The Heavens will Shake – the Earth will Quake!


A Time the Heavens Will Shake and the Earth Will Quake!

Last Sunday morning (January 3), the Spirit of God was so present as we concluded our Starting the Year Off Right Celebration.  Below is a portion of the prophetic release that came forward through tongues, interpretation, worship and declaration.

“Do not seek the familiar this year, for the familiar will lead you into passivity.  Seek the sound that will lead you into movement.  Seek not the familiar that you are used to seeing and hearing, for that will cause you to be stagnant.  Rather, seek the sound that will lead you into movement.  For My finger is writing a song out of Heaven.  This song will change the course of the current path, situation, and environment that surrounds you.

The heavens will shake, and the earth will quake.  I AM breaking up the fallow ground of your paradigms, and they are going to split wide open.  It is time to plow the fallow ground.  The time is NOW to plow that fallow ground.  There is more than your mind has conceived – new patterns, new ways, and new means.  The familiar will chain you down to an old thing and way, and you won’t be ready for the breaking of a new day.

Do not question, for you are hearing Me.  Capture what you’re hearing and bring it into obedience.  You’ve been working with the iniquities of the ground, but Heaven now will shake and the earth will quake, and with what you’ve been working with I AM ready to show you a new way to prosper and succeed.  So start plowing and you will uncover the seeds to your future.  You will return to divine patterns you’ve not seen clearly in the Word before; or you saw them and you didn’t know how to apply it right.  But now divine patterns are coming down!

I will show you how to break open the heavens and shake the earth.  You will no longer be working with the iniquities of your forefathers.  That will no longer be your paradigm.  You’ll no longer be working earth that is cursed, because the blessing is beginning to be uncovered.  Plant your future and watch growth begin.”

The Sounds of Heaven – Vibrating the Ground

“Learn to move by the vibrations of the sound coming up through your feet.  This is how I will move My people into place in days ahead!  You will not move by the thoughts of your mind, but by the sounds of Heaven vibrating the ground and causing your feet to sense what I’m saying so you can move into place for the future.

You will be like the elephant that hears through his feet, and because of that he can hear things coming from miles away.  As he hears things coming from a distance and prepares himself for what’s coming, he trumpets with his mouth what’s going on so others can see.  Your enemy is confined to the air; he is the prince of the air.  But I AM the God of the earth and you stand on My ground and can receive My vibrations and My revelation to advance in days ahead.

I AM calling you as ‘Change Agents!’  No matter where you go, you pull the anointing from Me, and that will change the atmosphere.  Don’t be afraid of this shaking for it is a remaking.  Everything that is of Me will not fall in the shaking.

The time is NOW to stand up and move with the cadence of Heaven.  You will then be able to shake dens of iniquity and watch dagon’s head fall and roll.  The shaking this time is about a remaking. L et Me reshape, remold and cause you to shift atmospheres, for you are truly Change Agents in this hour.  Receive a mantle of change.  Receive a mantle to shift.

The sound that is coming down from Heaven is the sound that the ‘New Trailblazers’ will hear.  I AM equipping New Trailblazers this season.  They will cut through the brush and the stubble.  As My sound comes you will be equipped.

I AM preparing new vessels and new vehicles for these New Trailblazers.

I AM shaking and I am quaking the earth to break up old paths and to construct new paths. Only a new vehicle with a NEW Trailblazer will master these paths.

This is an hour I AM beginning to change the language of My people.

I AM beginning to change the way that My people interpret language.  There is a sound from Heaven to connect you with this season.  Remember Peter.  The people listened to him speaking.  They knew that he was not someone educated, but they could feel My authority and power being released.  There is a sound and a shofar from Heaven that is aligning with the trumpet inside MY people.  Recognize and realize this power from Heaven that is working through you.

I AM causing your language to change and the way that My Word is released.  The way that you release and understand prophecy and how I am working in the atmosphere is now changing.  One simple word and sound will begin to shift, and people’s minds will begin to grasp and understand the power that’s working in the earth and in the atmosphere.  The specifics of what I AM doing and where I want to take you will be revealed.

Healings and miracles will happen as you change your language.  One utterance of that tongue can set the course of everything you need to know.  I will have a joyful house of prayer for all people.  Therefore, if you will start expressing the joy of the house you have, I will develop the joy that I need for your strength to increase.”

Watchmen Arise!  A Year of Rapid Fire!

“Watchmen, arise.  Let your tongues be the pen of a ready writer.  As you write, as you bring down the strategies, I AM going to cause doors to fall like dominoes.  I AM going to cause gates to be blown off the hinges.  Watchmen, write what you see, write what you hear; I AM fine-tuning your ears.

I AM opening your eyes in a new way.  I AM bringing you up to an aerial view, so you can look down into the enemy’s camp.  You will speak and write specific things, and you will cause ambushments to be set in the enemy’s camp.

Judah, Judah, I AM waking you in a new way.  For even as I caused the gates to shake for Paul and Silas as they prayed in the night, so Judah will be awakened in a new way.  There is something I AM awakening you to, to discipline you in, this year.  So break through that fear that’s surrounding you.

