The Father says today that I AM the Potter you are the clay.  You are clay in My hands and My hands only.  I have not called you to yield to the expectations of man or the purposes of men with religious agendas or ideology.  Your strength is not in your doctrine or religious practice.  Your strength is in your intimacy with Me and immersion in My Spirit.  When you humble yourself you humble yourself to Me and not to those who expect you to defer to their experience or position.  Walk in love and seek peace – but always listen to My Spirit and respond to the leading of My hand.  Though they pipe to you – you will not dance.  Though they may lament that is not your cue to mourn.

I AM giving you opportunity to be an influencer to shape lives and marry the generations.  This is the heart assignment of a true spiritual warrior.  As you take care of My business so will I take care of your business.  As you seek first My kingdom you will see that I will add to you and add to you until every need is met and every provision made.  I AM pro-vision says the Father and the vision I impart to you will be funded and made possible by My hand.  You will never want for direction or guidance or resources as you step boldly forward with authority into the assignment of heaven accorded to you afresh and new this day.

26 May 2015:   The Father says today, I AM going to show the world what My church looks like in it’s native environment.  The current forms and fashions of how church gets done are yielding to the fresh winds of My Spirit.  I AM asking, says the Father, for men to relinquish church as they know it for church as I want it.  The ancient landmarks have been removed therefore I AM establishing new benchmarks for the demonstration of My Spirit and the demonstration of My power.  You will manifest My Spirit – not merely talk of the things of My Spirit.  You will demonstrate My power – not merely talk about things of years gone by.  I will in this generation eclipse the anecdotes of revivals past by nation shaking movements of My wind of which you will be a part.

I AM inviting you to be a part of that generation in My kingdom who don’t feel the need to talk about what they demonstrate.  Therefore be prepared for change.  Be willing to move from a place of observation to participation in My kingdom.  Be sendable.  Be spendable.  Be interruptible.  Are you prepared for your plan, your concepts and ideas to be interrupted by that which I have in mind?  You will never be disappointed.  I will cause your spirit to be furled as a sail and My wind will bring you to unexpected places and be used to touch lives unreached by the gospel.  You are bought with a price says the Father.  Your life is not your own.  Trust Me with your hopes and with your expectations. This day I AM conscripting you into the revealing of My greater purposes in this hour.

25 May 2015:   The Father says today son and daughter relinquish all of your outcomes to Me.  There is freedom in relinquishing control and just trusting Me.  I AM – after all ME, says the Father.  What part of omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent does not apply to your situation?  Unclench your hands.  Relax the tension in your jaw.  Just breath.  I AM here.  Talk to Me.  My name is great.  My faithfulness is great.  I AM working now.  I AM NOW working says the Father.  You will not be disappointed.  Those who say that you can’t or that I won’t are speaking from unbelief and not from an accurate understanding of My nature or character.  The gall of bitterness has embalmed the expectations of the unbelieving even as they protest that they have all faith to move mountains.  Turn from all such vanities and just KNOW – and in the knowing receive the answers that are about to become substance in your life.

Refuse to sit in the seat of the mocker.  My love never fails. My love never runs out.  If My love was bounded by the thinking of the religious mentalities who claim to speak for Me – they themselves would be excluded.  Stop listening to their judgments.  I AM here. I AM appraising every man’s work – even your own and I AM responding in mercy and loving instruction and yes, correction as needed.  My purpose is to bring you to the full experience of all the goodness that the blood of the cross paid for.  The price is paid says the Father.  Empty your hands.  There is nothing you can bring Me for I have ALREADY given what you have been told you have to earn.  They have Me all wrong says the Father.  Be My beloved today.  Know that I relate to you not as a widow but a bride and into the bridal chambers of My goodness I AM bringing you this day.

24 May 2015:   The Father says today trust in My keeping power.  I AM more interested in seeing you in the center of My love than in the center of My will.  You see says the Father that My love PRODUCES My will in your life.  This is what love does and love never fails! Love never fails because love is who I AM.  Love is what I do.  Love is what I came for.  Love is why I ascended back into the heavens.  Love is why I am returning.  Love.  Can you take LOVE for an answer?  When you accept LOVE as your base state in relationship to Me you are SWEPT from failure into fullness.  From brokenness to repair and restoration.  This is the returning says the Father.  This is the rest.  Rest in My love today.  My LOVE will be doing all the work for you today – you need not add your striving to what LOVE is doing in your behalf this day.

