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The Feast of Tabernacles: What do we really expect? — 4 Comments

  1. Luke 2 – there is also those faithful ones of old that has heard the Lord speaking of things to come…and that is seeing His Word come to fulfillment, like with Simeon and Anna, that now that the time has come will or have departed to be with the Lord. Blessed be the Lord.

  2. Some have been hearing about it, with the Lord tugging at their hearts, preparing them for it…but they havent go in and ask yet…it is time…you have been preoared and called for a time like this…you ve been prepared …stand up and go through the open door boldly to Father and ask His for it…His grace for such a time as this…(Esther). Time to go …press in…remember His love and that Jesus has prepared the way just for a time like now…for God’s people to come in freely ans ask grace and Father God wants to give…ask…He wants to endue and give and say to Jesus, yes do it! Amen. They delight in giving…thank You Daddy Abba Father, Lord Jesus, Christ. Thank You.

  3. There may be men and women that are Spirit filled-baptised, with the latter rain and new wine that needs to listen…cause the Lord is instructing them to go and pray for believers, that are currently waiting, asking, expecting….from the Lord. Yes, some just need to speak the Word on it and The Lord will fill the believers…otherd will pray for them…others will lay hands…but they need to GO.

  4. I was having communion and drank the wine and thought of His blood…and that the Word says that the life is in the blood…so I focused on His blood…real drink…His life, I am drinking…how it made me feel united with Him…as one…then I thought hey, one can get drunk with His blood, His wine…and it reminded me that I wondered about that…how He said we should rather be drunk in the Spirit and I also though that when the disciples got baptized with His Spirit the people thought they were drunk…and then I thought, yes…so the Spirit of the Lord filled them and they got drunk in the Spirit…that is like the new wine that He fills us with, after we got our new wineskins…and then the Spirit is the Lord and the Lord is the Spirit, and we know He is the water too …When He spoke to the lady at the well, He said…ask Me and I will give you the water of life…He says we must ask Him …the Spirit of the Lord is the Lord and water and new wine and life in us rushing forth from within…John 4:10,14 it is the gift of God. Ask and you ll receive. Living water. The disciples did preach, heal delivered people while sent out by Jesus, so they did receive grace…early rain…then after they had to wait…they received more grace upon grace…and latter rain…they even received it again…grace upon grace upon grace…more latter rains…Acts 4:29-31. God is God. He will do what is needed in all seasons…more abounding in more…He is God. Amen. Today we as parents wanted to give our son a gift but we had to connect with him to get info we needed to give him his gift…he asked for it and we wanted to give it and still do…but we could not get hold of him yet…we re excited to give it but he isn’t watchful and expectant on us …if he were he wouldn’t have missed our calls and messages …which made me think…we have to be alert and waiting expectantly and look out for what He promised and said and even while we are waiting…be alert for His calls and just make it priority above else to go and answer His call when He calls…since we are expecting His gifts…promises fulfillment…new wines…latter rain…grace upon grace upon…abounding…Praise and glory to The Lord God Most High! Amen.

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