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The Fire Revival — 6 Comments

  1. Anticipation! I can feel the charismatic renewal (which I came in on the tail end of late 70s), and the Welsh Revival (before my time), and Azusa Street (way before my time) are all saying again “Come Holy Spirit, Come”. Thank you Bro. Chris for seeking the Lord – and sharing this.

  2. Thank you, brother Chris. This story should be told and told. However, I also see a snake head rising up as a new draw of the newly anointed remnant into yet another “Christian” authoritarianism. We need those who are educated about the 20th Century’s “Manifest Sons of God” and “Latter Rain” movement, also its more Charismatic Catholic “Accountability” movements to issue the warning: We must not set up anyone higher than our own heads — that is God’s own, holy direction and no one is to eclipse His sight or His light. To our Master be our accountability, according to His Word.

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