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The Komodo Dragon, The Coronavirus & The Door of Destiny — 11 Comments

  1. FYI Another interpretation of Komodo Dragon appearing in a dream (as it did in mine in April ) is: China…!!
    I discovered this when researching the symbolic meaning of this reptile which featured in my dream. Interesting!

  2. Please keep the final stage to protect the small and youngest children in prayer. Reports as of May 8 are that young children are starting to die from “coronavirus related” inflammatory condition in NY and NJ. This word came immediately to mind when I heard the news yesterday. It is time for the fullest effort to defeat this monstrous virus in prayer and for further protection for older children as well as depicted in the word. Also that full exposure comes as the facts and reports around children could be “twisted” as by Leviathan. Thank you!

  3. When I saw (from your interpretation) ,50 plus toxins and the saliva is the killer I immediately had these thoughts. This cronavirus is all about fear, let’s face it , it is 10x a normal flu. So what is the saliva and the door? The dragon is the land and area and China has dragon symbols in every part of their culture. The saliva is the VACCINE that will come in time (the door – time after the event of fear and dread! ). The vaccine will contain 50 plus toxins, (all the snakes you walked through) so don’t have it under any circumstance !! The virus will pass just as quickly as it came BUT the vaccine will stay in you system (if you take it) slowly killing you because you took it under the threat of fear! Trust in Jesus Christ, he is the only way). Every vaccine is now loaded with toxins that bring slow death and kill your immune system with heavy metals, aborted fetal tissue – and protein timebombs to destroy DNA. The daughter represents the young children who are especially vunrable to the coming vaccine. The men fighting the dragon are those actively holding back the spread of this vaccine! God is good, and Jesus Christ is our salvation and protection and all we need to resist the fear of this virus (father son and holy ghost). I believe I just interpreted this dream of yours as the holy spirit has shown me to do so. Everybody who has ears to hear don’t give into fear, believe in Jesus Christ, do all the social distancing, wash your hands and follow government mandates on crowd gathering etc. BUT don’t take the vaccine !!!  I cannot stress this enough.

    • ❤https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/tegu-lizards-an-invasive-species-of-giant-lizard-has-been-making-its-way-through-the-southeast/ar-BB1bIb4t?ocid=msedgntp

  4. ZOE Life = “Life in all it’s fullness” i.e. the “ABUNDANT LIFE Christ promised to all who follow Him, applying His Teachings in everyday life, not just on Sundays.

    Ultimately It’s the LIFE OF GOD HIMSELF(YAHWE, the One True Living God) in which we live, breath and have our being, as we daily completely surrender to Him Alone in this life, then dwell with Him Forever in the next.

    Shalom, God bless and thank you!

  5. Your father tells you the Komodo dragon has no teeth. Their teeth is similar to sharks!
    “Death has lost it sting!!!” I also find it indicative that life (Zoe) is the last to cross the door from the forest. The resurrected LIFE of the King has no worries; it will always cross the doorway victorious! LIFE will always emerge from the place of apparent darkness and death. These thoughts continue from what I posted earlier.

    Blessings to you and your family, Veronika! May His kingdom advance!!

  6. The LORD is making a point about being the DOOR. HE has been dictating a book to me entitled, “The Door of the Kingdom, the Power, & the Glory.” It is mind blowing.

    I posted a strong word I received about the assassin of fear (HKP Word: “A Revelation of the Victory of Light.”)

    The raging & over the top attacks are rooted in the fact that “fear” is frightened of what we are becoming: HIS army of LIGHT. As children of LIGHT, HE is taking us through the Door and teaching us about Who HE is in us and who we are in HIM.

    Many times I have sent your words to the White House and pray that they have read the USA words and prayed into them. Thank you for your faithfulness. May the peace of the LORD fill your hearts & home. May HIS presence surround you wherever you roam. May the gentle rains of HIS mercy & grace, continually kiss the cheeks of your face.

    Blessings & Courage in Jesus’ name.

  7. Good morning, Veronika. “Its strong but its got no teeth.” said by your father. I believe this is an indicator that we put forth our hand into the throat of the enemy. We must take victory into the throat of the enemy! Victory recognizes “its strong”, but it has no real bite! When you move from the place of victory, you see the enemy and the battle in its correct perspective.

    We as the body of Messiah must have the mindset of victory. It is time we put on and keep on the helmet of salvation. This is not the time of defeat, but to advance the wonder-filled King’s kingdom and to see His righteousness (salvation), peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit abound in our world to the glory of His and our Father!

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