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The Joan of Arc Anointing — 3 Comments

  1. Pray about this: the key here is a little known fact, that France was devastated in the last 200 years and needed radical spiritual surgery, which has largely happened over the last 4 years. Freed France = lots of countries freer. Think how many countries fought on french soil in the 20th century. From a Watchman (you can call me Bob)!

    • I dreamed recently. I stood on shore with some ppl alongside me facing ocean…a quarter mi out God’s Spirit was blowing toward us and it sounded as a great trumpet and alongside home was many many white horses on each side of him coming toward us… it was like mighty spirits of the Spirit of God and they all together shouted, it was the sound of a great trumpet and the Holy Spirit in me caused me to shout in victory as we called toward ea other those on land and God & his spirit beings. It sounded as a great victorious trumpet.
      Soon those prepared will rise mighty in the Spirit of God, it’s very soon we will partnership very soon and God is calling out right now…

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