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The Gathering of the Butterflies — 6 Comments

  1. Out walking on the path by my home one morning before Church, I was sad because the night before I thought the conference I went to might finally be the deliverence I so desperately longed for, but yet again, it wasn’t yet time. A lady walking a dog came toward me, I said good morning and so did she and kept walking. Later as I was getting closer to home I heard the song behind me, Good Good Father, it was the same lady, she came up to me and stuck her hand out as if to hand me something, it was a monarch butterfly with the wings turned backward, it was obviously dead, or at least close to it. I tried handing it back but she said no, the Holy Spirit told her to pick it up out off the ground and give it to me. She walked me home and hugged me…twice. I put the butterfly in a clear vase and took it to church to share the testimony of God’s kindness toward me. When I exited the church and got to my car, the butterflies wings turned back around, it jumped out of the vase onto my hand and then flew to the top of the tree I was next to…this is a True story…:)

    Dancing on light!
    I just noticed the title of your message, as I was praying through another message..
    The “Butterfly anointing” is something very near and dear to my heart!
    This was like a kiss from the Lord!

    Thank you for expressing the beautiful
    and powerful way
    that you uniquely “see” His Kingdom

    Precious and powerful!
    Blessings from Canada

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