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The LORD is Clarifying His Vision in Us — 2 Comments

  1. June I have no words to express my profound greatfulness for the sharing of this Word from the Lord.  His words resonate in my heart and they call me to go deeper in Him and to lean NOT unto my own understanding of how things or people should be!  Glory to God.  I ask Him to remove all the dross from my life so that He is able to shine ever more brightly in and through me.  GREATER IS HE!  :)

  2. Praise God! God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! I pray that you are doing well in Jesus Christ our Lord! Thank you, for sharing what the Lord has given you to relay to God’s people. We do need vision and knowledge, understanding of what God’s Word is conveying, as we seek his Face, read his Word, live his Word each day. I desire to fulfill, please and obey my Lord Jesus with great pride in knowing who I serve, hallelujah Jesus!️

    God is Good and Greatly to be Praised, with Gladness, Fear, Honor! This message is so much appreciated! May the Lord continue to bless you mightily, to reach the masses of people, all for the Magnificent Glory of the Lord God! I extend love to you Pastor June, to my beloved sisters and brothers in the Lord Jesus Christ, may we help one another, as we journey, enduring this race in Jesus with a victorious mind. God bless everyone!️❤️

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