The LORD is Raising the Unknowns!


Watch!  God is using the attacks of the enemy in this season to advance your progress and develop your spiritual effectiveness!

God is going to turn satan’s attacks to your advantage and for His purpose…!

Stay close to Him!  Take heart!  God has promised that He will never permit the enemy to inflict upon you more than you are capable of bearing!

As you stay close, He will make satan’s attacks serve you, propel you and launch you into His greater purposes for your life!

Fear not!  In every challenge that you face, God will pour out a special supply of His all sufficient and unfailing grace, that you may overcome and recover all.

Satan’s attacks may feel endless, but His grace is relentless and will cause you to rise stronger, wiser and richer.

Stop!  Take stock!  Time to be strategic!

Recognize that whatever area you are being attacked in, is the very area where God is about to advance, promote and propel you in.

Every attack of satan is a direct attack against an area of increase and expansion.

Today Father said this to me while preparing a message; “Daughter, if My Name is not the only Name in the minds and on the lips of the people after you have given them the message, then you have not represented Me in the right way!”

I saw the Spirit of The Fear of The LORD coming like a mighty whirlwind to dismantle and destroy the strongholds of idolatry in His Church.

If you have put any man or woman on a pedestal in your life, repent now and avoid the discipline of God..!

I saw the whirlwind of The Fear of The LORD coming swiftly and suddenly to tear down the idols of celebrity preachers and prophets, the idols of worship and entertainment, and the idols of personal prosperity in His Church!

A divine dismantling has begun!

God is looking for a new breed of nameless, faceless warriors whom he can entrust to carry His Power and Glory to the nations of the earth.

He is looking for apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers who will be called the “unknowns”.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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