When my love works its influence in your life being in my will effortlessly takes place.  The things you expect to happen because you find my “perfect plan” are ALREADY your portion because of My PERFECT LOVE.  Having a servant’s heart is no replacement for the heart response of simply being ACCEPTED in the BELOVED.  The elder brother of the Prodigal didn’t get this.  He didn’t understand that the feast was there for him every day and beloved – it is there for you today.  I AM not in love with a plan says the Father.  I AM in love with you.  I didn’t die for a plan I died for you.  I AM not returning to the earth for a plan – I AM returning for a wedding.  Everything else is just details.  So adjust your focus from the plan to the kiss of heaven that awaits all those who will accept no substitutes for deep and abiding intimacy with me.

23 May 2015:   The Father says today you can trust Me with your heart.  I AM not an austere distant figure without compassion for your needs, desires or what you have suffered.  I AM touched with the feelings of your infirmities and weaknesses.  There is no pressure put upon you in any circumstance that I have not experienced.  I sting with the blow that lands upon you.  My heart aches with the disappointment that has been visited upon you and the betrayals you may have suffered.  I AM not a God who sits aloof nodding his head in benign acknowledgement of some cryptic reason why I would be pleased to see you suffer torment.  This is the GREAT LIE that religious mentalities have accorded My character.  They HAVE ME ALL WRONG says the Father and I AM going to prove this by coming to your rescue.

So let your mouth pray says the Father and know that I AM the hero. I AM coming through for you on time and on target in dramatic acts of deliverance and blessing.  With blessing I will bless you.  With favor will I compass you as with a shield.  The fiery darts and javelins of the wicked one are extinguished in the crimson flow of the shed blood that still flows to you and for you in healing and benefit.  Receive of My passion today says the Father.  Let the passion of the cross be the foundation of the promises that I have made you.  I AM not reticent to make promises says the Father.  Take My words of life and tuck them in your pocket and in obvious places as you go about your day.  When you see that reminder just smile – for they are just reminders of the end of the thing that I AM working in your life in this season.

22 May 2015:   The Father says today as you become more God-conscious your eyes and ears will be opened in a new way.  Everything around you is taking on a new perspective.  That perception is the lens you will be looking through today.  The outworking of this is that others will come to the opinion that you are becoming more prophetic than ever before.  You aren’t really becoming more prophetic – you are just becoming more like Me – your Papa.  You will instantly recognize that is which of the soul and that which is of the Spirit.  You will have increased spiritual perceptions even in matters not pertaining to anything important in your life.  You will walk into a public place with a room full of strangers and I will cause you to see and know the very secrets of their hearts for My purposes.  I AM taking the hidden things and revealing them to you.

What I’m telling you says the Father that I am imparting to you today what can only be described as x-ray vision.  Those things that are buried, unknown and even hidden to you will become evident not by virtue of suspicion but rather My revelatory gifts.  You will move in supernatural gifts at an intuitive level – not a strained artificial level that only mimics the anointing.  What are you going to do with this anointed intuition that I have put upon your eyes like eye salve today?   Prophecy, wisdom, word of knowledge are going to be in demonstration in your life not for exposing and shaming others – but for loving them and healing them as I have healed you.  So go out in your day today and command your eyes to see and your ears to hear.  Pour your love like a salve into the wounds of others even those that are self-inflicted because of sinful choices.  Through you and what I now anoint you to know and see I AM pouring out the most intense – unconditional love you have ever known.

21 May 2015:   The Father says today that I am sending you out as a lamb with the heart of a lion.  It is not necessary beloved to out think the wolves that are preying upon your joy.  It is not necessary to bare your teeth and growl at the enemy.  The days of shouting at the enemy are over.  All you need to do in the confrontation is to reveal your heart – for I am in your heart and one look at Me will send the enemy packing.  Your greatest strength is in humility.  The very thing that causes you at times to look like a target of opportunity is the very thing that will put you over in every challenge.  When you are questioned remember this: it is not your job to explain yourself.  Your job is to do what you see the Father do and make your decision as you hear Me speak.  I will protect you.

