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Komodo Dragon, Coronavirus & Door of Destiny — Prophetic Interpretation — 7 Comments

  1. Your father’s RIGHT hand was shoved down the Kimodo dragon throat, but Abel Praise mistakenly identified it as the LEFT hand. Perhaps he can make the corrected interpretation for the significance of your Dad’s”right hand”.

  2. I have a strong witness that Veronika’s word is of the Lord, but would counsel everyone to please be extremely cautious of repeated encounters with the same angel.  Satan is extremely adept at counterfeiting these and conning us into listening to demons.
    It’s perfectly possible that Victor could be genuine, but many precious brothers and sisters have been deceived this way and eased gently away from the centre of His will.  I would advise the most rigorous testing of spirits.

  3. Today I read something on the news that caught my attention and immediately brought this article to mind:

    “The virus was confirmed in my third test, it was not seen in my blood but was in my saliva,” Berov wrote on March 5. “As I was told, they could barely see it so that’s why they were in doubt for so long.”

    Saliva?  Sounds like a confirmation to me.

    (Source — https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/21/europe/putin-coronavirus-russia-intl/index.html )

  4. Your dream led me to view current world lockdown in phases. The forest appears to represent current world confusion and fear. The snake seems to represent phase 1: python spirit coronavirus stealing breath from victims. Phase 2: on the back of phase 1, dragon spirit of leviathon sets to destroy and ruin, repressing freedom, bringing poverty and oppression BUT God, through blood covenant, overcomes in His perfect time. Mighty revival – the world’s attention captive – many eyes will open to the LORD.

  5. This is consistent with the word I received today. After I spoke the word, I searched and found this prophecy. There is no teeth in this virus. It will dissipate. Anxiety and fear are the enemy’s weapons. The Lion roars but he has no teeth.

  6. Sister thank you for the 40 days of communion and the earthquake vision. I feel like God is building your faith and telling you the outcome of a difficult very personal attack. Remember that aspect as you walk through. Even though it is sealed in your heart, knowing can give you confidence and with it peace even in the most personally difficult situations. We will be praying for you everyday.

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