The LORD is Calling His!


There are some things that God decides, that are not to be changed.  After all, He is God and that is His decision, not ours.

He repents of many things; He has the sole choice to change His mind, whenever He wishes to.  Many think they are equal to Him or next in line.  But they’re not; none of us are. It’s noteworthy today, that many who claimed to know the Word, often didn’t believe it.

I was called to preach when I was 17 years old.  I can see the very spot, as if it was only yesterday.  I didn’t want to be a preacher; lets just say I had my reasons.  So there was only one thing to do and that was, to run from it; which I did for many years.

I didn’t think I could be like other preachers; speaking loudly and with the same authority many others used.  Ministering in music seemed a safe place; and I could do that very well. It’s obvious, I had a lot to learn.

It does not matter what other people have to say about this matter; this calling of God.  Not now.  It should have occurred to us all that God had a reason for setting things this way.

When I look back, I am surprised at some of the things we changed.  How we made it our decision, is beyond understanding.  Did that do damage?  It is the truth, that it did.  We could have saved ourselves from a long list of sadnesses, had we embraced this truth.  God didn’t change it.

The prophets of old heard the voice of the LORD.  It is written many times that, “the Word of the LORD, came unto them.”   Well, how did it come?

The apostles and prophets of the New Testament also heard the Spirit speak to them.  There can be no doubt, that if they indeed could hear His voice.

We can hear Him speak today also.  As it is written, there are many voices; and all of them mean something.  There’s going to be a tugging. If you’ve made mistakes, no matter where you are, repent, make right what you can, and report back to duty.

The first priority today is to want to listen.  Why is the Spirit wanting to speak to us on this subject now?  It’s because, the LORD himself, is gathering all of His front-line people together.  We only need to look around and see that other forces are coming together, with plenty of folks to help them.

God is going to nudge you.  It seemed to be the right thing, to back off and sit down.  Perhaps, it was all about timing; perhaps, you had no choice.  Likely, it was about training.

The Holy Ghost needs our help.  That may sound a bit strange, but I believe it’s true.

He is searching for souls who deliberately choose, to follow His lead.  There is much work to be done; and with every day passing, the work grows.

For those who are younger or just starting out, you must listen.  It does not matter where you are, or what man-made structure you are in.  The Spirit, will teach you and guide you, if you let Him; no matter what.  He promised He would.

Don’t run.  You once felt needed and you were sure.  The way God is going to be about His business today, will likely be different than the way we were taught and exposed to before.

The Spirit, will speak to you.  I’m a witness, that He will tell you when to speak up, and when to hold your peace.  Those truly in the Spirit, will produce the fruit of the Spirit.

Old and newly called, you are needed in this hour.  No one else, can do your job.

Listen to the voice of the Spirit.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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