Know this that I will defend you and garrison you about with angelic protection and the wisdom from on high to know what to do next.  So go out today and live out of your lamb nature.  Don’t be afraid when you feel weak or you feel cornered by circumstance.  Blessed are the meek – they shall inherit the kingdom.  I call you an inheritor.  You are a first partaker.  Speak from My heart and not your natural understanding.  Live out of a submissive spirit before Me even when everyone else is rattling their sabers of religious impotence.  I am your shield, your strength and your sword.  Know this as your most basic truth and you will be left standing when all have fled the field of battle.

20 May 2015:   The Father says today I will proclaim the proclamation to you that which I’m doing in the earth!  You’ve asked “Father what is it  that your heart bringing about in this hour?”  I declare to you it is PRECISELY THE PROPHETIC!  You’ve asked, and you’ve inquired.  You looked into my purposes and said “Father show me your ways!”  Others have been content to simply be the beneficiaries of my acts – BUT you are one who has cried out for the deeper verities.  Therefore the Father says I’m bringing you this day into a “deep calleth to deep” experience. I’m stripping away the wisdom of the world and the illegitimate authority of religious mentalities who falsely think they are the arbiters of all things that pertain to my kingdom.

I AM standing up to demonstrate in the earth says the Father. I am attesting even as My word declares in Revelation 19:10 that my testimony is expressed and made known in the spirit of prophecy.  So receive this day a fresh impartation of my prophetic spirit.  Open your mouth boldly let your words come forth as fire to destroy the works of the evil one. I t is a new day says the Father and you are ordained and destined to be a participator in that which I’m doing.  I call you first partaker says the Father so open your heart and open your mouth and receive of my hand that which is being poured out in this hour for your benefit.

19 May 2015:   The Father says today be heart-dominated in your thinking.  Renew your mind after the warrior spirit that I have placed within you.  I live in your spirit.  Your human spirit knows with assurance all those things that you wonder about and struggle in unbelief regarding.  Your human spirit knows that you are accepted in the beloved.  Your human spirit within you knows there is no need to worry or be concerned.  Your human spirit understands the depth of absolute bias I have toward you in My favor.  I am so biased toward you in favor says the Father that the enemy’s only complaint is that it isn’t fair.  The enemy cannot provoke Me to raise My hand against you.  The only thing the enemy can do is inspire Me to redouble the lengths that I will go to this very day to bless you and acknowledge you and breathe upon every thing you put your hand to.

I am not fair says the Father.  There is nothing fair about the one-sided distributions of kingdom assets that I have laid up for you.  If it could be known just how fully I love you and have laid up in store for you – the religious spirits around you would be apoplectic with rage.  I love you says the Father!  I love you because I love you and I will not be talked out of loving you.  True prophetic anointing is not about getting you to question your station or placement before Me.  True prophetic anointing is affirmation, acknowledgement and enlargement of all of those good things I have placed in you in Christ Jesus.  Accept what I say of you says the Father and not the prattling rambles of those who choose to be uninformed about how much I love you.  I am protecting you and keeping you.  I am safe guarding you for this is My privilege.  You don’t belong to yourself – you belong to Me and this day I will make known to you afresh and anew that you are My beloved.

18 May 2015:   The Father says today let your mouth pray.  From the depths of your heart begin to pray bigger prayers.  Pray prayers of increase, enlargement and greater purpose.  Set your expectations higher.  Think bigger about My promises in your regard.  You aren’t thinking big enough . I am a BIG God and I don’t do small things.  Enlarge your prayers.  Enlarge your expectations.  Get rid of those weak prayers and small-minded supplications.  You must now think bigger and dream higher if you are going to comprehend all that I purpose to do in your life.  It is no longer necessary to expend all your spiritual energy addressing problem after problem that never seems to come to an end.  I have called you to rule and to reign.  This is not a “some day” proposition but a NOW reality.

The prayers I respond to are not about begging or pleading.  Faith filled prayers are about ruling and reigning in your now circumstance.  Can you take NOW for an answer says the Father?  Can you receive the promise now?  Now is all I have to give you.  Past and present are perspective of a fallen creature.  Step out of a time bound perspective and into a NOW expectation where ruling and reigning are the base state, the default state of the believer.  I know this isn’t what you have been taught but you be a Father pleaser and set your expectations on My promise and not the rationalizations of dead religion.  I am not a God of the dead but of the living and I am making you this day more alive than you have ever been in My promise.

