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The Fragrance of a Woman of God — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Servant of God! I SO Receive!!! Truly this is a NOW WORD, confirmation is taking place so quickly now like Never Before! I have been praying for reconciliation, redemption and restoration for some time now and you have been in my spirit for about a week.  Holy Spirit said you had a Relevant Word for me personally, and for the Body of Christ! Thank you again as usual, you’re through Holy Ghost are always On Point in so many ways!

  2. Glory be to God! Thank you Jesus for using Prophet Phyllis to speak to me! Thank you for keeping me strong and for encouraging me! I’m post-birth and suddenly felt discouraged. It appalled me, for every thing I encountered led up to spiritual birth yesterday and now today I’m feeling dismayed? It just didn’t feel right. But now I feel restored and so much better.

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