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  1. I love this Righteous Truth! Ok received this “enabler” in 1980 one Easter Sunday night, and after praying and thanking God, It felt like I had literally stood in front of a heater or stove because both my pant legs were as If they were on fire. I kept holding my pant leg as from my flesh as they were too hot. It was the Holy Ghost God was giving me, I felt a joy like never before and I was not crying but tears never stopped coming and I was laughing as tears flowed.
    I am grateful for the message that you posted about the Day of The Enabler. A POWER GUL MESSAGE OF TRUTH IN GOD. Ism thankful to The Lord and our God for His Great and Mighty Work, and for the Word of Truth, about the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, of which the World cannot receive because it don’t see Him nor know Him, Ahhh but Thanks be to God that we know Him. I pray Hod Richly Bless and Keep you.

    • Very Blessed to have read your post Mitchell ,on the experience of the Enabler “The Holy Spirit “. What a Rich experience and what a beautiful God we serve . PraiseGod for the opportunity to Read your experience and Glorify God .

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