17 May 2015:    The Father says today you are going to receive because I will be no man’s debtor.  Your giving is not just giving.  Your giving is an act of acknowledging the good things that I have already place in you in CHRIST.  The glory is in you says the Father.  The glory is in you and out of that GLORY IN YOU will your every need be met.  Your knowledge of My purposes is not to be dead, dry, theological information.  Religious knowledge lies inert in the human spirit and produces nothing.  My glory in you causes out of your inner man all things that pertain to life and godliness to be made manifest in your love and joyful liberality.  Rise up today in blessing and giving. Give even when you are under tremendous pressure.

Push back against the pressure that is pressing you today. Push back in love and push back in liberality.  The pressure not to act in faith is simply the lie of the enemy trying to shape your future according to his agenda.  As you increase and expand in acts of faith and magnanimity you will find yourself increasing with the increase of God.  Your most valuable and effective opportunities to increase come when you are under maximum pressure.  When you get this says the Father you will smile so much that your face will hurt the next day.  You will have so much joy because you know that the intensity of the pressure you are under only defines the degree of breakthrough you are about to have!  So go out in your day and be a depositor in the bank of heaven by your liberality and generosity in all you do.

16 May 2015:   The Father says today I am orienting your life around My pleasure for this is where all things are possible.  I am not interested in what you cannot do – I am interested in what you are willing to do.  Your current weaknesses cannot keep you from overcoming.  You have something unique within you by virtue of My presence dwelling within.  If you are going to discern something says the Father discern that I am on the inside of you, I am on your side, the enemy is on the run and your victory is assured!  This is what the true experience of spiritual warfare is about.  True spiritual warfare is about developing and cultivating GOD CONSCIOUSNESS in the face of pressure and defiance on the part of the enemy regarding My promises in your behalf.

Greater is the pressure on the inside flowing out from who I am in you than the pressure on the outside in your life trying to plow you under.  Put your focus on that river of glory and power flowing out of you.  The enemy looks at you and sees a tsunami of glory bearing down on him and there is no escape.  Don’t focus on your weaknesses.  Don’t focus on past failures.  Focus on Me.  Focus on the FATHER for My paternity is manifesting in you.

As the glory rises up and manifests in your life every angel in shouting distance will vector in on your life.  All they are interested in is the glory.  All they long for is the glory. When the glory is in you and on you they will crowd into your life and bash every serpent who raises his head against you.  Be the carrier of the glory this day.  You do know that is your portion and your destiny?  Then focus on that and in the knowing that follows all things that pertain to life and godliness will be afforded you in swift measure.

15 May 2015:   The Father says today you I AM your victory.  Victory and overcoming are not connected with an event.  I AM your victory.  Your victory is a person – My person on the inside of you.  Because I am in you – YOU WIN.  You are not a loser.  You are not one that loses.  You are not prone to lose and you are not BORN TO LOSE!  I AM your TRIUMPH.   I AM your SUCCESS.  Your success is not something that may or may not happen if conditions are right.  I AM a success and I live in you therefore you are a success. I don’t live in failure.  I don’t DO failure says the Father.  Therefore you will not fail.  I will not be denied therefore you will not be denied.  It isn’t fantasy says the Father.  It isn’t too good to be true – because that TRUTH is who I AM!  I AM the way the truth and the life and the TRUTH IS – you are a winner.  You are an overcomer.  You are a victor and a conqueror.  In reality you are MORE THAN A CONQUEROR, because of who I AM on the inside of you.

So give Me some cooperation and I will give you some change.  Stop buying into the narrative of defeat as though this is something you must walk through.  I already went to hell so you don’t have to.  I was tempted in the wilderness so you wouldn’t have to be.  I was marred, scarred, beaten, rejected and crucified so you wouldn’t have to be.  I so love your heart that you stay faithful no matter what – but beloved I have made you an overcomer.  I AM not an anemic savior swooning in a painting in a musty old museum  I AM a NO-MATTER-WHAT kind of God who puts you over in life and causes you to come out on the other side of every challenge without even the smell of smoke on your garments!