This will be a year of ‘rapid fire.’  This will be a year when I will be shooting down, like lightening, upon My people.  For I AM calling fiery warriors into place.  I will do things in you that you have been waiting to see, but I will call you into a place where I want you to pave the way for others to see.  Know that this is the year of the travail of rapid fire.

I AM bringing you out of the desert, out of the war in the desert, and I AM calling you to stand on the banks of your Promised Land, and war.  Many of My children saw me remove many things, and this was difficult, but it was Me.

I AM removing that old mindset of the desert, and am placing you in the place where you belong, in the place I have desired for you.

For this is the season to war in a way you’ve not warred before.  So lay down your desert weapons and move forward into your Promised Land and I will establish you.  You will hear My voice as never before and you will conquer the enemy that has tried to take you out in the past season.  So look up, look up and see that your help doesn’t draw nigh, but that it is already here!

“With every crescendo of your life this year I will take you to a point to put your foot on the enemy. Wait for My exact moment. Then, when you bring your foot down on your enemy, your enemy’s headship will no longer rule you.

That which has been underground, I will now draw upward.  Over that which has had to amass, and that which has had to come together in one way, you will now see what I have gathered.  I have been gathering and I have been preparing, and now, I will draw forth.

To this nation I say that the enemy has been gathering and preparing against you.  But you will now strategize to rise against.  Do not rise up too quickly, for I can cause the enemy to start moving even as I prepare you to move into his path and ambush him.

You are now going to amass and gather in a way you have never gathered, and I will start the gathering.  For the contractions of the earth have begun, and because of that, what has been down, hidden, will now be pushed up, and seen.  Know this hour for your change has come.”

(Prophetic words by: John Dickson, Chuck Pierce, Anne Tate, LeAnn Squier, Allen Faubion, Melinda Richardson, Tobias Lyons, James Vincent, Michelle Hadley, Shatece McLeod, Raymond Banks, Justin Rana, Marty Cassady.)


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

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The Heavens will Shake – the Earth will Quake! — 5 Comments

  1. “The sounds of Heaven vibrating the ground and causing your feet to sense what I’m saying”
    The first time, about three years ago, I was in my bed and felt vibrations I thought it was from outside until I realized it was inside me.
    It has to and fro increased and the other night I actually woke up with this ‘vibrations’ and a sound of what I only can describe as a ‘roar'(as of many waters) inside.
    Then I asked the Lord to – even if I already was convinced that He is doing ‘something’ confirm this.
    I thank God and I thank you Chuck, for this message and confirmation!

  2. Last year I made a point to renew my faith.
    Over the past year I have been feeling the ground shake underneath my feet.
    I also have been hearing the sounds of a blowing instrument.
    At first I thought I was just imagining it, but my sons who have also come to God are hearing the sounds too.

    • I have lived in a new state for over a year now. I was sleeping in a squeaky bunk bed on the top that whole year, but in early January i got newly handmade bunk bed that is VERY stable and yes I was sleeping on the top again.

      Some nights I feel the whole bed shaking, like there was an earth quake, i was literally shaking in my bed. I even asked my roommate if he had felt the shaking, but he had no clue. So this must of been just me.

      The Lord gave me a dream also that I was in a city at night standing in the road as chaos was all around me, a train was crashing in the distance. I looked to the sky as it was dark and gloomy, a bright light started to part the clouds and form a magnificent Eye, i believe it was Gods Eye. I was stunned and amazed in wonder in my dream. I knew it was divine and holy.

      Two days later I prayed before bed that God would give me a sign of where he was taking me. I asked for a dream and had no dream. Right after waking I grabbed my phone and looked at a daily devotional to see if there might be something for me from God.

      The scripture was, “God will instruct me and teach me in the way I should go. He will guide me with His eye,” (Psalm 32:8).

      It hit me like a ton of bricks, the dream two days earlier flashed before my eyes and the Lord had answered my prayer, He gave me a dream and He answered my prayer!

      He is guiding me!

  3. ….but “In the days of the voice of the seventh messenger,” when he may be about to sound, and the secret of God may be finished, Revelation 10:7.

    Strong’s Greek Number 4537: sound salpizo – sal-pid’-zo – from 4536
    Strong’s Greek Number 4536: salpigx – sal’-pinx – perhaps from 4535 (through the idea of quavering or reverberation); a trumpet: —trump(-et).
    Strong’s Greek Number 4535: salos – sal’-os – probably from the base of 4525; a vibration, i.e. (specially), billow: —wave.

  4. Today I read this verse and came to remember this article.

    “And Jesus said to them, `Verily I say to you, that ye who did follow me, in the regeneration Matth.19:28

    Strong’s Greek Number 3824:
    paliggenesia – pal-ing-ghen-es-ee’-ah
    from 3825 and 1078; (spiritual) rebirth

    Number 3825:
    palin – pal’-in
    probably from the same as 3823 (through the idea of oscillatory repetition

    Number 3823:
    pale – pal’-ay

    from pallo (to vibrate