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A Penny for Your Thoughts — Buy Real Gold! — 6 Comments

  1. The Holy Spirit drew me to read this, Elizabeth. So on tract and anointed from our Lord! Thank you for sharing.
    Pulling out: “Ultimately, we either obey or disobey a Spirit-led directive from heaven.  I have discovered obeying The Holy Spirit is not a once-and-done deal.  It’s a lifelong process of death and re-birth, death and re-birth. Dying to flesh, living to Christ.  A never-ending cycle.”
    Amen and deep truth told. Hugs and prayers, Joyce D.  ❤️

  2. I too have had a dream of a massive tsunami on the east coast- I was in my early 20’s- I dreamed I was standing between two tall motels and I watched as the water went out and as it began to conn MK e back in, I was “elevated” in the physical realm so that the water was going under my feet- it was as real as I am breathing right now- and I do believe a tsunami of some sorts- whether water or spiritual is yet to be determined, will take lave n the East Coast of America.  Be blessed in the power and might if Jesus Christ.

  3. Elizabeth,
    This is Deep & Penetrating. It makes one think & it covers so many areas. Convicting as well.  Definitely one to read more than once.

    Yes, I have had the tsunami dream years ago, but it covered both east & west coast. No time line, just prayers needed to hopefully waylay things, if possible!

    Your submarine dream reminded me of “The Hunt for Red October”.

    So much before us & hopefully all will stay prayed up & ready.  GOD BLESS YOU.  Bev

  4. What rich food for thought, Elizabeth. Yes indeed..more than a penny for our thoughts. The spirit of wisdom is flowing from your pen about the Buried Treasures!! Thanks so much for sharing. The hour is definitely much later than we tend to think. Many blessings, dear one. Sandi

  5. Thank you Elizabeth for this very timely Word that is so needed.  I pray that a blanket of repentance will permeate this earth this weekend so that many souls will enter the kingdom of heaven.  I covet your prayers for my family who need a saviour.  I have been praying for them but the more people praying for the lost the more powerful presence of our Lord will cover us.  I pray protection over all those in danger of this storm this weekend.  May the Lord have mercy on all of us.  We need it!!! Blessings to you and yours.

    • Dear MF:
      Yes – let’s seek heaven for ‘household salvation’. Joshua 24:15 and Acts 16:25-33, Acts 2:38-39, and 1 Corinthians 7:14, all show us the Lord hears our prayers, and truly loves our family even more than we do. Trust the Lord to honor your prayers, dear one. Your faith in Him is priceless. “Nothing” us impossible with Our God.

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