14 May 2015:   The Father says today that you will always manifest what is on the inside of you.  Make it your choice to manifest joy.  Make it your determination to manifest courage, glory, power and authority because all of these things are on the inside of you.  Because I am within – you can manifest glory.  Glory dispels every contrary influence.  I dare you says the Father to walk into the presence of your greatest critic and without a word simply manifest outwardly the glory I have placed inwardly within you.  They will get up and walk out.  When you are GOD CONSCIOUS instead of self-referred you will then move from AUTHORITY to AUTHORIZATION.

Beloved – in GOD CONSCIOUSNESS you have My leave to MANIFEST YOURSELF because in GOD CONSCIOUSNESS your spirit is in the ascendency. In God consciousness the prince of this world can show up but he will find he has NOTHING in you! Come out of smallness says the Father and step into the BIGNESS of who I AM on the inside of you.  Allow this day My I AM-NESS to flow to you in provision and flow out from you in power.  In God consciousness you are the interlocutor of My kingdom.  My kingdom comes because you walk into the room.  That is your place in My economy.  You are who you are and I AM WHO I AM and the enemy has a nervous breakdown.  He has no recourse for in Me you are untouchable and undefeatable.

13 May 2015:   The Father says today that your knowledge of Me provisions you for your journey.  In knowing Me and becoming intimate with My Spirit all things that pertain to life and godliness are released to you by impartation.  The world mocks and religious mentalities yawn in boredom when My word is read but know this – I honor My word above My name.  Because you love My word and embrace My word your life can and will be different.  The power of My word is a sacred narrative that will drive your experience in life.  Your life will take a different track than those who find the scriptures unbearably boring so much so they have only a vestigial relationship to it.  Know this says the Father that the blood that was spilled on Calvary is released in power through the written word.

So give yourself over to the LOGOS says the Father, even the Holy Scriptures.  Say in your heart “I will become a person of the BOOK…”  In so doing you are embracing your own mercy and assuring that My lovingkindness will lead, guide and direct you in all things.  There is no tension between the LOGOS of the scripture and the RHEMA of the prophetic.  They are together the two edged sword.  Take it in your hand and wield it against the enemies of the cross.  I AM with you says the Father.  The angels attend to My word in your life to bring it to pass in full measure.  Become a PERSON of THE BOOK this day and see the true character of the Living Epistle I will cause you to become.

12 May 2015:   The Father says today fear not – do NOT allow the enemy to rob you of your joy or your composure in Christ.  Panic is the response of a time-bound mind.  With fear comes the spirit of fear to bind and hold you hostage to the circumstance.  I AM come that you might walk in freedom and liberty no matter what is happening around you.  You are not time-bound says the Father.  I AM the God who created time. In fact I created YOU before time itself.  You were with Me in the heavens before the foundation of the universe was laid.  You were blameless before Me even before the laws of physics were initiated. You are not bound by time for I AM not bound by time – and YOU are IN ME.

I have time says the Father – therefore you have time.  Look NOT at the mirror and judge your prospects. When My favor is upon you time does not matter.  Your youth does not disqualify you neither does old age.  My goodness will find you and My mercy will sustain you.  My favor will go before you and others will acknowledge who I AM in you without a fleeting thought for your chronology.  Do not let others despise your youth or your old age.  Do not despise YOURSELF either says the Father for this is a day of days for you.  This is that season you longed for when you step out of time into eternity to experience a level of blessing and fullness that has nothing to do with a clock or a calendar.  Receive this and act without hesitation in the knowing that I AM with you and will never leave you or forsake you – but will establish and empower you in the assignment of heaven this day.

11 May 2015:   The Father says today that My intentionality is present to heal and to transform your life.  There are no mistakes or mishaps that do not turn to your favor in life says the Father.  You belong to Me and the angels in heaven assigned to you are on task working in your behalf.  I ask for nothing of you but that which Calvary has afforded you to give.  Give of your love.  Give of your heart.  Give of your hands into My purposes.  As you make yourself available to all that I have planned you will know beyond measure the joy unspeakable that brings the release of glory wherein all provision is stored.

There is a treasure house in My glory that is held in the heavens.  The words of your mouth and your faith filled prayers open the combination.  Your prayers cause the glory in the heavens to become blessings on the earth in substantive and concrete ways.  I will never leave you wondering.  I will never deny or taunt you with an unkept promise.  I will never give a clear promise only to wrap it up in obscure and convoluted religious language that never brings an answer.  Receive from Me in simplicity today.  Jettison from your thinking every “NO” and replace it with the YEA and AMEN that are found in My promise this day.

10 May 2015:   The Father says today come unto Me beloved.  Bring every one of your burdens and cares and concerns.  I have no recriminations for you.  There are no spiritual gymnastics necessary.  Just come.  Come to Me and know that moment when you are in My embrace.  That is the moment that My mercy and My lovingkindness will reached down and kiss your face and heal your heart.  There is nothing further to do but to come to Me.  I know that things are broken.  Mistakes have been made.  Darkness has encroached and at times temptation has plowed you under in total failure.  I see it all says the Father and I wash you.  I wash you with My love.  I cover you with the shed blood of Calvary.  I cleanse and renew and accept you – as you are, running to My outstretched arms.

I am enlarging the footprint of My mercy in your life.  You are forgiven.  It’s who I AM and it’s what I DO.  I see your tears.  I see the anger and the frustration.  Come to Me.  Run to Me.  Trade in all the angst and turmoil and upheaval in your life and your heart.  Find your rest in Me.  I will wipe away every tear.  At the end of the day I will turn your tear streaked face to the circumstances and situations around you and guess what?  Transformation has come.  Renewal is in process.  Those threats that loomed so large over you that brought the shadow of despair?  They have vanished as a figment and been replaced with the full measure of My goodness.  You are My beloved and THIS is your portion by My hand.

9 May 2015:    The Father says today that you are lord of your own harvest.  I said in My word that man was not made for the Sabbath but the Sabbath was made for man.  Likewise you were not made to be subservient to the law of sowing and reaping.  The law of sowing and reaping was established to serve you.  In Adam I gave YOU authority to subdue and have dominion.  In Christ I ratified your authority in the shed blood of Calvary.  I say again beloved that you are a LORD of YOUR OWN HARVEST.  The law of sowing and reaping will yield to you and for you.  As you ASCEND into the HIGHER LAW of love the lesser law will function on demand at your disposal.  He that has ears to hear let him hear. He that is ignorant let him be ignorant still.

I AM not longer willing in the earth to see My people live below their privilege or their station in life.  I AM the KING of kings.  That makes you a king.  As you bow before Me and declare “thy kingdom come,” so I authorize you to establish your own jurisdiction and rule and reign NOW, over what I have placed under your hand.

Take your territory beloved.  Reject the anemic, watered down, weak theology of defeat and powerlessness.  All such thinking and teaching arises from a prayerless and faithless heart.  Be not prayerless neither be faithless for I AM working with you both to will and to do My good pleasure.  It is a new day and you can walk into it even now as you align yourself with Me in full measure.

8 May 2015:   The Father says today that I am in the reclamation business.  I am reclaiming territory in your life that the enemy things he holds claim to.  The blood of Calvary has sealed the general warranty deed to the promises I have made to you in My word.  My claim on your joy and your fullness and your blessing cannot be thwarted or overthrown.  Go ahead now and seed your ground.  The enemy would say that you need not sow for the land of blessing is not yours.  I say to you that you are an inheritor of what I paid for on the cross – go ahead and sow!  Sow your seed and know that it will bring forth first the seed, then the corn then the full corn in the ear.

This is a time of seed-fruit-harvest and seed-fruit-harvest and seed-fruit-harvest on an accelerated scale of favor, blessing and provisioning for the vision.  Lay not aside your hopes and dreams.  In fact why don’t you go ahead and dream a bigger dream for I have so much more planned for you than you have heretofore considered.  I AM bringing you into the rich soil of faith that will cause the plowman to overtake the reaper and the full measure of that which I have promised to come forth beyond all your expectations.  It is who I AM and what I DO and you are the focal point that I am concentrating all My goodness and sovereignty and power.  So rejoice!

7 May 2015:    The Father says today rise up and take your INNER territory.  When you take your inner territory your outward territory will fall to you of its own accord.  I AM the God of the jailbreak says the Father.  I sent My angel to Peter in the prison house and the chains fell off OF THEIR OWN ACCORD.  The gates locked against him OPENED OF THEIR OWN ACCORD.  Be that man.  Be that one who can sleep between your jailers unafraid and unopposed by the opposer.  You so will come out with an outstretched arm and a mighty hand.  You will not be left behind screaming through the bars that perhaps I overlooked the cell of restriction and difficulty you are in.  Take heart says the Father.  Calvary is the rescue operation I have mounted to set you free from every impediment.

Change your mind says the Father.  Reorient your thinking according to what I AM planning and not what the enemy is doing.  The enemy wants to stand you up before his firing squad of persecution and peril but when he comes to get you – you will be LONG GONE for I AM on the scene.  This is what I want you to discern.  Do not spend your time counting the keys on the jailer’s belt – rather spend your time planning just to what degree you are going to praise and extol Me for the mighty deliverance that is about to pull down the strongholds the enemy has erected to contain you.  I will not be contained says the Father therefore you will not be contained.  You are breaking out of all containment and stepping into the destined purpose I have prepared for you before the foundation of the world was laid.

6 May 2015:   The Father says today be convinced in this season in your life that nothing shall separate you from My love, My favor and My provisioning.  The enemy will do his worst but guess what?  I will do My best and My best trumps the enemies worst every time.  So laugh – go ahead and laugh for he that sits in the heavens shall laugh.  You will hold the enemy in derision.  He will prattle and rave and threaten and you will simply extract from the exchange the parameters of the defeat I AM about to thrash the enemy with.  Fear not says the Father . Be unworried.  Be untroubled.  Do not be intimidated by events – be fascinated by how I am going to act in your defense.  So go ahead says the Father and thank Me for coming through for you one more time.  And that is how it will be in your life – I will come through for you time and time and time again and you will in nothing be ashamed.

It is so depressing to be the demonic soldier assigned to impede your life says the Father.  The enemy is confused.  He is demoralized. He is without energy and strength and he doesn’t know what to do next.  Because I AM with you and no matter what the enemy throws at you I will quench.  I will quench the violence of sword, the destruction of fire, the venom of tongues speaking lies against you.  I will cause the truth to outlive the lie and the future you thought you were robbed of to be restored to you in full measure.

I AM a good God and My goodness is resting upon you and come in you today in a new and fresh way – just because I – LOVE – YOU!  I love you with an everlasting love.  You cannot talk Me out of My love and your enemies cannot talk Me out of My unconditional over-the-top love for you.  Be the beloved.  Accept that which I am doing.  Know My favor as the ground state for those who determine to live a kingdom lifestyle.

5 May 3015:   The Father says today be convinced that nothing can separate you from My love.  Love never fails says the Father.  My love is your greatest strength.  Look to Me for everything for when you are weak then you are strong.  Translate all your weaknesses and shortcomings into a joyful vulnerability.  From that place of vulnerability you can rejoice in your frailties rather than react to your circumstances.  All things are yours says the Father.  Learn to extract from tough situations the opportunity to advance under the banner of My presence knowing that because you are in My love you cannot fail.  Go ahead and pray for deliverance but let your fascination not be in the exit strategy but in participating with Me in the midst of the battle.

All things are yours says the Father.  Relish this truth.  In all things you overwhelmingly triumph.  In the end you will stand when all others have fled, including the enemy.  What is your response in battle?  Look to Me in everything.  Look to Me even in times it looks like I haven’t acted yet.  I am not hiding Myself from you rather I am about to spring an ambush on the enemy.  From that place of in your life I purpose to display both My power and My favor in your behalf.  Purpose to grow.  Purpose to act and not avoid difficulty.  Extract from the difficulty opportunity to know yourself in My glory.  In your humanity I am manifesting My majesty.  This day allow your vision of Me to obliterate every other perception.  Come to this place of advancement today and reclaim the ground that I have divided to you this day says the Father.

4 May 2015:   The Father says today you are called to be part of a relevant prophetic generation.  To what end?  What is the purpose of the prophetic and what is your portion in the prophetic?  I have sent the prophets into the earth in these days to establish you and bring you to the transfer of the wealth promised in the end times.  As the Egyptians gave the Israelites of their treasures in the Exodus so shall those outside My purposes grant you and give you and bless you.  They shall know as Laban knew about Jacob that when you are in their lives they are blessed and benefited.  The transfer of the wealth is at hand says the Father.  The prophets are not about doom and gloom and darkness – surely there are many things coming upon the earth but FOR YOU it is as MORNING SPREAD ON THE MOUNTAINS!

Come up into the mountain of your inheritance says the Father.  Be seated in that place where your perspective is a HEAVENLY perspective not a viewpoint handed you by an unenlightened and illegitimate authority.  The talking heads know nothing of My kingdom says the Father.  They say what they see and what they see is what the god of this world is doing.  I AM calling upon you to turn your attention to what I AM doing in the earth for the hour is come that I will not be ignored or marginalized or set at naught by the world of men.  They shall see My glory for I will be glorified in you.  They will see the signet of influence and kingdom authority on the hand of those that will seek My kingdom to the exclusion of all else.  Command your eyes to “SEE” and your ears to “HEAR”.  My sound is going forth and in that sound is the sounding of every need met, every purpose realized and your destined purpose manifested for you are Mine says the Father.

3 May 2015:   The Father says today you are not helpless.  You are not helpless and you are not without resources to address and defeat every strategy and tactic of the enemy.  Take no thought for the assault of the dark one – you are not ignorant of his devices.  He will falter and fail and you will go on seeking the kingdom.  Make it your determination that you will not be distracted.  If you will not be distracted and if you will keep on seeking the kingdom then I affirm to you surely all things will be added.  Resources, favor, blessing and covenant are your entire portion says the Father.  You are the favored child of a royal house – there is nothing that will be withheld to you.  Say to yourself that you are the entitled.  The shed blood of Calvary washes away every stain and all alienation from My blessing set aside for you.

Develop in yourself the Christ Mind.  Let the Mind of Christ be that which you put on and that through which you filter all your understanding of the challenges around you.  I AM with you says the Father.  I AM with you and I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I took all your shortcomings and fractures and failures into account when I made you the promises that Calvary affords.  I don’t expect you to be perfect – just malleable to My hand.  Allow Me to shape you this day and you this day into My perfect image – it is a new day and I declare to you that your blessing has come.


2 May 2015:   The Father says today that I AM the God who “so loves…”  I so love the world!  I so love you that I sent the Only Begotten.  There is no other god who so loved.  I have searched and can find none! Beside Me there is no other.  Of all the representations of divinity and philosophy the closest they come to Agape is a benign indifference.  I AM neither benign nor indifferent of your life says the Father.  My passion is such that as the Psalmist wrote “the heavens burn and the mountains and the hills melt …” because I AM COME to draw you out of many waters.  Never allow the enemy or any other false authority to convince you that I AM a far off God for I am not a far off God.  I AM as close as your next breath even the very beating of your heart.

So I stand at the door of your importunity and knock this day to bring you into relationship with Me as the One who “so loved” and loves you still.  Beloved you do not have to overcome My reluctance to move in your life because I DON’T HAVE ANY.  If I spared not the Only Begotten how shall I not WITH HIM freely give you ALL things?  What is there that is lacking?  You only need ask.  Can you endure the turbulence of My arrival on the scene to change and transform and meet every need of your heart?  Ask Me beloved. I stand waiting for you to but ask as the occasion of My choice to do exceedingly and abundantly above what you ask or even think.  This is who I AM and WHAT I DO and you are this day in the crosshairs of My determined purpose to bless and empower and deliver says your Father.

1 May 2015:   The Father says today that My decree is active in your life to build afresh and anew.  I AM building again the walls and restoring the gates of your life says the Father.  The enemy shall tread your courts no more.  The angel reapers have scythed the tares and are bringing the wheat of My planting into the garners of blessing for your gain and your good. It is a new day.  My mercies are renewed.  Old things are passed away and the new has come.  Enter into the newness of what I AM doing says the Father.  Yesterday’s manna always breeds worms.  Receive fresh manna on your ground and drink the waters of My Spirit from the Rock that follows you through the wilderness experience to a new Canaan.

I AM with you says the Father.  I will never leave you and I will never forsake you.  Drink the sweet and eat the fat for I AM strengthening your bones and renewing even your natural vitality.  New life, new strength greater energy to hasten to My purposes.  You will outstrip the footmen and challenge the horsemen and be a FIRST partaker of the apportionment to those who war and challenge the works of darkness round about them.  Go out in your day and overwhelm the enemy by your freshness and your bold, audacious faith.  I AM disposed says the Father to hear your voice and respond.  The precious blood has been applied and new grace is bringing fullness of favor to you in greater measure than you have known in times past says the Father.


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